Big maps are always frustrating for the players especially when it comes to battle royale games. PUBG Mobile is one of the battle royale games out there that has a good combination of maps. All the maps in the game are based on different terrains. The maps in the game are well-designed and players have a lot of fun experiencing all the maps. However, not all maps are equally liked in the game and players avoid playing on those maps if they can. 

There can be multiple reasons for the reaction that a map receives: be it negative or positive. The design of a map can speak to a set of players in one way and another set players in a different way. Some maps can be disliked because of how cranked up they are and some can be disliked because they are a vast expanse of land that makes the players tired and take the fun out of the experience. There can be times when players might end up spending more time traveling on the map rather than being involved in combat. This can make the game boring and players might end up losing interest in the game. 

Master Miramar: BlueStacks Guide to the Largest Map in PUBG Mobile

On playing the game on BlueStacks Emulator and spending time on it, we realized that not all maps are received with the same warmth and there is one particular map that is big and very barren. That map is Miramar. 

The Map

The Miramar map is 8x8km big with a total land covered area of 80.59% and water covered area of 19.41%. The total area of the map is 64 square kilometres. The map is barren and has different areas with houses and buildings. It looks and feels like a deserted island. There are multiple terrains on this map but most of it is craters and rocky terrain which might make it difficult to commute. There are good locations on the map like Pecado, San Martin, Los Leones and Hacienda Del Patron. All of these locations and their presence make the map look good and organized. However, there is a big open space between the locations, and it can get tiring for players to move around the map. 

Master Miramar: BlueStacks Guide to the Largest Map in PUBG Mobile

The presence of water on this map is very little. The areas of Los Higos, Minas Del Sur and the Prison are on a different island southward of the map. There are 2 more on the east side of the map. These two islands do not have any name but are reachable from the main map. The islands also have a good spawn number of water vehicles. This is the overview of the map that can help you get a rough understanding of it. 

Places for Fast Paced Players on the Miramar Map

The Miramar map is big and there are only very few places that are crowded. These are the hot drops on the map. These are the locations on the map that are most prone to be a part of the last zone and mostly fall on the path of the plane. All of these factors indicate that you are certain to find other players in these locations at all times in the match. 

1. Hot Drops

There are multiple hot drops on the map but all of them are in close proximity to each other. 

2. Pecado

Pecado is a prominent location on the map. It falls somewhat in the middle of the map. Picado has a number of high-rise buildings and houses. Even though it is a confined place, it allows players to have a lot of options to land and keep a watch on the action. It is best to target the high-rise for landing because you can have high ground. 

Master Miramar: BlueStacks Guide to the Largest Map in PUBG Mobile

The windows and balconies in the building make a good spot to crouch and shoot at your enemies. There are ample supplies and loot here. If you see a lot of players landing here, you can always choose to land in the big warehouse north of Pecado or the compounds across the road to the warehouse. These are safe areas to gather loot and then rush towards the enemy. Make sure you are aware and alert because the enemy can be anywhere in this area. 

3. San Martin 

Towards the north side of Pecado lies San Martin. It is a fairly large area with dense buildings. It is a bigger area than Pecado and therefore comes with a lot more options for rush players. Players can land on the roofs of multiple buildings and keep a watch on the enemy from there. 

Master Miramar: BlueStacks Guide to the Largest Map in PUBG Mobile

Make sure you land on the roof only when there is a way of getting off it because aimlessly jumping to the ground can do great damage, and you can end up getting knocked out. It is best to land on the edges of the locations, understand the enemy’s position, gather loot and then rush towards the enemy for a fight. 

4. Los Leones

Los Leones is one of the largest areas on the Miramar map. It is slightly far from both the above-mentioned locations. Los Leones is in the corner of the map, but that does not change anything. The area has good loot, and it is very easy to get level 3 gear here. There are a number of factories and small buildings surrounding the area, so if you don’t feel like jumping straight into the action, you can always land in these areas pick up vehicles and rush towards the building of your choice. It is very important for players to get hold of the important buildings in the area because it will give them a good idea about it as well as the surroundings. 

5. Power Grid

This might look like an unusual area to a lot of players. The power grid is a very small area falling between Pecado and San Martin. It is not exactly in the middle of them but equidistant from both places. The power grid becomes a hot drop whenever the plane passes through san Martin or Pecado. 

Master Miramar: BlueStacks Guide to the Largest Map in PUBG Mobile

The place is a secure option for most players as it has decent loot and good spots to keep a watch on both the other locations. There are ridges to work with and take advantage of too. There are multiple small houses and compounds near the power grid that can take your really close to the action in either Pecado or San Martin. 

Places for Campers on the Miramar Map

Since the Miramar map has a huge landmass, there are a lot of places on the map that are not always filled with players. The above-mentioned hot drops are where most of the action takes place on the map unless there is a completely different last zone. If you are a camper, these places are the ones that you need to look out for. There are some places on the map that are on the extreme corners of the map. Those places are not included here because rotating from there becomes very difficult for the players. 

1. Monte Nuevo

Monte Nuevo is a hilly area on the Miramar map. It is one of the best places to camp because it is extremely close to Pecado. Pecado being one of the hot drops on the map, it makes a lot of sense for Monte Nuevo to be a famous spot among campers. The area has a number of houses and buildings that make for good hiding spots. The area is also surrounded by hills and ridges making it difficult for other players to rush in this area. Not to mention, it is always close to the action and has a high chance of being a part of the ending zones. 

2. Graveyard 

A lot of players can disagree with this location, but it needs to be kept in mind this is one of the most ignored and underrated places on the map. The graveyard is close to Pecado and San Martin, two of the hottest drop locations on the map. This means that there is a good possibility of players crossing the area or escape to this place to avoid combat.

Master Miramar: BlueStacks Guide to the Largest Map in PUBG Mobile

This can give you a chance to spot these enemies and take them down. This can enhance your chances of getting good kills while camping helping you push your rank. The loot in this area is sufficient for one whole squad. On a good day, you can also find Level 3 gears here. ‘

3. Water Treatment 

Water Treatment is an industrial area which does not have a lot of buildings on its premises. However, there are a number of small unnamed buildings surrounding it. Players can pick up the loot from the Water Treatment and spread out in these buildings. 

Master Miramar: BlueStacks Guide to the Largest Map in PUBG Mobile

The whole squad can spread out individually, or you can also spread out in duos and take adjacent or opposite buildings. This will raise the chances of you being able to provide cover fire to your teammates if the need arises. 

4. Hacienda Del Patron

This is another controversial drop location for campers. Many might argue that it is a place with good loot and supplies. The major factor that makes this place a campers’ paradise is its location. It is extremely close to San Martin and most of the players land there. This place is often ignored. This gives this place an edge. Players can land here, pick up all the loot available and even if they don’t move around in the whole match, there will still be a chance for them to be in the end zones. A good place for campers and rank pushers. 

Guns for Miramar 

Even though PUBG Mobile has a number of weapon options, there are some weapons that are more effective on the Miramar map. These guns come from all categories and no drop exclusive guns are included in this list. 

1. M416

It is one of the most versatile guns in the game. The gun has multiple uses and is effective in every range of combat whether it is close combat, mid-range or long-range. There are guns that are more effective than this gun, but the overall control of this gun is what makes it special. It is an assault rifle which is not very difficult for players to find. 

Ideal Attachments for M416

There are no specific attachments for campers and rush players. The attachments make the gun stable which is effective for both kind of players. The gun is fairly effective even without any attachments, but added stability does not harm anyone. It will only help you control the gun better. You can choose between a compensator or a suppressor. The suppressor would be a better choice for this map. The fact that it increases the recoil of the gun is a myth, and it does not really affect the performance and accuracy in any way. 

Master Miramar: BlueStacks Guide to the Largest Map in PUBG Mobile

Apart from that, players should also add a vertical foregrip for extra support and an extended quick draw mag for faster reloads and more bullets to work with. The tactical stock is a good attachment for this gun too. The scope remains the choice of the players, however, using a 6x is always recommended for this gun. 

2. SKS

SKS is a DMR, meaning a Designated Marksman Rifle. It is as effective as a sniper but doesn’t need a reload after every fired bullet. The gun has good damage and the fire rate is variable depending on how fast you can tap the fire button. The gun is not very difficult to find on the map but is very effective on the map. The gun is good for mid and long range but make sure there is an assault rifle with you for close range combats. 

Ideal Attachments for SKS 

The SKS can be made a lot of brutal than it normally is. The gun needs certain attachments that make the control better, and you can trace the enemy better. A suppressor, an extended quick draw mag for DMR, a grip of any kind would work on this gun. The gun is compatible with 8x scope, so it’s better to acquire it and use it throughout the game. 

3. Any Sniper 

There is no particular sniper that can give you an edge over your enemies. You can use Kar98K, M24 or Mosin Nagant. All these snipers are effective on the map. The attachments also remain the same for most snipers. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that using a sniper is risky and if you miss a shot then you might reveal your position. 

Ideal Attachments for Snipers 

Snipers do not need many attachments. Since it is a long range weapon, the scope is the most crucial attachment in a sniper. Try to get your hands on an 8x scope. This will make the weapon extremely efficient. You can also add a suppressor just for the sound effect of it. An extended mag will give you a few more bullets to work with. A cheek pad can also be a good addition, but it is not compatible with some snipers. 

Good Loot Locations

There are multiple locations where you and your squad can find good loot. The below list will give you an idea of the locations that provide good loot to the players. 

  1. San Martin 
  2. Hacienda Del Patron
  3. El Pozo
  4. La Bendita 
  5. Power Grid
  6. Los Leones
  7. Chumacera

Miramar can be considered an exhausting map and very big but that does not mean that it is not a fun map to play on. If you are looking for a competitive push then playing and practicing on this map would help you rank up faster. The size of the map can be a problem for a number of players but the excitement that it brings is very different.