PUBG Mobile is a squad game and the importance of a good squad can not be emphasized enough. The squad plays a major role in making or breaking the game for you. There are multiple roles that players need to play while being part of a squad. Everything in the game revolves around a squad. Even the arcade modes of the game are squad-based. Even if you are playing alone, you will be a part of a random squad consisting of players that might not know each other. Teamwork makes the core of the game, and it is important. 

PUBG Mobile on PC: BlueStacks Guide to Playing Solo and Duo

However, just because PUBG Mobile is team-based does not mean that it restricts the players do just that. Even though the maximum potential of the game, its design, and mechanics flourish during squad games, players are not bound to be a part of a squad. After playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator we figured out that there are more ways in which that the game can be enjoyed. There are two other options that the game provides: Solo and Duo. These two modes allow players to play the game without being a part of a full squad

PUBG Mobile on PC: BlueStacks Guide to Playing Solo and Duo

This can be very fascinating and useful for players who want to work on their skills first before being a part of any fixed squad. These two options open a number of gates for the players, and they can actually have a clear idea of where they stand in the game. Being a part of the squad calls for teamwork and support where every player commands a different thing for the squad. Someone might be a fragger, someone might be the IGL and someone might be the sniper. However, when playing in a solo or duo mode, the people available for all of these narrow down to two in the case of Duo and one in the case of Solo. 

Players can start both the matches by turning auto matching off and then whatever number of players are there in the lobby will be in the match. 


Playing solo can be a risky task and there are multiple things that can go wrong. However, this does not mean that players can not play and succeed in this mode. It is all about skills and understanding of the game. There is nothing to panic while playing solo. Every disadvantage that you have while playing solo, other solo players have it too. 

Advantages of Playing Solo 

Playing solo might not sound like a very good idea, but it does come with a few advantages that can benefit the players in the longer run in the game and help them enhance their skills. 

  • No One To Look Out For 

While playing solo you are only responsible for your own survival. Players do not have to care about other players in the squad as there is no one. This means that you can play your own game. You are your own in-game leader. You can experiment with different styles of gameplay and see what works for you. Players don’t need to provide cover fire for anyone or keep anyone else in mind while moving around the map. 

  • You are Your Own Leader

Solo players need to control the game by themselves. They need to decide the drop location, the proportion and distribution of loot between bullets and other supplies and also decide on the rotation that they want to follow or experiment within a particular game. 

PUBG Mobile on PC: BlueStacks Guide to Playing Solo and Duo

  • Scope of Experiment 

A squad follows a set type of gameplay in PUBG Mobile. Some squads are aggressive and some are not. This is not the case while playing solo. Solo games allow you to experiment with multiple things in the game. You can play as a sniper and be stealthy, or you can play as an aggressive player and rush towards the enemy. 

  • Every Player is a Potential Kill 

If you are playing solo then so is everyone in the lobby. This means that every player that you see moving around is a potential kill. You can rush towards them or take them down from a distance. After you have secured the kill, no one remains from their side because its every man for himself. 

  • Work on Your Skills

You can practice all you want in the training ground but unless you put that practice to test, there is no use. Playing solo can help you put your practice to the test. You can enhance your movement, spray, gun control and understanding of the zone in a proper battle royale match.

Disadvantages of Playing Solo 

Playing solo might not sound like a very good idea to a lot of players and that is because it comes with a number of disadvantages. These disadvantages are momentary and can be overcome by players. 

  • No One To Have Your Back 

Since you don’t have to look out for anyone while playing solo, no one will look out for you either. You will not have any support in the match and have to carry on by yourself as long as the match lasts. 

PUBG Mobile on PC: BlueStacks Guide to Playing Solo and Duo

  • Not Enough Space in the Backpack 

Backpacks in PUBG Mobile have a limited capacity. Even the Level 3 backpack can only fit so much. While playing solo you need to strike a perfect balance between bullets, throwables and supplies. All of these are essential to last in the match and move towards winning. None of these categories can be ignored. Bullets and throwables help you in combats and supplies like painkillers and energy drinks help you heal up. Striking the perfect balance can be a challenge for players initially but can be achieved with practice.

  • Risk of Third Party 

Every player for themselves means that there is a solid chance that you can be attacked by someone else while engaging in a fight. This is called third party. You are under the constant risk of third party while playing solo because it is easier to jump into an ongoing fight and kill players who are already damaged. 

  • No Second Chances

Reviving is one of the key parts of PUBG Mobile, but it needs someone to be there from your team. In solo, you are not a part of any team and this means that you would not get knocked. You will get killed straight away, meaning that every fight and encounter in the match can be your last. 

PUBG Mobile on PC: BlueStacks Guide to Playing Solo and Duo

Tips for Playing Solo 

These tips will help players enhance their game and learn more about the mechanics of the guns and weapons in the game.

  • Land in Hot Drops 

There are certain locations on every map that are considered to be hot drops. These locations are famous in the community and a lot of players land here. If you want to work on your combat skills for 1v1 fights then landing in these areas would be a good idea. There can be situations where you will be surrounded by players, but that is where your gameplay and sense would shine. If you are a beginner and not aware of the hot drops then landing in the places that are close to the path of the plane is always a good option. 

  • Move Cover to Cover 

Taking cover is very important while playing solo. Since you are the only player responsible for your survival, being in cover is very important. Being in the open is risky because the enemies might be anywhere, and it also becomes very easy for them to kill you. Being in cover is a secure idea, and you can hold that spot unless you are either sure of the enemy’s position or the zone pushes you away. 

  • Try all Maps and Guns 

There are some guns in PUBG Mobile that are exclusive to specific maps. Some examples of this are QBZ and QBU being exclusive to the Sanhok map. Solo players need to play on every map and try out every gun in their preferred category like ARs, SMGs, etc. This will help you understand the mechanics and control of all the guns in a real battle royale scenario and will also give you insights into your sensitivity. 

  • Compete After Reaching Higher Ranks 

Playing solo can only help you improve your game when you compete at a higher rank.  It is best to play solo after you have reached the gold rank. This will bring in players from the same rank. All the players in the lobby will have the same if not more skills and this will help you enhance your gameplay better. 

  • Utilize the Throwables

Cooking and throwing a frag grenade, smoke grenade or a flashbang at the right time is an acquired skill in PUBG Mobile. You can start working on this skill early by playing solo. If you connect the throwables, it will instantly kill the enemy boosting your confidence and if you are not accurate then it will displace the enemy for you to know its position.

All of this will give you a clear idea about the advantages and disadvantages of playing solo and how you can make the best of it while enhancing your skills in that mode. Solo is risky, but there is some positivity in it as well.


Playing in duo is slightly different from playing solo as there is another player with you. Duo can be a good idea for players who are trying to create synergy among themselves. 

PUBG Mobile on PC: BlueStacks Guide to Playing Solo and Duo

This can help the players understand the gameplay and style of each other. This can help them create an understanding among themselves and in turn complement each other in a squad. 

Advantages of Playing in a Duo

There are some serious advantages of playing in duo over solo. The following are some of them. 

  • Constant Support 

In a Duo, players can support each other. This lowers the risk of being shot at by the enemy from anywhere. Players can support each other through gun power and skills and clear the danger in most situations. 

  • Getting Feedback 

While playing in a duo, players can tell each other about their shortcomings and help each other improve on them. Things like recoil control, gun control and faster movements can be enhanced and worked upon. This works both ways and players can become better in the game with the help of each other. 

  • Segregation of Loot 

Since a backpack has limited capacity, you can always distribute the loot among yourselves. One player can stock up on the ammo and throwables and the other person can keep the number of ammo low and can stock up on the supplies. This way there can be a good balance between the two players. 

  • Taking Up Roles

One of the major advantages of playing in a duo is that players can take up different roles like that of an entry fragger, IGL, or the sniper. The possibility of becoming a healer is very less in duo matches because you have to constantly support each other. Other roles can be tried on by you and your teammate to understand what role is best suited for you in the long run. 

PUBG Mobile on PC: BlueStacks Guide to Playing Solo and Duo

  • Having Another Chance 

Unlike solo, in duo players can and will get knocked before getting killed. Killing them will take extra efforts on the enemy’s part. This means that there will also be a chance where you can be revived by your teammate and brought back into the match. This is an added advantage. 

Disadvantages of Playing in a Duo

There are not many disadvantages of playing in a duo, but some are inevitable and happen to exist.

  • Not a Lot of Players 

Not a lot of players in PUBG Mobile play in Duo. Duo matches are often filled with bots, and you can not really improve on your gameplay. This changes as you go higher up the ranks, but the lobby is still half empty and you can end up fighting bots in the whole match. 

  • Not Much Scope of Experimentation 

This might not be the case in every duo, but there can be times when the two players get too comfortable in their style of play that they become averse to the idea of experimentation. This has nothing to do with their style being effective or not. It is just a sign of getting comfortable in the way they approach and play the game. 

Tips for Duo Players 

Playing in a Duo can be nerve-wracking at a time but keeping in mind a few things can help you get a long way. 

  • Pickup Different Gun Combinations

There are a number of guns in PUBG Mobile and not all of them function in the same manner. It is best if you and your teammate pick up different gun combinations, these might be from the same category but different guns. This can help you reach a sweet spot between close combat, mid-range and long-range. Scar-L, M416, AKM and Beryl M762 are some of the best assault rifles in the game that can be considered. 

  • Keep a Sniper Rifle 

Sniper rifles are famous for the extreme distance that their bullets can cover. Having a sniper rifle can help you take enemies down in the distance and kill them. Sniper rifles can also compliment long range sprays from assault rifles by doing more damage with a single bullet. This can help you get rid of the enemy faster. 

  • Move in Different Vehicles 

Moving in the same vehicle can put you and your teammate under serious risks. These risks can range from being taken down from a moving vehicle or running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. 

PUBG Mobile on PC: BlueStacks Guide to Playing Solo and Duo

Having two different vehicles will always work as an alternative and even if one player gets taken down, the other can save that player by either rushing with the vehicle or using it as added cover. 

  •  Practice on all Drop Locations

If you are playing in duo just to work on and enhance your compatibility then it is best to land on all drop locations. This will help you devise a plan for all the locations, and you can also plan a rotation from all the places. Even if you get knocked out, there is a chance of you being saved which is missing in solo matches.

These are the things that need to be kept in mind when playing as a solo or in a duo. Playing in these modes can help you enhance your skills, learn more about the weapons here as well as the game itself. Hop on to the plane to Pochinki today.