In this PUBG Mobile weapon guide, you will be learning why should you use certain guns. Knowledge of each weapon is important in this game, and in this guide is a knowledge dump about those weapons. You will be explained as to why and when you should be using them. 


So why should you use the M416? The M416 is an incredible weapon in PUBG Mobile and also one of the most popular. It can equip the most attachments of any assault rifle along with the Mutant. The optional attachments are a compensator and a vertical grip. These two allow for great control during single fire short and longer sprays. Scoped spraying is especially strong with this weapon as well. The half grip is also a great option and will give you better performance during long sprays. This is very useful when spraying down vehicles.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for SKS, Mini-14, M416 with BR Tips

 M416 did recently get its base damage reduced from 43 to 41 but can still pitch out a good amount of damage. There is a reason why it’s placed comfortably in the middle on the time-to-kill charts but the damage is not the main reason you choose this weapon. You should choose it because it can do this kind of damage with surgical precision. M416 is extremely accurate when spraying, which is why many highly skilled players love to use it with a scope. Scope spraying works great as long as you can manage that minimal recoil.

The combination of decent damage per second and an easy to control spray together with a high velocity makes the M416 a beast. The gun synergy is great between the M416 and snipers. Pair the gun with the DMR and you get a highly explosive package that shreds moving targets and enemies at mid-range. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for SKS, Mini-14, M416 with BR Tips

It performs decently against close and long-range targets. The only problem with this combo are peek duels against bolt-action snipers. This is why you might choose to use one yourself. This gun is the most versatile spawn weapon in the game. It works great on all available maps and in almost all situations. While it does require a lot of attachments, you can still perform great without the ideal setup. Just be careful of getting too close to enemies with an Uzi or a Vector. Those guns are specifically tuned to deal with assault rifles in close quarters. You should use the M416 because you want to minimize the number of situations where you are at a disadvantage. And also, because you prefer to fight enemies around mid-range distance and enjoy not worrying so much about weapon synergy. This is the go-to gun before specializing in other assault rifles in PUBG Mobile.


Now let’s take a closer look at the Mini-14, the only 5.56 DMR worth its weight. Despise having a choice between the SLR and SKS, why should you use the Mini-14? The most unique attribute that a 5.56 DMR brings to the game is an extremely high initial bullet velocity of 990 m/s. Yes, that is almost a kilometer per second. This means low bullet drop and extreme precision in long range. More importantly, this makes it significantly easier to hit moving targets which is essential. Plus, it has the ability to handle more than one target at a time. The main purpose of using the Mini-14 DMR over a bolt-action sniper is speed. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for SKS, Mini-14, M416 with BR Tips

Shooting targets driving in vehicles, especially those driving rather far away is a Mini-14 specialty. Apart from shooting vehicles, simply shooting targets that are either running or trying to dodge your bullets is easier with this weapon. Even if you miss a ton of shots, the Mini-14 has the largest magazine of all the DMRs in PUBG Mobile. That too can be extended to 30 bullets which will let you keep up the pressure until your target falls. You should use this gun if you want a super high bullet velocity and a low bullet drop to take down those moving targets. The only recoil reduction attachment that you can put on the Mini-14 is a muzzle attachment. 

Choose between the suppressor, a flash hider or a compensator. This is rather a free choice cause the Mini-14 is quite easy to control. Recoil is not that punishing, however, a compensator will allow you to unleash the full potential of fast shooting. This is the ultimate goal for a DMR user. To click as fast as possible while maintaining good accuracy. The way you do this is by shooting at a constant rate of fire while moving your mouse down at a constant rate to control the recoil, all the while focusing on horizontally readjusting your reticle on your target. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for SKS, Mini-14, M416 with BR Tips

Another cool trick is the three bullet burst. Not many players know about this but the second and third bullet of the Mini-14 almost hit the same place when shooting quickly, when not compensating for recoil. This will allow you to do a super quick burst of damage with high accuracy in long-range. Go into practice mode and practice this and then do it in a normal game. The downside of Mini-14 is its low damage. It has lower base damage than both the SKS and the SLR. This often means you have to hit an extra shot to take down your enemy. Both the SKS and the SLR will kill a target with a level 3 helmet and a level 2 vest if you hit a headshot and an upper chest shot. 

The Mini-14 however will not. Another downside is found when fighting a bolt-action sniper. In a situation where there’s a sniper out there shooting at you, if you peek them, you might die instantly with that one bullet headshot. Repositioning yourself to get the kill will most often be the best approach. You could also try your luck with the left to right lane shooting technique. This is an anti bolt-action sniper technique that will make it much harder for your enemy to hit that headshot. Simply switch between leaning left and right while shooting to have your head wiggle from side to side.  

You should use the Mini-14 if you want a very fast and accurate weapon; A weapon that especially makes hitting moving targets an absolute dream.


The SKS is a DMR that often finds itself being replaced by either the Mini-14 or the SLR. It’s also the DMR that can equip the most attachments of them all. So, why should you use the SKS? The SKS is the most customizable DMR which allows for some amazing handling when using the right attachments. The optimal attachments are a compensator and a light grip. This will give you an amazing performance. Using a vertical grip is also a good option as it makes the gun slightly more stable when rapid firing. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for SKS, Mini-14, M416 with BR Tips

Overall the light grip is the better option. Using a half or angle grip is a big no-go as those two will make your weapon kick more when shooting. You should always avoid these grips on the SKS. The thumb grip will give the weapon the absolute fastest ADS speed of all. The DMR switch is very beneficial in peak duels. The ability to put this many attachments on the SKS can make its handling godlike. The precision and predictability in the recoil between shots are amazing and will help you land consecutive hits very easily. 

Bullet velocity starts at 800 meters per second and is not too different from the SLR within 100 meters. However, the SKS bullet slows down quickly, especially when traveling far. This makes the SKS a poor choice for moving targets at long range. Speaking of long range, the SKS will require one more body shot to kill an enemy as compared to the SLR. When compared to the Mini-14, the SKS does outperform in shots required to kill. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for SKS, Mini-14, M416 with BR Tips

The shots required to kill below 100 meters are practically identical to the SLR. You should use the SKS if you want what is arguably the strongest DMR below 100 meters. Use it if you prioritize handling over raw stats such as bullet velocity and damage per bullet and if you want a weapon that allows you to defend yourself with quick shots when suddenly attacked without cover. You can abuse it because of the steadiness of the weapon. 

Crosshair Placement:

Crosshair placement is incredibly important in competitive shooters. You’ll especially see this used by professionals in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The idea is that you always want to point your crosshair where an enemy might appear. You do this to minimize the distance you need to move your crosshair to place it on top of your enemy. Since PUBG Mobile is a BR game where you need to do much more than just shooting people, you won’t be able to do this all the time. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for SKS, Mini-14, M416 with BR Tips

However, whenever you’re in a combat situation or feel threatened, point your weapon where an enemy might appear. A good example of crosshair placement is when going around the corner or moving around inside houses. A lot of players have a tendency of aiming inside the wall when strafing to the side. This is because it’s easier but aiming into the wall is pointless and might make you lose those critical milliseconds you need to take down your enemy before they take you down.

Scoping Correction Distance:

Scoping Correction Distance is highly underestimated and not really spoken of when it comes to aiming in PUBG Mobile. A lot of players will first start aiming after going into ADS and not before. Your aim will be at this same place it was before going ADS. So, if you did not point your crosshair at your enemy before going into ADS then you will have to correct your aim. This is what is called scoping correction distance. As you see an enemy, point your crosshair at them, then right-click to go into ADS. 

The more precise you can be before going into ADS, the faster you will be able to take down your enemy. Quick scoping has almost no scope-in correction distance. 

Scoping Correction Distance is highly relevant when using bolt-action sniper rifles as you really need to make each bullet count.  When you’ve got an enemy in your scope, carefully line up your shot. Take all the time you need to do so before you shoot. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for SKS, Mini-14, M416 with BR Tips

Doing this with enemies who have no idea where you are is easy, but doing it with enemies who are pointing a sniper rifle of their own right at your face is far more challenging. In those situations, many players choke and take their chances with a fast shot at the glorious headshot lock. They do this to avoid being in an exposed position, but this is where you should hang in. Your enemy is likely to do the exact same thing. 

Experience says taking those extra milliseconds to line up the shot will make you the winner of the duel in the vast majority of situations. Whether this will work for you or not depends on how quickly you’re able to lock on your enemy’s head. So paying close attention to your crosshair placement and minimizing your scoping correction distance will get you on your way to making this work. 

Peaking at Peeking:

Peeking is an important skill from first-person perspective as your enemy will be able to see you when you can see him. It’s a skill you need to master in order to take your kill rate to the next level. There are two types of peeking in PUBG Mobile: The first one is full-body peeking. Here you use your entire body to peek. This exposes you greatly and works best in close-range duels. Peeking in these situations leaves your head sticking out there in the open to be easily shot. Then you have got the lean peeking method. 

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for SKS, Mini-14, M416 with BR Tips

This method is the most important one and works wonders at medium to long range. Getting used to using lean peeking will get you well on your way towards getting some great kills with minimum exposure. An important thing when using lean peeking is to get out there and get back again quickly. Only peek for a short time so you avoid being an easy target. 

In conclusion, while there are many techniques and tips towards helping you get a better aim. However, simply playing a lot while practicing hitting people will be required. The more you play, the more you practice your aim.