This is a PUBG Mobile guide that is going to explain to you about aim training. How you can use it to improve your aim in this game or any FPS game. Not a lot of players know the potential of these training regimes and how they can be used to achieve pro level aim in a very short amount of time. The first thing to consider is why you or any player should even use or do aim training. If you want to improve your aim you’ve got three options. First would be you just playing the game. If that’s what you want then that’s up to you but it’s not necessarily something that’s recommended. 

PUBG Mobile Guide to Aim Improvement - Take Baby Steps to Conqueror

Just playing the game to improve your aim has a lot of big downsides. Probably the biggest downside of it though is that you’re not going to be working on your aim for the majority of the time. Most of the time that you’re playing you’re going to be thinking about, for example, your grenades, your decisions, rotations, or how you should be playing around your teammates. From a strict aim improvement perspective, you could say that time is wasted. You’re still working on other things, but you’re not spending your time working on your aim solely. 

Aim Improvement Tip #1

One method to improve your aim which is something that a lot of players also do is playing Team Deathmatch. Deathmatches in PUBG Mobile have the advantage of having a lot more action in a short amount of time. At least when compared to just playing the game normally, but it does still have a lot of room for improvement. Compared to the Battle Royale Games you have a lot more targets to shoot at. Nevertheless, the majority of the time you’re still looking for targets. In your typical PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch, it’s pretty normal to spend about five seconds on average looking for a target and fights only take about a second. 

PUBG Mobile Guide to Aim Improvement - Take Baby Steps to Conqueror

In some servers, that time figure is a lot better, and it should only take you two seconds to spot an enemy. That still does mean that two-thirds of the time there’s not even a target on the screen. Those two seconds might not seem like a big deal at first. What it does mean is that, if you spent an hour deathmatching, you only worked on your aim for about 20 minutes. As you can probably imagine, you can do better. 

Aim Improvement Tip #2

The other method is real aim practice. Practice where you’ve got to consistently work on your aim without a break. For that you have in-game options like the practice mode, TDM games, Arena games, and unranked games. 

The first option for you is the practice mode and that’s for good reason. It has the massive perk of always having targets on screen so that you can be sure that there’s no downtime and nothing will go to waste. That being said, where the practice mode really differentiates itself from other methods is that players get to try all the guns of the game. The practice mode runs on PUBG Mobile game physics and has the same exact gunplay. Something you can do in practice mode but not in other methods is practice your sprays and also your counter strafing. One of the best ways to use practice mode is by doing different exercises such as going for counter strafes, spray downs, and even three-man sprays.  Even just simple AK bursts with movement in between is something you can do. There are tons of little things you can practice that you won’t ever be able to practice in any game mode of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Guide to Aim Improvement - Take Baby Steps to Conqueror

It’s not all sunshine and roses though. Sure, you might be able to work on your gunplay there, but the practice mode scenarios aren’t necessarily the best. The targets either move very predictably or are otherwise just completely stationary. They don’t really challenge you whatsoever. On top of that, you should also consider that there’s always an abundance of targets available. It might cause you to only use the part of your aim you’re most comfortable with. Just to give you an example, maybe you’re a lot more comfortable flicking to the right. Since the practice mode isn’t forcing you to also flick to the left, you might only be practicing your more comfortable side. This causes left side weakness to only continue further and if you don’t notice you’re doing it, it can massively hold you back. 

Aim Improvement Tip #3

In the case of aim training in Team Deathmatch mode, there are instantly a lot more scenarios. A bunch of those scenarios are pretty useless, at least to battle royale players. Others are actually excellent and can help you work on those very specific parts of your aim to maximize your improvement. You have the ability to improve your raw aim at a much faster rate here than anywhere else in PUBG Mobile. You won’t have to worry about developing any side weaknesses either. In fact, even your vertical aiming which is something that most PUBG Mobile players haven’t really developed at all will get a big boost. 

PUBG Mobile Guide to Aim Improvement - Take Baby Steps to Conqueror

To quickly summarize, Team Deathmatch mode offers the advantage of allowing you to work on your gun skills as well as aim at the cost of potentially developing some weaknesses. Also, you might get a slower raw aim improvement rate. Aim training in Team Death match will basically ignore gun skill but will guarantee that you improve your raw aim. That’s why it is recommended that you use a very healthy mix of both Team Deathmatch-ing and Practice Mode. Use the Team Deathmatch to really focus on your aim, especially in the more niche scenarios that are difficult to train in-game. Then, play the practice mode to improve in-game mechanics like counter-strafing and spraying.

Aim Improvement Tip #4

Now to the final point of this aim training guide, how to use the aim training correctly. The first rule you always have to abide by is pretty simple. Don’t force yourself to practice when you really don’t feel like it. Playing a game like PUBG Mobile and improving in it should be a fun adventure and something that makes you want to get back to it. By forcing yourself to play, not only will you not have as much fun but you might also end up burning yourself out. You might even stop training your aim all together because of that. 

PUBG Mobile Guide to Aim Improvement - Take Baby Steps to Conqueror

If you’re motivated and enjoy spending hours aim training at a time, that’s fine. However, if some days you really can’t be bothered then let it go and do it another day. Ultimately, not burning yourself out is going to achieve a lot more than that one hour of aim practice you would have done otherwise. So allow yourself to have fun and respect your own boundaries.