Any good battle royale game needs to have a fleshed out weapon system. PUBG Mobile is no exception to this rule. The game has been adding new weapons over time. It was when the Livik map released that the game received the P90 SMG and now FAMAS has been added. The game has a weapon system that divides different weapons into real world subclasses, so you can play with SMG’s like UMP or an AR like M416. Here’s the thing though, knowing your way around these guns is of paramount importance. 

Take the example of the Assault Rifles category in the game, you have choices of guns that use either 5.56 ammo or 7.62 ammo. In real world it is the 5.56 ammo that is more accurate and has a flatter trajectory. On the other hand, the 7.62 ammo is older and is often highly regarded in close quarters combat. In PUBG Mobile that is completely changed on its head. The more powerful guns in the game use the 7.62 ammo in the game while the lesser powerful ones use 5.56 ammo. So the AK or Beryl have more damage than most 5.56 guns but that is not the case for the FAMAS. It is the only weapon as of now that is more powerful than AK and Beryl. 

PUBG Mobile FAMAS Weapon Guide: Its Recoil Needs to Be Managed

What makes the FAMAS even more interesting is the recoil. Also, there is the fact that it cannot use attachments other than on its barrel. In this PUBG Mobile weapon guide, you will be explained all that there is to be about FAMAS. 


FAMAS is a 5.56 ammo weapon, so it makes sense to compare it with other 5.56 guns. Starting with the M416, this is a gun that is regarded as one of the most versatile weapons in the game. If you take a look at the raw data, then M416 edges out FAMAS in damage but that is at a cursory look. Where FAMAS picks up the slack is in the fire rate. 

PUBG Mobile FAMAS Weapon Guide: Its Recoil Needs to Be Managed

It has a much higher rate of fire than the M416 or even AK and Beryl. This fact is of importance because the fire rate of a weapon is very important in combat. SMGs like Uzi have a massive rate of fire which makes them perfect for 1v1 combat. 


The weakest link of FAMAS and probably why players are not using this gun is the recoil. FAMAS has a recoil that will put LMGs like the DP-28 to shame. Most players have a hard time managing the recoil of Beryl and FAMAS is even worse than that. That being said, managing the recoil of this gun is not impossible. Every gun in PUBG Mobile has a set recoil pattern that can be reduced somewhat by using attachments. 

PUBG Mobile FAMAS Weapon Guide: Its Recoil Needs to Be Managed

You can figure out the recoil pattern of any gun by using it in practice mode. FAMAS has a vertical recoil pattern that spreads out horizontally after the first bullet jump. Even with the compensator, the recoil is not reduced by a significant degree. M416 has a more condensed recoil pattern and when you add the attachments you can get even more clean bullet spray. To put it into perspective, both AK and Beryl have less recoil than the FAMAS. 

Usage Scenarios: 

When it comes to using this weapon you will need to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, FAMAS is not a weapon for players who are not well-versed in recoil control. It is a fact that this weapon can deliver a very high amount of damage, but that doesn’t make it right for you. Recoil control is an absolute necessity for this weapon, so what you should do is practice. Get inside the practice mode and start shooting the FAMAS to get a better idea for the recoil pattern. Another thing that you can do to improve your skills is use Beryl which also has a similar recoil pattern. 

PUBG Mobile FAMAS Weapon Guide: Its Recoil Needs to Be Managed

Now, for players who are well-versed in controlling recoil should be aware of FAMAS weaknesses. This is not a gun that is well advised to be used in mid to long-range combat. Yes, it does defeat the purpose of adding this weapon to the PUBG Mobile arsenal. To better explain it you need to understand how the aim assist in this game works. Most of the time when you use guns like UZI or M416, the recoil is very manageable which lets your crosshair be either on the target or near it. Aim assist will recognize any enemy target who is either standing or sitting. The way this assist works is by connecting the bullets that are flying near the target as well. 

PUBG Mobile FAMAS Weapon Guide: Its Recoil Needs to Be Managed

With FAMAS that aim assist goes for a toss. The jump after the first bullet is so immense that the crosshair is sent flying away from the target and then none of the other fired bullets connect. In close combat, you won’t be opening your scope most of the time so controlling that crosshair gets easier. Then there is the magazine capacity of this gun, which is small. FAMAS can carry 25 bullets at a time until you add the extended mag which increases the capacity to 35. That does help a little but then the reloading speed is way too slow. It all boils down to how you use this gun. 

PUBG Mobile FAMAS Weapon Guide: Its Recoil Needs to Be Managed

Aggressive players who want to use FAMAS should be pairing it with SMGs. Guns like the Uzi are best for quick fire and reloading, so it makes it easier for rushing towards enemies. Plus, SMGs are available all over the maps and so are the attachments. Using an SMG as a primary weapon and FAMAS as secondary would be enough for most situations. Snipers on the other hand should avoid using this gun and go for something like DP-28 instead. Even the M416 would be a better option in that case than FAMAS. That’s all there is to know about this weapon. As of now the gun mechanics of FAMAS seem to be fairly unsorted to make it something that players can use over the M416.