PUBG Mobile is an intense, fast-paced game. Players need to be aware of multiple things including the surrounding, enemies and the approaching zone. The game poses multiple threats and challenges in the form of the red zone and the terrains. It can get difficult for players to keep track of all the things going on in the match. It is also very important for the players to keep a watch on the kill feed to know about the strength of the other teams. All of these challenges along with the pressure of winning can get a little too much for the players. 

While playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we figured out that in pressure situations, there can be mistakes that players tend to make. These mistakes can cost players and the team the match. Mistakes made in competitive matches can cost teams big tournaments. Not a lot of players are aware of these mistakes and tend to make them unknowingly. It is important for players to know about these mistakes, even if they are not making these. Avoiding these mistakes can also help you enhance your game and become better in the game. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Top 5 Mistakes Players Make

There are multiple mistakes in the game that players can make, and these mistakes are mostly made by the beginners in the game. However, this does not mean that these mistakes can not be made by players who have been playing the game for a long time. Being unaware can lead players to make these mistakes and this can affect the overall gameplay of the players as well as the team. This guide will make you understand about all these mistakes and help you avoid them during a match. 

Mistakes You Should Avoid in PUBG Mobile

1. Fighting Outside the Zone

It is very enticing to see enemies in front of you who are outside the zone, busy doing something other than going to the zone. For a lot of players, it can be very tempting to attack the enemy players in this situation. However, one thing that players need to remember is that the fight is not against solely the enemy. The fight is against the zone as well. The more you progress in the match, the damage done by the zone increases. This means that even if the enemy is unable to land a single bullet on you while being outside the zone, there is a high chance that the zone will damage your health. If you end up fighting outside the zone, make sure that every enemy that you knock, you finish. The major reason behind doing this is that if you don’t do it, then the zone will, and you won’t get the kill. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Top 5 Mistakes Players Make

This can be very disheartening to see. Another thing that players need to make sure is to get a vehicle. Vehicles will help you move into the zone faster in case it is hitting extremely hard. Try being in cover while taking the fight as it will be very difficult for your teammates to revive you in case you get knocked down. Plus, the damage from the zone might kill you. 

2. Rushing in a 1v4 situation

1v4 situation can be very intense, especially when the buildings are involved. It is one of the most difficult situations that a player can be in PUBG Mobile. After getting the initial knocks, it is an instinct for players to instantly rush. This is a big mistake, as the remaining enemy players will try to buy some time by throwing grenades on your way or towards you. To avoid this, it is best to stay calm and stay back. The enemy might revive the knocked out teammates, but they will still be low on health, and it won’t be very difficult for you to take them down again. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Top 5 Mistakes Players Make

If the enemy is positioned on top of a staircase, then it is best to throw some smokes and cut their vision before entering. This will keep them clueless about your exact position, and you can take them down while they are in the process of reviving their teammates. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of a 1v4 situation in the open, make sure to knock down at least 3 players on the team from a distance. Rushing with a vehicle can be a bad idea, as 4 players can make the vehicle explode by shooting. Maintain a safe distance and the enemies’ overconfidence will make them reveal themselves. Take them down at that moment. 

3. Getting Backstabbed

There can be a situation in a match in PUBG Mobile where you might find your squad stuck between two other squads. This can be an intense situation, and it is very easy to panic and make mistakes. The best thing to do in this situation is to keep an eye on both the teams simultaneously. There can be chances that one player from either opponent team will try to flank you or take you by surprise. Catch the enemy while they are trying to do it and finish the player. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Top 5 Mistakes Players Make

This will not only weaken the team in front of you, but will also warn the other team. Using smokes and stun grenades is also the key in this situation. Keep using throwables to distract the enemy and keep changing your position. Once you attack from one position, the enemy would know about it. Since you are fighting multiple enemies, it is best to keep changing your position. 

4. Not Using Vehicles in the Last Zone

Getting the perfect position in the last zone is hard, but getting the wrong position is very easy. Most players rush inside the zone during the final zone to take the perfect spot. Rushing to the zone on foot can be a bizarre idea. Players should always use vehicles in the last zone. It will help you reach the zone faster and also use the vehicle as your cover. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Top 5 Mistakes Players Make

The vehicle will keep you safe from one direction, and you can keep a watch on the other side. Being on the edge of the zone is also very helpful as there will be no chance of you getting backstabbed by the enemy. A destroyed vehicle can also be very crucial for cover. Keeping a cool mind in this situation can be very beneficial. 

5. Not Using Uzi More

It can be difficult for beginner players to control the recoil and the bullet spread of assault rifles. This can cost them the match intense situations. One of the most underrated weapons for close range is the Uzi. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Top 5 Mistakes Players Make

Uzi has the least recoil and the highest rate of fire in the game. The bullet spread can be controlled by beginner players and is highly effective in close range situations. Therefore, unless you get a good hang on the assault rifles, Uzi is the gun to go with. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Top 5 Mistakes Players Make

These are the most common mistakes that players tend to make in PUBG Mobile. Avoiding these mistakes can help you get better in the game and advance higher up the ranks. Keep these in mind and avoid them at all costs.