PUBG Mobile is a battle Royale game with a vast range of guns and other weapons. It puts to test a number of skills and techniques of the players to test. There are multiple maps and all of them are fairly big and taking fights can be difficult for players. There is a constant danger of being attacked from any corner of the map and players need to be aware all throughout the match. This also forces them to work on their gun control skills and enemy tracking for achieving better results in the match and progression in the game. 

Guns and weapons are a crucial part of the game, but they are not enough in some situations. In close combat situations, a gun without any attachments can be effective as it is mostly about the rate of fire and the damage. However, as the distance of the enemy increases and players start to engage in mid or long-range fights, controlling the gun might seem like a more difficult task. There are multiple attachments in the game that can help increase the stability and the stealth of the gun but not all the attachments are the same or work similarly. 

Scope and Shoot: BlueStacks Guide to Scopes In PUBG Mobile

On playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we figured out there are multiple attachments that serve a particular purpose in the game, but there is one category of attachments that is extremely sought after by the players in PUBG Mobile. This category of attachment makes the players capable of taking distant fights and secure kills for themselves and their team. This category of attachments is also prioritized by players over most of the other attachments in the game. These attachments have no alternatives, and it becomes extremely difficult for players to go on an entire match without acquiring these. Scopes are that category of attachments. 

What are Scopes?

Scopes are attachments that are fixed on the gun to enhance and increase the range of vision of the players while scoping in. There are scopes for long range as well as close combats. Scopes are a little more reliable than the iron sight of the guns in close range and are definitely a must-have for mid and long distance fights. 

Scope and Shoot: BlueStacks Guide to Scopes In PUBG Mobile

Having a scope attached to a gun increases the accuracy of the players and also allows them to control guns that are slightly difficult to control. There are different types of scopes in PUBG Mobile and all of them have an important role to play. 

Types of Scopes

There are a total of 6 scopes in PUBG Mobile that are ideal and efficient for different scenarios of the game. Players can choose the scope that suits their style of play the best and then work on perfecting the control with them. 

  1. Red-Dot Sight

Red-Dot sight is a scope that is specially designed and is ideal for close range combats. The scope, as the name suggests, has a red dot in the middle that enhances the aim precision of the players, making it easier to aim for the head. The red-dot sight can be easily acquired in areas across all maps in PUBG Mobile. Since there is no zoom in on the scope, it is not very difficult to control the spray of the gun. It is best to keep the sensitivity of this scope somewhere between medium and high for quicker spray transfers. This can be a good scope option for players with high sensitivity. 

Scope and Shoot: BlueStacks Guide to Scopes In PUBG Mobile

Guns to Use Red Dot Sight On 

Since the scope itself is not very difficult to control, it is a very good option for guns that have a higher recoil. Guns like AKM, Beryl M762 and Groza perform very well with the red dot sight on, and it is also easier for the players to control these guns while spraying down on the enemies. Since these guns have a high recoil, the red dot sight can make it easier for players to aim rather than any other scope in the game.

  1. Holographic Sight

Holographic Sight like the Red Dot Sight is focused on close range combats. The crosshair on this is the only factor that distinguishes it from the red dot sight. The crosshair is bigger and more prominent, and it makes it easier for the players to take more precise shots at the enemy. 

Scope and Shoot: BlueStacks Guide to Scopes In PUBG Mobile

The Holographic sight also provides more stability, while the red dot sight provides more area of view. Controlling the Holographic sight is also easier than the red dot sight. It might not be the ideal scope if a number of enemies are rushing towards you because the field of vision is restricted when you scope in. 

 Guns to Use Holographic Sight On 

The scope does not provide a very vast field of vision, so it is best to use with guns that are lethal in close range. Guns like S12k can be a good option for the Holographic Sight as the gun has a very high rate of damage. Other guns to use with the Holographic Sight are AKM, M16A4, Beryl M762 and M249.

Scope and Shoot: BlueStacks Guide to Scopes In PUBG Mobile

These guns are very effective in the close range and since the recoil of these guns is slightly on the higher side, it is best to use this scope with the guns. 

  1. 2x Scope

2x scope is the lowest zoom in scope in PUBG Mobile. This is a good scope for close to mid-range fights. The scope is a good choice if you are in the mid-game of the match. If get your hands on the scope at the start of the match then it is even more effective, however, not a lot of players are in favor of this scope because it does not come with the appropriate amount of range according to them. It is not very difficult to control the scope; players can start by setting the sensitivity at 50 percent and then make changes accordingly. 

Guns to Use 2x Scope On 

The 2x scope can be a good option for guns that have burst fire modes. Guns like MK47 Mutant, M16A4 are good fit for the scope. Assault rifles like the Scar-L also work really well with the scope. Players can also use SMGs like the PP-Bizon, UMP45 and Vector with the scope. The recoil of the SMGs with the scope might be difficult to control but it can be done by tweaking the sensitivity a little. 

  1. 3x Scope 

This scope is one of the most reliable scopes among players. The main reason behind this is that it strikes the perfect balance between mid and long-range. It is easier for players to spot the enemy with the help of this scope and take them down. 

Scope and Shoot: BlueStacks Guide to Scopes In PUBG Mobile

Some players might argue that it is easier to control the 3x scope than the 2x scope but there is no substance to it and it all depends on the players’ personal control of the gun they are using. The scope is effective at all stages of a match and players should pick it up as soon as they find one. 

Guns to Use 3x Scope On 

3x scope is very effective and almost fits well with all the guns in PUBG Mobile. The ideal guns to use this scope with would be assault rifles like M416, QBZ and Scar-L. However, the scope can also be used with guns like AKM and M762 to take down enemies in the distance by firing the guns in the single fire mode. This makes the aim even more precise than spraying on the enemies and the damage that these guns can do can be capitalized on by the players. 

  1. 4x Scope 

The 4x scope is probably the most denounced scope in PUBG Mobile; not a lot of players prefer using it as it is supposedly very unstable. This, however, can have a lot to do with the sensitivity setting and the recoil of the gun it is being used on. The 4x scope can help you take down enemies that are far. 

Scope and Shoot: BlueStacks Guide to Scopes In PUBG Mobile

This scope also helps in increasing the stealth of the player using it, if utilized in the right manner. The scope is a good option for long range combat as well but it might not be the best scope for that out there. 

Guns to Use 4x Scope On 

The 4x scope can be best utilized by using on guns that have a lower recoil. DMRs are the ideal category of guns for the 4x scope however, there is one gun that can be extremely effective with the 4x scope is DP-28. It is an LMG that has a very low recoil making it a good fit for the scope. DMRs like SKS, SLR and Mini-14 are good options to use with the 4x scope. These guns are not very difficult to control and can be controlled well with the 4x scope. 

  1. 6x Scope 

The 6x scope is one of the most favorite and sought-after scopes in PUBG Mobile and there are good reasons for that. The scope allows players to toggle between 3x zoom and 6x zoom. This makes it a good choice for extremely distant fights and even closer fights. It is easier to control the guns and the spray transfer is also easier with the guns using this scope. It is also a long-range scope that is compatible with almost all rifles. 

Guns to Use 6x Scope On 

The 6x scope is one of the most versatile scopes in PUBG Mobile. It goes very well with the M416, QBZ and even MK14. The scope is also very good for guns like QBU, MK47 Mutant and M16A4. The scope can also be used on snipers, but the aim with the sniper might not be as accurate. The 6x scope can also be used with SMGs, but the range of fire is not very high for SMGs so it is not a very good idea to use a 6x with SMGs. 

  1. 8x Scope 

The 8x scope is the most restricted attachment among all the scopes in PUBG Mobile. It is only compatible with snipers and DMRs. The scope has exceptional range, and it can be toggled between 4x zoom and 8x zoom that helps the players regulate their aim and crosshair accordingly. 

Guns to Use 8x Scope On

There are not a lot of guns that are compatible with the 8x scope but all the snipers like Kar98K, M24, Mosin Nagant and AWM are compatible with the 8x scope. DMRs like Mini-14, SLR and SKS are also compatible with the 8x scope. It is best to keep the sensitivity of the 8x scope on low to middle to have the perfect precision. 

Scope and Shoot: BlueStacks Guide to Scopes In PUBG Mobile

These are the scopes in PUBG Mobile that can be used with different guns and at different parts of the match. Mastering these scopes and having a good control on them can help them enhance their gameplay and progress in a faster and linear fashion in the game.