This is a PUBG Mobile grenade guide that will give you a few tips and tricks on how you can throw grenades without exposing yourself to the opponent. The first thing is you need to learn is how to cook the grenade properly, which is the most important thing. If you throw your grenade like you’re throwing it as a rock without cooking at all, your enemy will notice the grenade. They will have enough time to get away from its explosion or its damage. 

PUBG Mobile Grenading Guide: Learn How to Cook Them Properly

However, if you cook your grenade until the timer is at three or two seconds then your opponent will have no time to escape from its explosion damage. In other words, the opponent will die immediately. You can actually practice how to cook the grenades in training grounds. Go to the map selection area of the game and select the training. That will take you to the Cheer Park AKM statue. There you’ll get the training grounds option. Select it, and it will take you to the training area where you can find the grenades or other throwables training area. 

Training Grenading

There are three difficulty levels you can choose from. It is better that you start from difficulty number one. What you have to do here is that you need to throw the grenade at the target, and it should blow up right before it hits the ground or when it bounces up. If the target is under 20 meters, then cook the grenade until the timer reaches 1 or 2 seconds. Similarly, if your target is at 30 meters then you should cook the grenade until the timer reaches 2 or 3 seconds. 

PUBG Mobile Grenading Guide: Learn How to Cook Them Properly

You can’t always know exactly how far your opponent is. You need to throw the grenade at what you think is the right timing. If it doesn’t work then you can learn from your mistakes. After some time of practicing and experience, you will know exactly how long you have to cook the grenade depending on how far is your target. Eventually, as time passes, you will learn how to cook a perfect grenade. Overcooking the grenade can also get you and your teammates killed. So you have to learn how to cancel your grenade immediately.

Common Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes that new players make is that they usually come out of the cover completely just to throw the grenade. This is extremely risky, and your opponent can easily kill you. What you have to do in order to not expose yourself whenever you’re throwing a grenade while hiding behind a wall is to lean to the left or right, depending on the situation. Then cook the grenade and adjust your grenade trajectory. The most important thing you need to make sure is that your head or your body is not crossing this wall you’re hiding behind. 

PUBG Mobile Grenading Guide: Learn How to Cook Them Properly

If you can’t be peeked, you can’t be found. If your body or the head is outside the wall, your opponent can spot you and may shoot at you. The hand with the ‘nade in it might be visible to the enemy since it goes outside the wall. Even then if the enemy sees your hand it’s extremely difficult to shoot at you. Sometimes if you’re lucky your hand may not be visible, only the grenade will be visible when throwing it. Obviously, if you cook your grenade perfectly your opponent can’t escape from it.

Now to the next situation: You get stuck at the broken boundary walls, and you decide you want to throw a grenade. However, when you’re throwing it, the wall may block your grenade since you’re crouching to hide. You may need to stand in order to throw the grenade. Especially if you’re throwing it on second or third floors. But when you get up to throw the grenade, you will expose yourself and the opponents can headshot you easily. 

PUBG Mobile Grenading Guide: Learn How to Cook Them Properly

What you have to do is find the edge of the wall that has some cracks in it and then lean either left or right. Then cook the grenade and make sure that your body doesn’t go outside the wall area. Only the hand should be outside the wall crack. If your body or head goes outside of the wall crack, your opponent can spot you. Only the hand can be visible, mostly while throwing the grenade. Similarly, you can also throw it from broken wall gaps with the same method. Do not expose your head or body, but only the hand should be out.

“Eye” Your Grenades

Players usually throw grenades from house to house but still, some get killed while throwing grenades. Most of you usually throw grenades through windows. So same as before, make sure your head and body don’t go outside the house window frame. If it goes outside of the window frame you will be spotted and may get killed. However, there is actually a way you can throw grenades more safely from house to house. When you throw grenades you have absolutely no idea where it’s going to land because you don’t have the view to see where it will land. What you can do is use the free look option or “eye” button. That will allow you to see where the grenade will land in such angles that are not visible to you normally. This trick only works in TPP and Gyroscope players can take full advantage of this. 

PUBG Mobile Grenading Guide: Learn How to Cook Them Properly

A non-gyro player can only see where the grenade will land but can’t adjust the angle like a Gyroscope player. In order to throw a grenade safely, you need to go prone and then open the grenade. Now you can’t actually see where it will land and this is where the free look comes in handy. Using it allows you to see where your Grenade will land. If you try to throw a grenade without using the free look option you may even get killed. Since you’re exposing yourself too much. This is why going prone and throwing grenades or Molotovs are extremely safe, if you can use the free look option to see where it would actually land. Plus, this is a super accurate way to throw grenades. A point to note here is that the grenade pin opening sound can be heard up to 20 meters.

Bonus Tip #1

Now coming to give tips for close combat fights for players who tend to panic a lot. You need to know these as a PUBG Mobile player, so you can implement them into your own gameplay. It might even help you to get better at this game. Tip number one is actually a tactical tip that will give you an advantage against your opponents when they jump and fire at you. If your enemy does jump shots on you just follow this process. 

PUBG Mobile Grenading Guide: Learn How to Cook Them Properly

As soon as you see your enemy jumping you need to start moving in the opposite direction. In other words, if you’re moving towards the right side you need to rotate it in the opposite direction. Doing this will make your opponent miss all their shots. If you’re wondering why this works, it’s because from the opponent’s view you’re going to act in a different fashion. This will mess up the enemy’s aim, and they’ll miss all their shots. 

Bonus Tip #2

Tip number two is the stairway surprise attack. The idea of this trick is pretty simple. When you hear the enemy’s footsteps, move towards the stairs and jump. Switching to FPP view is optional and by doing this your enemy will have no idea what you have done. Most probably your enemy won’t able to see even if they see you jumping like this. They won’t have enough time to react

PUBG Mobile Grenading Guide: Learn How to Cook Them Properly

You can totally surprise attack from behind and this trick also works on Military Base buildings. You need to remember that this trick only works on certain types of stairs. Mostly the V-shaped stairs, but this is kind of risky too. If you jump too late or too fast it might put you at a risk but still, the opponent will never expect you to jump like this. So you can always catch them by surprise. However, if there are more enemies than one, then this trick is not recommend. 

Bonus Tip #3

Moving on to tip number three. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you run have out of ammo in an extremely close combat gunfight then follow this. In these types of situations, you need to try to get behind the enemy. Try staying behind the opponent until the weapon reloads. 

PUBG Mobile Grenading Guide: Learn How to Cook Them Properly

Once it’s reloaded then start shooting, or you could simply circle the opponent. It’s going to be very difficult for the opponent to shoot at you, especially when you are rotating behind the enemy. Try your best to stay behind the enemy until the weapon reloads. Learning how to circle behind the opponent will help you in a lot of situations.

Bonus Tip #4

Now onwards to tip number four. Whenever you’re rushing into a house and you know there is an enemy camping inside, throw a grenade in the house. It might make the enemies go deaf for up to five seconds so they won’t be able to hear your footsteps while you’re rushing.

Bonus Tip #5

Finally, tip number five is don’t stay behind your teammate in a straight line. For example, two players are in a straight line. Suppose if you shoot at the first enemy and miss, the bullet that bullet may hit the second enemy who’s behind that player. So staying behind your teammates especially in a straight line is extremely dangerous. 

PUBG Mobile Grenading Guide: Learn How to Cook Them Properly

It could actually get you killed instantly. In these types of situations, the aim assist works like crazy for the opponent. Both players could die in a single spray. So if you ever find yourself in this type of situation try to move away from your teammate.