Ranks are what defines a player in games and in PUBG Mobile, reaching conqueror is all it’s about. The game has eight ranks starting from Bronze and going all the way to Conqueror. Since it’s the top rank of the game, it’s one of the hardest to reach and players grind for hours to reach conqueror in their servers. Ace, which is the rank before Conqueror, is so dense with competition that many players never progress beyond it. The ranking system itself in PUBG Mobile is quite simple to understand and climb. There are eight ranks in total starting from bronze going all the way to Conqueror. 

Now when it comes to climbing ranks, you need to be careful about how you start your journey. To climb through ranks you need to understand how PUBG Mobile awards points. You basically earn points based on the outcome of your performance in the match and what type of match it was. So if you get chicken dinner on the Sanhok map in a solo match then your points will be awarded to your solo performance. What matters here is what map you decide to push for rank. 

PUBG Mobile Map Guide for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Players

Each map of PUBG Mobile is different and ideally, you should push on a map that you know perfectly. Maps in PUBG Mobile are suited to every player’s playing style. There are maps that are perfect for aggressive players like Sanhok while a map like Miramar is more suited to passive players. Think of it this way, your knowledge of the map and the different locations will be always beneficial in getting chicken dinners. What you need to do first, however, is to find out the map that is just right for you. That is exactly what you will be learning in this PUBG Mobile Map Guide. It will explain which map is best suited for rank climb for bronze, silver, and gold rank players.  


Starting with the classic Erangel map, it is one of the most played maps in the game. Since the day PUBG Mobile was born players have had Erangel. There is a good reason why players prefer playing on this map. Unlike the other maps, Erangel offers players one of the most balanced terrains. Since this is the preferred map of most players, it makes for a perfect training ground. Everything from campers to cheaters to streamers are playing here and so should you. However, bear in mind that those players also make winning a lot harder here. This is one of those maps that is suited to almost all play styles but there is a caveat as well. 

PUBG Mobile Map Guide for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Players

For solo games, you need to keep in mind that most of your fighting will be happening in close quarters and mostly in houses. Players tend to hold a house or a location till that place is outside the safe zone. Players who are Silver or Gold will more often than not follow this pattern. Erangel’s loot system is biased, so getting good loot will depend on your luck and drop location. Weapons do matter but if you’re playing solo then use the Uzi for close range fights. Your ARs will be more than enough for medium to long range engagements. A good drop location for solo games is water city located between Rozhok and Ruins. Most players tend to leave this part of the map alone. 


Based in the jungles of South Asia, Sanhok is probably the most battle heavy map. Before Livik arrived in PUBG Mobile, Sanhok used to be the smallest map in the game. If you’re a player who prefers intense fights or just wants to improve your push game, then this is the place for you. Sanhok is probably the only map apart from Livik that has loot everywhere. You can drop in any place that has a few houses and there will be enough loot for your and even your teammates. It is a map that is perfect for solo and duo matches. The green backdrop makes a perfect paradise for snakes and those houses are full of campers. A tip for players who are not very well versed with Sanhok, there will be enemies under the houses as well.

PUBG Mobile Map Guide for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Players

Weapons and loot won’t be an issue in this map but what you need to be careful about is areas. Avoid the Bootcamp at all costs. It is a hot drop like no other and there is not enough loot to go around. For looting, try rotating to Paradise Resort if possible after you have done your initial loot. Paradise is also a hot drop area but unlike Bootcamp it has lesser players and enough places to hide. You can easily find a level 3 helmet and vest in Paradise Resort. Make sure that you have some Molotovs when you’re playing in Sanhok. Try to find some sort of vehicle especially when you’re playing duo matches. At all costs, avoid playing squad matches in Sanhok for ranked games. 


The biggest map of the game is this one and it is maybe the toughest. This might be the only map where your chances of dying are higher because of the blue zone. Since the map is so big, the spread of players is less dense and long range fights are the norm. It goes without saying that getting sniper rifles with scopes will be a boon. That being said, finding good loot on this map is harder than on any other. Miramar has such terrible loot that many players land and try finding a car first to go looting. So if you’re playing squad matches then you might need to hit multiple stops to get some loot. 

PUBG Mobile Map Guide for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Players

This is a map that almost needs you to play in either duo or squad. The area is massive and there are structures all over the place. What has become the new way to play on this map is by hiding in the mountains. To win here you will need to be careful of places that can provide enough cover for hiding a player. Snipers are all over the place and most of them will be using either the Mini-14, SKS or Kar98k. So make sure that you keep changing your vest and helmet every time they get damaged. Load up on petrol cans and boost items cause they will be what makes all the difference in the end. Miramar is an endurance map of PUBG Mobile, your chances of winning depends on how long you can last. 


The snow filled Vikendi is a map that is more suited to players that like the balance of Erangel. This map has a mix of everything from snowy mountains to castles. What makes Vikendi a cool map is the snow and the immense loot. This probably is the only map that offers an amazing loot when compared to Erangel and Miramar. Getting loot or vehicles is easy and so is finding players. In case you want to start your rank climbing grind then using Vikendi as your base is highly recommended. This is an easy map to get used to and the end game fights here are intense. Those snowy mountains are not to be underestimated. 

PUBG Mobile Map Guide for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Players

When it comes to playing on Vikendi, you should ideally play either duo or solo games. It’s not that the map is small but playing squad games can get somewhat long. Solo games also tend to last longer here than on Erangel so being patient is almost a requirement. The trade-off however is that this map is perfect for getting out of those early ranks. If you are playing solo matches then using SMG’s like UMP or UZI will be beneficial at the beginning. Try to get some big guns for end game because there is a good chance that there will be long range fight. Make sure that you stock up on Molotovs and smokes for this map because snow and smoke make a good cover. 


The smallest map with the quickest chicken dinner is Livik. This is the most recent map in the game and has the most unusual terrain of all. Matches last for what seems like a few seconds and even though the loot there isn’t satisfying. Of all the maps in the game, this is the worst one to play ranked matches. What works against Livik is the size and the pace of each game. There are some hot drops and good loot everywhere but there is more to a game than just looting. 

PUBG Mobile Map Guide for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Players

Every map in PUBG Mobile requires some level of planning, strategizing, and everything else in between. Livik starts and ends before you can even think about having a plan. The outcome of each game is very random and most players have already started to avoid it. If you’re serious about climbing rank then avoid Livik at all costs. 

A cheat tip that can be helpful for many players is trying to climb rank in FPP mode. Unlike the TPP mode that has such tough competition, the FPP mode is fairly easy to climb. The main reason players have been avoiding FPP matches so much is you can’t see your skins. Then there is the fact that you won’t be able to wall peek as you can in TPP view which is a major disadvantage. This PUBG Mobile guide will help you get out of those initial ranks but not when you are out of them. Remember to keep practicing as well before you start any game just to warm up your reflexes.