Every once in a while there comes a map in a battle royale game that is known more because of one particular location or area on the map. This might be because of a lot of reasons that make the area or location on the map special. It can be in the center of the map, it can have good loot, it can have good buildings for your squad to spread across and take good positions. The area can also have a good number of vehicle spawns that make it a good option to land and make a move to the other parts of the map. 

In PUBG Mobile there are multiple good locations and areas that are extremely famous on all the maps. But there are certain areas and locations that are really close to the heart of the community. These areas are famous because of how populous they are throughout the match and the multiple combat options that they give the players to enhance their game and come up with new plans and tricks to defeat the enemy. On playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator we realized that there is one particular location on the map that has been a constant favorite among the players up until very recently. That location is Pochinki on the Erangel map.

Be Powerful in Pochinki: BlueStacks Guide to Pochinki in PUBG Mobile

A lot of players from the community might disagree to Pochinki being a good place now in the game, but that can not deny the fact that Pochinki used to be a great location for players with all kinds of gameplay styles and aggression. This guide will help you understand everything about the location and how you can get used to everything that this location has to offer. 


Pochinki is one of the biggest cities on the map. The area is in a very prominent location on the map and is easy to reach irrespective of the path of the plane. There are small hills, secluded houses and compounds of houses with single and multi-story buildings. The area has a number of vehicle spawns as well. There are garages where players can find a Dacia most of the time. Players can also find a Buggy or motorbike in the corner of the road. 

Be Powerful in Pochinki: BlueStacks Guide to Pochinki in PUBG Mobile

The whole area is divided by a road. One side of it is more happening as it has more buildings and hide-outs, the other side just a line of buildings ranging from single story to multi-stories. Behind this part of the area, there is another secluded house across a field. There is a hill to the western side of the area that has a church atop. It is a landlocked area that does not have any water body around it unlike areas like Rozhok or Georgopol. Most of the area is plain, making it easier to reach and hold. Since it is located on plain terrain, the players can have a wide peripheral view of the surrounding very easily. 


There is not much to the surroundings of Pochinki. It is a plain area that is covered by a lot of open land. There is a church at the corner of Pochinki that is on the hilltop. The church gives players a higher ground that can help them have a complete view of the area. The farm is very close to Pochinki, and it is a good spot for you if you see a lot of players landing in the area, and you do not want to engage in a fight immediately after landing then it is a good place. Pochinki is a proper town that is designed like that.

One important area around Pochinki is the Pochinki Hills. This area does not have any buildings or houses but is a secluded place. The hills are a good place to keep an eye on the action happening in Pochinki. The problem with this place is that there is no loot, so landing here is not a good option, reaching here might be. 

Be Powerful in Pochinki: BlueStacks Guide to Pochinki in PUBG Mobile

The main area of Pochinki is where most of the action happens and players landing here are here for the action. So if you want to be a part of the action, you better land in here and not around it. 

Playing In Pochinki 

If you and your squad want to land and be alive in Pochinki, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Most of the area has good loot and supplies. The loot might look less to a lot of people and that is because the area is crowded. It is very hard for every player landing there to get good guns and supplies. The area can only offer as much loot and if a quarter of the lobby lands there, someone has to compromise and die in the match. That’s how the game functions. 

1. Ideal Landing Area

If you plan on landing in Pochinki and staying alive after the initial action, then there are certain places in the area that can actually help you do that. South Bronx is a good place to land. It is in the corner of the area and has a good amount of loot. If you are playing with a full squad then two of your teammates can land in the South Bronx and the other two teammates can land in the Bronx opposite to the South Bronx. These two areas are good because they keep you in the action but the possibility of you getting killed is very less there because you have to keep an eye only on one side of the area. There are vast open lands behind the Bronx, and it is the starting or the ending point of the area. So moving into the area is the only option if you want to attack. Another good landing area would be the Trenches. 

Be Powerful in Pochinki: BlueStacks Guide to Pochinki in PUBG Mobile

Trenches are located on the southern side of Pochinki and are not visited often by players. There are a few buildings around the trenches where you can take the loot and supplies. You can then take the trench along with your squad and take down players who might be passing by or trying to escape the action. 

2. Spotting the Enemy 

The Reservation and the Right Back compound are two of the most crowded compounds. So after you have landed or even while landing, watch out for these two compounds. These compounds have a generous amount of loot and supplies and that is why it is famous among players. There are a number of buildings in both of these compounds. Keep an eye on the roofs of the buildings as players tend to climb up the roof to get a good view. 

Be Powerful in Pochinki: BlueStacks Guide to Pochinki in PUBG Mobile

It is good to take down the enemy there, as falling from there might kill them and their teammates might take a lot of time to reach the roofs. You can instantly attack after a knock too, if you are an aggressive player. 

3. Rotating in Pochinki

Areas like Pochinki attract a lot of players, so rotating from there is always a challenge for a lot of players. Lack of a good rotation can make you prone to getting killed if you are spotted by the enemy while rotating. If you are keen on rotating because the number of enemies might be slightly higher than your liking, then landing in the Gas Station or the Triangle compound would be a better location. These locations are on the ends of the area and make for a good place to rotate within Pochinki. 

Be Powerful in Pochinki: BlueStacks Guide to Pochinki in PUBG Mobile

By the time you land in these compounds and gather loot and supplies, you will have a fair idea of where the other teams are, and you can plan your rotation according to their position. Bear in mind that Pochinki is a popular place on the map and teams are always approaching the area, it is best to keep your guard up and be on the lookout for any approaching teams. 

4. Falling Back from Pochinki 

Pochinki, unlike areas like Rozhok and Severny, does not have a lot of options to fall back. The popularity of the area can mean that a lot of players come here and there can be times when you do not have good guns or ammunition, in that case, you might have to retreat. The area is full of open lands that has a lot of unnamed houses and buildings. Retreating to one of these houses can be a good option. You can also complete your loot there and be ready for any combat or fight. 

Rushing In or To Pochinki 

You might not always want to land in Pochinki, but the zone might push you to rush here. There are not a lot of options that can help you make your rush successful, but you can still execute a perfect rush into Pochinki. 

The first thing that you can try doing is keep an eye on the area from a distance for a while. Multiple teams rotate with the zone and if the zone is closing in on Pochinki, a lot of players will be coming here. Keep an eye on the movement and practice trigger discipline. You need to make sure that you rush only when the enemy team has settled down in one or two houses. You can throw frag grenades or Molotov cocktails towards the enemies to displace them and when they show themselves, you attack. 

Be Powerful in Pochinki: BlueStacks Guide to Pochinki in PUBG Mobile

It is important to understand the importance of vehicles in PUBG Mobile. Since Pochinki is surrounded by open areas, you can not actually sneak in on your enemies. It is best to take vehicles while rushing to Pochinki and take a compound. 

Another way of rushing to Pochinki is driving through the road in the middle of the area. This can be risky as you might get taken down by the enemy but if you have a covered car with full HP, then it might give you an edge. The enemy might fail to practice trigger discipline and shoot at you revealing their location. 

Keeping a close eye on the mini map is very important when around this area. In case there are campers in this area, the mini map will show footsteps and the direction. This will give you an idea of the enemy. You and your squad can then spread out and rush. Try to make sure that you have taken at least one player down in the opponent team, it will give you an edge over them. 

Camping In Pochinki

Camping is something that a lot of players resort to in Pochinki and there are good reasons for it. However, if you are planning on camping in Pochinki, you need to keep a few important things in mind. 

Firstly, avoid being on the roofs, windows, or balconies of buildings. You might feel that you are in cover, but someone might spot you from a distance or higher ground and kill you. Staying indoors is always the best option. 

Be Powerful in Pochinki: BlueStacks Guide to Pochinki in PUBG Mobile

The next thing that campers need to pay close attention to is their own movement. Different movements make different kinds of sounds. Walking makes the loudest sound and crawling makes the least sound. If you have already laid out the camp, then it’s best to stick to your position and not move. If you have to move in order to exchange ammo and supplies then crawling is the best option. Inside a building, crawling gives the most cover, and it is also easier to kill people who are rushing since most players keep their crosshairs on the head of the standing player. You being prone will force them to shift their aim and this will give you enough time to get rid of them. 

Be Powerful in Pochinki: BlueStacks Guide to Pochinki in PUBG Mobile

Pochinki is not a good option for campers at the beginning of the match but as the match progresses, it becomes a camping hub on the Erangel map. This was all you had to know about Pochinki to understand the area and how it supports your style of playing. This guide will give you a blueprint of the area, but you can always come with new discoveries and findings about the area and the weapons in the area by playing.