PUBG Mobile is a very intense and competitive game and different players follow a different mindset of playing the game. Some players like a fast-paced game and some like the enemy to come to them. Understanding the mechanics of the game is very important for every player to decide the mindset with which they want to approach the game. 

After spending some time on the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we figured out that there are 2 main ways of approaching the game and playing it. One is rushing and the other one is camping. These two ways of playing are very different from each other, and it is not easy for players to switch their style, and they have to adapt and stick to one form of gameplay. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Camping Guide for Faster Rank Push

Rush players always need to be on the go. Their mindset is always to attack and reach the enemy throughout the game. They need to keep going from one place on the map to the other. They also drop in hot locations where the possibility of encountering other players is very high. This form of gameplay is also very risky and players can often end up dying in the first zone. This hampers their progression in the game and can be a serious problem in rank pushing. 

Players who camp have a very distinct style of gameplay and this guide will help you understand all about camping and how to successfully execute it.  

What is Camping? 

The gameplay style, as the name suggests, is very similar to camping in the wild. You set a location or spot and stay there until some external factor, in this case, the blue zone or enemy, forces you to move. This gameplay forces you to stay away from combat and engaging the enemy. Patience is the key factor and trigger discipline is a very important factor. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Camping

  1. Avoid Hot Drops

Hot drop is the name given to certain areas of the map that are always flooded with players at every stage of the season. Areas like the Military Base, Rozhok and Pochinki on the Erangel map, Pecado and San Martin on the Miramar map, Villa, Castle and Coal Mine on the Vikendi map and Bootcamp on the Sanhok map, are always flooded with players so it’s best to avoid these areas while landing. 

  1. Land Away from the Path of the Plane 

Apart from the evergreen hot drops that are mentioned above, the areas that fall on the path of the plane also have the potential of becoming hot drops. These areas are easier to reach, and it is believed that areas that fall along the path have more loot and supplies. This might be true in some cases and might not work for players in others. Landing away from the path of the plane is a smart idea because there might not be a lot of players around and the loot that is available there can be picked up by your teammates. After that you can wait for the enemies to come to you or can rotate your position along with the blue zone. 

  1.  Be on the Edge of the Zone 

Camping is always about backstabbing and flanking. This cannot be achieved by landing in the middle of the blue zone or going there. Even if you sit quietly in the middle of the zone, someone will run into you and might take you down. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Camping Guide for Faster Rank Push

The best option would be to move with the zone and stay on the edge of it. This will take the stress of predicting the zone off you ang you can just wait for the zone to shrink and rotate with it. 

  1. Do Not Land on the Edge of the Map

Landing on the edge of the map might seem like a good idea, but you might not find good loot and supplies there. Plus, it also becomes tough to rotate from there. There is a prominent danger of getting traced or spotted while crossing certain areas. Try to land in aloof areas of the map but avoid the edge of it. This will keep you at a safe distance from the action and will give you the scope to jump into it whenever you choose to.

  1. Having a Sniper in Your Team

Camping needs you to spot your enemy from a distance so that you can flank and backstab them. In a small zone where even the slightest mistake can reveal your position and put your team at risk, it is very important to know the position of your enemy beforehand. There is also a great possibility of other teams and players camping.

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Camping Guide for Faster Rank Push

 Approaching a single team or enemy while having a sniper providing cover from a distance can actually help you know about other players present in that area if there are any. The sniper can also take shots at the enemy from a distance and damage them before you can take them down by spraying bullets at them. 

  1. Planning a Cross-Fire Camping 

With new and new modes coming in PUBG mobile, it is very difficult to actually camp. However, there is one way of camping that always works, the cross-fire. To set this up, you and your teammates need to take positions where you can see each other. Every teammate should be able to see at least one other teammate. This way whenever a rush happens on any of your teammates, one player is always there to give cover fire and attack the enemy. 

  1. Practising Trigger Discipline 

Trigger discipline is a very famous term in the context of shooting games. This basically means waiting for the right moment to shoot at your enemies. It is extremely important in camping. While camping, you might be lying in the bushes or hiding behind cover, this can help you see the enemy move without them noticing you. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Camping Guide for Faster Rank Push

You need to wait for the right time to shoot at them rather than shooting at the first sight of them. You need to make sure that every bullet hits and the enemy is killed before they can even react. Failing at this will expose your location and might put you in a compromising situation. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Camping

Just like everything, camping also has some advantages and disadvantages


  • You Get to Win More Matches

Camping widens the scope of winning any match. Since you are avoiding combat almost throughout the whole match, the only combat situation you might get in is in the last circle. If your whole team manages to stay alive then this increases the possibility of you winning. 

  • Rank Faster

Everyone wants to move up the ranking in PUBG mobile. Camping lets you rank up faster. Players earn points for every zone circle they survive. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Camping Guide for Faster Rank Push

It becomes very important to reach the endgame to have good points and move up the tier-ranking system. Camping can help you do that and fasten the process of your rank-up. 


  • Low K/D Ratio

K/D or kill to death ratio is very important to most gamers of PUBG mobile. K/D ratio shows your efficiency as a player. Higher the K/D ratio, the better the player. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Camping Guide for Faster Rank Push

Since you are not making any kills while camping, your K/D ratio won’t be very high and this might put your efficiency as a player in a doubtful situation. 

  • Cursed by the Community 

No one likes sneaky people and campers are just that. Camping might sound like an effective way of playing and advancing, but it is not appreciated by the community. Campers are often considered to be not very skilled and are shamed. If you can live with this and are confident about what you are doing, then you should definitely stick to camping. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Camping Guide for Faster Rank Push

These are some of the things that players need to keep in mind while camping. There are multiple other ways to elevate their game in the battleroyale mode but camping still holds the spot for being most effective of them all.