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PUBG Mobile Weapon Comparison: MG3 LMG Vs M249 LMG

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There is a lot that has changed when it comes to PUBG Mobile after the game received the update 1.5. A lot has been added and changed in the game and weapons have gone through a tremendous change with new guns being added. Right now, depending on the type of player you are, the airdrop guns might come as a surprise to you. Earlier in PUBG Mobile, you would get in the airdrops guns like AUG A3, Groza, M249, M24, and AWM. Those were usually the choices that players had in the game, and they did make life easier. You knew that picking any of those guns meant that you could, in essence, dominate your fights by a massive margin. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Comparison: MG3 LMG Vs M249 LMG

However, since the addition of the MG3 LMG in the game, the choices have become a bit tough. The real battle for many players who do loot airdrops is which LMG to go for between the M249 and MG3 LMG. Both these guns have the same level of base damage but the MG3 is quickly becoming the weapon of choice to pick. In this weapon guide, you will be learning about the differences between the M249 and MG3 LMG and how to correctly use the right pick. 

MG3 LMG vs M249

What makes LMGs such good weapon picks in PUBG Mobile is the firing speed and a massive magazine coupled with good damage stats. DP-28 is another LMG in the game that players tend to pick a lot, and it rewards them well too. Put a 6x scope on the DP-28 and a canted sight to make it completely versatile. LMGs are perfect for both close-range and long-range battles since you can spray in close range and tap fire in long-range. To explain it further you need to understand how you can use this category of guns. When you are using LMGs in close range you can wipe a squad easily without needing to reload. You can spray down enemies or provide suppressing fire with ease for a longer time. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Comparison: MG3 LMG Vs M249 LMG

The downside of using these guns is the massive reload time that players have to deal with. In close-range fights, the players who use LMG have to duck into cover to reload these guns. Now, when it comes to choosing the right gun between the MG3 LMG and M249, you need to learn some information on them. First is the firing speed and how it affects their performances. The M249 is an LMG that uses the 5.56 ammo and comes with a bipod and is a very heavy gun to move around. M249 has one firing speed and cannot be changed. Most a player can do is either choose between full auto and tap firing. The recoil of this gun is not easy to control, and you will need to constantly move your crosshair to keep it on target. Now, the main reason why players don’t prefer this gun in PUBG Mobile anymore is the lack of versatility. The MG3 LMG is the main competition to this gun and that gun comes with two firing speeds. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Comparison: MG3 LMG Vs M249 LMG

One speed is set at 990 RPM and the other is at 660 RPM and RPM means rounds per minute. Simply put, at one speed this LMG can shred opponents in close to medium range in seconds. At 990 RPM you don’t even need to press the fire button for a long time to down a target. The reason for that is how fast bullets connect and deliver damage to the enemy. Let’s say that the base damage MG3 LMG can do per bullet is around 42. Assuming that you are using this gun at 990 RPM then it would take maybe four rounds to down the target. Even with a level 3 helmet and vest, it takes the MG3 LMG a blink of an eye to down an enemy. 990 RPM is a super-fast spray of bullets and the recoil on this gun is too easy to control. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Comparison: MG3 LMG Vs M249 LMG

Spend three to four days with this gun in practice mode for fifteen minutes, and you will come to know how insanely powerful this gun can get. That also means you can actually destroy entire squads sitting inside vehicles when they start getting close to you. It takes the MG3 LMG hardly a few seconds to blow up a car. The other setting you can choose with this gun is the 660 RPM which gives you an even more controlled recoil and spray. This speed of bullet spray is what makes this gun so “game-breaking”. At 660 RPM the spray is so controlled that it makes this gun a breeze to use at long range. Basically, if you’re inside the School and there are players in the apartment or near it, you can actually land a spray on them. 

That is how insanely powerful this gun makes a player. Not a single gun in the game has ever come even close to the aura of AWM except the MG3 LMG. Yes, a player who uses the MG3 can overpower an AWM user with relative ease. 

Dealing with Downsides

No gun is perfect in the real world or in PUBG Mobile and the same is the case for the MG3 LMG. This gun is perfect in almost all aspects except one and that is reloading time. The reload time of this gun is painfully slow and has been probably the main reason for what kills an MG3 player. It is a belt-fed gun, and you can’t just push a mag in and move on. So, you can’t get around it, but you can work around it. One thing that you should try to do is have a good secondary weapon as well. Preferably choose a gun that also uses the 7.62 ammo type. Ideally, it would be a good idea to have a gun like the AKM, M762, and the DP-28 to go along with this gun. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Comparison: MG3 LMG Vs M249 LMG

Going with the DP-28 will give you more of the same that you will be getting from an MG3 but the reload time of this gun is painfully slow too. Going with the AKM and M762 will give you a certain level of versatility since you can put some attachments on them. M762 is great for players who know how to use its spray in close range. This is a 7.62 ammo fed gun that you can put every possible attachment on except the stock attachment. For the sidearm, either go with the Skorpion if you want to or with the sawed-off shotgun. Skorpion allows you to spray your enemies with 9 mm bullets and can use multiple attachments. Sawed-off is a good sidearm to have if you have given a good amount of damage to the target and need to finish the job.

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