Around this time last year, we released our basic guide to the Military Base. Although the game did get more balanced, not much has changed ever since. Except for more skins, of course. Just check out this Assassin in White Set, a combination between K-Pop fashion and Assassin’s Creed attire that we can’t quite put our finger on.

PUBG Mobile: Advanced Tips for Military Base

But back to business. In 2019, Sosnovka is still one of the most coveted landing places in the game. The fact that you can find Medkits, level 3 armour, and a ton good loot might have something to do with it. That or most PUBG players have a masochistic desire to fight it out till the end on a small island, regardless of how big this first map might be. Do we even need the rest of Erangel when everything’s right here?

In this article, we’d like give you several pro tricks and tips to survive the base rush and help you endure long enough to get that chicken dinner. Or veggie burger, your call.

1. Scenery is Your Friend

One of the things that impresses us the most whenever we get on PUBG is how few players actually take the time to strategically plan their attack. Most of them just shoot on sight. You might be tempted to do the same and, while this is not necessarily bad – especially if you’re caught in a closed space and there’s nowhere to go – we suggest you first ask yourself if you have somewhere to hide in case you can’t kill your opponent. More often than not, a teammate or another enemy will also start chipping away at you at the same time.

PUBG Mobile: Advanced Tips for Military Base

A large bush, a tree, or even tall grass can be your trustworthy defence. They can’t shoot what they can’t see, right? Sometimes, you might want to postpone your shot and allow the team to unknowingly pass by you, giving yourself the chance to kill them all from behind. Nature is powerful that way.

2. Concrete is Also Your Friend

In a similar way to a bush or tall enough vegetation that can hide you in a delicate situation, the short concrete barricades can be just as effective against nearby snipers and other attackers. Most people just jump these on sight, but we found they can be a powerful ally, especially when you’re up against two or more shooters.

The key is to lie prone behind them, because crouching shows your most vulnerable part, the head. If you hit the ground, you’ll be protected from any incoming projectile and buy yourself enough time to plan your next move.

PUBG Mobile: Advanced Tips for Military Base

When you want to shoot at somebody from behind a concrete wall, crouch instead of standing up. It’ll make you harder to shoot, while also giving you more accuracy. Crouch, shoot, prone, move to the left or right and repeat. Simple and deadly.

3. Wall Peeking

We admit this one made us feel bad… in a good way. It’s not exactly fair play, but since the game still allows it, we wouldn’t be good sports if we’d just let it slide. It’s not considered hacking because we are not using any third party programs to achieve this advantage. Sure, your enemies will cry out “Hax” and “Cheatzor,” but they’ll be dead and you’ll be alive. Say somebody is crouching behind an open door, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to run through it and die shot in the back.

Here’s what we do to C-building campers. Rotate around the entrance so that you’ll be facing them if there were no walls between you. Now crouch and hold the peek button towards the side with the wall. Then, push yourself into the wall. Presto! Your head went through the wall and you can shoot them, even though they can’t even see you. We call this leet level skill. Alternatively, you can do what we were doing here and camp over the staircase from a safe spot. It’s good to be bad.

PUBG Mobile: Advanced Tips for Military Base

4. Computer Building

Since everybody goes to the Military Base at one point or another, you want to have a good spot where to shoot them from. Right under the tower, there is a structure that will give you unmatched positional advantage. It’s the one with the computer inside. Here’s a photo so you know what we mean.

PUBG Mobile: Advanced Tips for Military Base

The backdoor has a broken down wall on its right and left hand sides that you can use to climb the door. From the latter, you can jump straight on the roof. Like so.

PUBG Mobile: Advanced Tips for Military Base

After you’ve killed a dozen or so enemies by wandering around the rooftop, you can go inside and camp your way to the last circle. When you reach the computer room, you can use the mainframe across from the one that occupies the entire wall to jump on top of it and then onto a secret perch.

From here, you can see two of the three entrances to the room – three if you move around – and easily dominate the area without lending yourself vulnerable to grenades.

PUBG Mobile: Advanced Tips for Military Base

Patience is key here. Whenever you hear footsteps, you will be tempted to jump down and face your enemies. This is always a bad idea, particularly since you can just stand, shoot, and then crouch to safety. Abuse this place to win one dinner after another.

5. Crossing The Bridge

The two bridges leading out of the Military Base have become renowned death spots. Your odds of dying here are so high we might as well call them catwalks to the other world. Going around is unfeasible and taking a boat is scarcely an option, since there always seems to be someone that goes ahead and leaves you stranded. Luckily, there’s a way to deal with campers and show them off. All it takes is a bit of patience and planning. Whenever you see a barricade up ahead, stop and duck to cover. Afterwards, crouch and carefully drop to the side perch.

PUBG Mobile: Advanced Tips for Military Base

Now lie prone and you’ll notice that your body is almost suspended in the air. That’s because the bridge texture is a bit longer than it should be. Next up, try to crawl ahead past the bridge’s pillar. If you can’t advance, slightly move your joystick to the left – don’t strafe or you’ll fall to your death – until this is possible. We know because we tried and succeeded. Then, go behind your enemies and enjoy the gratification of a well-deserved kill.

PUBG Mobile: Advanced Tips for Military Base

With these advanced tips, you are now ready to dominate the military base, whether you’re just landing, looking to survive the end-game, or trying to get out before the circle zones you. For more advanced killing techniques, do check our most recent BlueStacks tips and tricks to PUBG. One thing we wouldn’t do is sacrifice our teammates for chicken dinners. It’s just not honest.