The popularity of PUBG: Mobile is through the roof. At the end of 2018, the mobile application officially had more downloads than Fortnite’s entire player base across all of its platforms. Now that’s a force to be reckoned with. Unlike many of its competitors, the global fame behind this version of our first ever stand-alone battle royale works on low-end devices and is free to play.

More players means more competition, though, which means it will be harder for you to grab that delicious chicken dinner waiting at the end of the game. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. After we updated our basic Military Base guide with a 2019 version that includes more advanced tactics and possibilities, it’s high-time to share with you some tips that will help you conquer all of Erangel and more.

After all, you want to be able to outmatch your foes whether you land in Pochinki or the Military Base, the School or Yasnaya.

PUBG Mobile: The Best Tips and Tricks of 2019

1. Grenades Are Not Your Friends

Many players pick up as many grenades as they find, whether they’re Frag Grenades, Molotovs, Flashbangs, or Smoke Grenades. Although they can give you an unmatched tactical advantage, to be fair, most engagements don’t need any of these. Here’s a pro tip while we’re talking about grenades: you can throw a smoke in the water if you can hear a player hiding in there. Once they pass through it, you’ll be able to see their outline and get that frag. That’s pure skill right there.

Most often than not, ‘nades are not your friends and there’s a simple reason why. They severely restrict your possibility to skirmish. Unless you have a decent backpack equipped, they can take up an immense amount of inventory space. Instead of a Frag, you can have 45 9mms/45 .45 ACP ammo/36 pieces of 5.56 mm/25 bits of 7.62mm (them delicious AK and M762 rounds)/18 .300 Magnums or, finally, 13 12 gauges for your trusty double barrel shotgun. Basically, regardless of what weapon you have equipped, a grenade is going to take up one or more magazines in your inventory.

PUBG Mobile: The Best Tips and Tricks of 2019

2. Surprise Your Enemies

Say you have a grenade already and you want to use it. No problem. Nothing compares to a well-placed grenade. Another pro tip – if you unpin a Frag and hold it right in front of a wall or door until it auto-releases, it will go right through and into the midst of your opponents.

Is it unfair? Sure. Do we do it anyways? Of course. In case your enemies happen to be a bit further, you can significantly increase the travel distance of your Frag if you jump while throwing it. If you did it in Counter-Strike, you can do it in PUBG: Mobile. They won’t know what hit them.

PUBG Mobile: The Best Tips and Tricks of 2019

Also, before we move on from the grenade section, you can hold to release a Molotov and run with it endlessly, unlike the Frag. Why would you do that? Well, it muffles your footsteps completely. In this manner, you’ll be able to rush your adversaries without them having a clue that someone is nearby.

Not to mention the look on their faces when they see you running at them with a Molo ready to throw. This one also goes through doors. Any doors. No special moves required. We’ve learned that fire is a surprisingly powerful element in PUBG.

3. Wall Peeking Version 2.0

Remember the unfair wall peeking we’ve shown you in our advanced BlueStacks guide to Military base? Well, there’s another version of it and your enemies won’t like it any more than they did the first. If you suspect there’s somebody above you, you can open a door on the inside then climb it to get a glance at what lies above. You won’t be able to shoot, but you’ll get a clear view, letting you know if it’s safe to loot or if you have to storm in guns ablaze.

PUBG Mobile: The Best Tips and Tricks of 2019

4. Be the First to Drop

The fastest way to land is to release from the airplane straight above your desired position or within 1-2 tiles of it. When you’re right above it, there’s a way you can ensure that you’ll land before your enemies do. It can be really frustrating when you think you’re the first in Pochinki and then you find out there’s nothing but a crowbar left. Having the right weapon at the right time can make a ton of difference. Here’s what you need to do to avoid this from ever happening again. First, make sure there’s a 90° angle between your view and where you want to land, which basically means you’ll be facing your back to it.

PUBG Mobile: The Best Tips and Tricks of 2019

Next, you point your image straight below. You’ll be tempted to press forward, but this will take you off point, not to mention slow down your descent. Instead, you want to aim for 10 o’clock on your joystick or hold down left and forward. Keep at it until your feet are firmly on the ground and enjoy the amazing loot. These steps will ensure the fastest possible landing, giving you access to the goodies in the area ahead of everybody else.

PUBG Mobile: The Best Tips and Tricks of 2019

5. Master the Buildings

Lastly, buildings have more complexity to them than is initially apparent. We’ll use the example of Barn here, but this can be extrapolated to any structure in the game. If you want to get on top of the Barn and surprise an enemy that is ruling the area from there, you can crouch on the window of the first floor and slowly edge your way out onto the cabin in front.

PUBG Mobile: The Best Tips and Tricks of 2019

From here, you can either kill nearby enemies or use the edge of the roof to climb even higher. If you don’t have a shack nearby, right under the window there should be a narrow perch you can use to basically go around the building on the outside like Spiderman. This can help you reach a room where an opponent is camping or a nearby balcony whose exit is guarded.

PUBG Mobile: The Best Tips and Tricks of 2019

With these tips and tricks, you’re ready to take on PUBG: Mobile in 2019. It’s crucial that you master all of these skills, since most players are already aware of them and will not shy away from using them to gain an advantage over you. Having said that, good luck hunting your dinner!