This PUBG Mobile weapon guide is all about that AKM. With this guide you will learn everything there is to know about this weapon. The AKM is one of the most powerful weapons in close combat fights. This is why you need to learn how to use this weapon. In this guide you will be going over these topics -stats of the weapon, recoil pattern of AKM to see how bad the recoil will be when compared against its competition. Plus, you’ll also learn how you should use this weapon properly to get its best performance. Also, when should you use this weapon and a few tips about the AKM.

AKM Advantage

So, why is the AKM still one of the powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile, even though there are few weapons like Uzi, Vector, M762 that can outperform the AKM? Easily, the main reason is AKM’s damage. Everyone knows it has the highest damage among assault rifles which is approximately 48. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for AKM, Most Versatile Assault Rifle

It can achieve damage that high because it uses 7.62 ammunition which is basically sniper ammunition. So when you hit a headshot you will deal 2.3 times more damage than usual. This means that you can easily one shot an enemy when they are not wearing any helmets. One thing to keep in mind is that try to place your crosshair near the head area.


Moving on to the damage per second, the maximum DPS you can achieve with AKM is 470. This is a big deal because most of the other weapons will have slightly lowered DPS. The next thing is the bullet velocity that works for this gun is the damage velocity. You might have noticed that when using AKM to shoot at moving vehicles most of your bullets won’t connect. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for AKM, Most Versatile Assault Rifle

This happens mostly due to slightly lower bullet velocity. AKM’s bullets will travel 200 meters per second slower than 5.56 assault rifles like M416 and SCAR-L. This won’t be an issue if your target is under 100 meters but if it is further away it will be really difficult to shoot at. This happens due to the slow bullet speed and extremely high recoil. Talking about the recoil.

AKM Spray

Then there is the spray pattern of this gun. In PUBG Mobile you can check out the recoil pattern of any weapon in the practice mode. Ideally, shoot a weapon with and without attachments at least five times. This will let you understand the spray pattern. AKM’s spray pattern without any attachments except the red dot is quite predictable. The recoil is mostly horizontal and can be controlled pretty easily. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for AKM, Most Versatile Assault Rifle

Many players think that by attaching the suppressor to the AK they’ll get more recoil. That is not actually the case. Your recoil even with the suppressor on is going to be very manageable. Yes, putting on the suppressor will increase your recoil by a bit but that rise is almost negligible. Although, there is good reason to believe that the recoil you get from the AKM after putting the suppressor on is totally random. Many players have had a different experience every time they put on a suppressor. That changes when you attach the compensator. There is somewhat of a reduction in recoil with the compensator. To put a number on it, there is almost 5% recoil reduction.

AKM vs Beryl or M762

Now let’s compare the AKM against its competitors like the M762. The first spray pattern test is done without any attachments equipped and the recoil is about 15 higher than the AKM. This is an advantage for the AKM but as you start putting attachments to the Beryl, it keeps getting better. What has always worked in the favor of the Beryl is the fact that it can take attachments.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for AKM, Most Versatile Assault Rifle

In theory, you can add attachments to reduce the recoil of this weapon significantly. You can add attachments like grip, muzzle attachments and more to reduce recoil. However, the results have often shown that even at its lowest recoil, the M762 basically becomes an AKM. In PUBG Mobile, the AKM is a close combat weapon. The weapon works great up to 50 meters but when your target is above 50 meters then there are some better alternative weapons like the M416 and DP-28. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for AKM, Most Versatile Assault Rifle

This is why you need to have a secondary weapon that can handle mid-range targets from 50 meters to 200 meters. A tip that might help you is that you should always use crouch when you’re spraying at a distance. Crouching will increase the stability and reduce some recoil.

AKM Practice Routine

Practice spraying at 50 meters continuously until you get better at it. Most importantly, when your opponent is over 50 meters, don’t spray the full round because it’s really hard to control. That’s why you need to learn how to burst fire. Shoot up to three to five bullets and wait one second or one second gap. Then shoot again for up to three to five bullets. This way it’s easier. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for AKM, Most Versatile Assault Rifle

But if you shoot the full magazine, after the first five bullets the AKM’s recoil will start to go crazy and you won’t be able to hit your target. AKM is the best weapon for early game in PUBG Mobile. That becomes especially true when you just landed and you found the AKM. The gun does incredible damage to non-armored targets. In the end, it is easy to see why AKM is almost always the preferred weapon of choice for many players. Except the Groza, which is a drop only gun, the AKM has ruled PUBG.

Even though the devs have added FAMAS to the game, it still hasn’t created any significant impact. Just remember to add attachments like the Extended Quick Draw Mag, Compensator, and Red Dot to this gun. They don’t increase the firepower or damage of the AKM but they do make it more usable.