Controlling guns and weapons in PUBG Mobile is a very important thing for players. The developers have tried to make the game very realistic and the mechanism of the guns is also very realistic. Every gun and weapon comes with a different fire rate and players need to make sure that they have good control over the guns and the weapons. There are multiple factors that can make a gun hard to control. One of the major factors that make controlling a gun or a weapon difficult is recoil. The recoil is especially high in assault rifles in the game. Assault rifles are also the most preferred category of weapon in the game among players and all those weapons have different levels of recoils. Another factor that makes the guns a little difficult to control is the fire rate. Fire rate is the number of bullets that a gun fires in a given time frame. The higher the fire rate of the gun, the harder it is to control. The assault rifles, since they are powerful automatic weapons, have a higher fire rate. Guns like AKM, Beryl M762, or even Groza have a higher rate of fire and this makes it difficult for the players to control it. 

While playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we realized that there are a few things that players can do to have better control of the guns, especially assault rifles. However, these things are not restricted to assault rifles and are also applicable on SMGs like Vector and PP-Bizon. The first thing that players can do is take only close range fights. It is easier to control the guns in close range as there is a higher chance of connecting more bullets to the enemy, but that is not always possible. PUBG Mobile has a number of maps, and you can get attacked from a distance. It is not always possible to rush to the enemy because there is a constant threat of getting killed from the distance. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Sensitivity

Relying on close combat is not always the best choice or option. One thing that really works in controlling the guns better in PUBG Mobile is Sensitivity. Sensitivity can be a game changer for players, but it is not very easy to get a hold on a good combination of sensitivity. However, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind while setting the sensitivity. 

What is Sensitivity? 

Sensitivity is an option in the settings in PUBG Mobile. It is the degree at which the screen would move when players drag across the screen. Sensitivity has a number of options that are for every aspect of the match and the game. Players can make changes to the overall sensitivity along with sensitivity for ADS and all the scopes. The sensitivity for all these should be different based on the play style of players and the preferred pace. The following things can help players choose the right sensitivity in PUBG Mobile. 

How to Choose the Right Sensitivity in PUBG Mobile

Sensitivity is something very personal to every player. One can copy others on their play style and controls layout but needs to set the sensitivity by themselves. The best way to set the right sensitivity is by trying multiple combinations. A good place to start is the training ground. Players should go into the training ground and start by setting all the sensitivities to the highest.

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Sensitivity

No matter what your preferred choice of gun is, you should try all of the guns and decide on a sensitivity that works best for all the guns. Take every gun one by one and attach different scopes to it. Then start by firing at targets that are at the shortest distance, gradually hitting the targets at the distance.

Setting sensitivity for different scopes is easy. For close range, attach the red dot sight and the holographic sight, fire at targets and then play with the sensitivity accordingly. Shoot only close range targets with these attachments. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Sensitivity

When shooting on targets that are at a distance, choosing scopes like the 2x and 3x would be a good option. These scopes are good for mid-range fights and therefore practicing with them can help you set a good sensitivity based on the situation they might be used. You can also target other players in the training ground in order to practice aiming at moving enemies. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Sensitivity

While setting sensitivity for the long range, the 4x and 6x scope should be practiced. Some guns can be a challenge to control with these scopes. Guns like AKM and Beryl M762 are extremely hard to control with these scopes, but players should practice with these as well to have a better average of the sensitivity for these scopes. Players should use these scopes on DMRs and snipers as these scopes make more sense for these guns. The 8x scope is also should be practiced with the DMRs and the snipers. 

The camera sensitivity should always be somewhere where players are able to move freely across the map without having troubles making jiggle movements or looking around without dragging across the screen much. Looking around should be on a higher sensitivity because you need to be aware of your surroundings. 

Difference between High and Low Sensitivity

There are some major differences between high and low sensitivity and players need to understand these before choosing one. 

High Sensitivity of Scopes

A high level of sensitivity means that your camera movement would be faster. This will make your reflexes stronger and faster. This will also allow you to move your camera faster while tracking enemies and spraying bullets on them. Keeping a higher sensitivity is a good option for players who are entry fraggers or are assaulters. These players need to take on multiple enemies at once and having a faster movement is always a good option. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Sensitivity

One challenge that players might face is that the recoil can be harder to control. The camera movement might be so high that it can make it difficult for players to control the recoil of guns like AKM, Groza and Beryl M762. High sensitivity ranges from 80 to 100%. 

Low Sensitivity of Scopes

A low level of sensitivity means that your camera movement would be more stable. This makes shooting at one spot easier. This enhances your aim and accuracy. This is ideal for players who are supporters or in-game leaders. These players need to be in the back and in a supporting role. Accuracy is the key for these players. This is also a very good sensitivity option for the snipers in the team. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Sensitivity

The low sensitivity makes it easier for snipers to keep the aim stable and connect the headshots. The players who use the DMRs should also go for low sensitivity because not all of these weapons are automatic. Single fire mode guns need good control. The DMRs work on a single fire basis and having a low sensitivity makes the control easier. 

PUBG Mobile: BlueStacks Guide to Sensitivity

These are some of the things that players should be aware of. This will help them elevate their game and reach desired results in a match or in a game.