Statistics are very important in PUBG Mobile. It shows you your progression in the game and helps you find ways to improve at it. There are multiple statistics that players need to keep in mind and keep going back to them from time to time. These statistics include the number of headshots a player connects in total. Along with this, players can also know about their average damage, their average rank in games, total matches that they have played in the game. Some of this data depends on the current season stats and some are just overall stats that reflect the players’ performance in the entire game. 

Maintaining K/D: BlueStacks Guide to K/D Ratio in PUBG Mobile

On playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we figured out that players are very passionate about their statistics and are very dedicated towards maintaining a healthy overall statistic. However, there is one statistic in particular that players are extremely passionate about. This statistical information is believed to show how good or bad the player is or might be. This statistic is the kill to death ratio. This is one of the first things that players introduce themselves with and it holds more importance than any other statistics in the entire game. The higher the kill/death ratio, the better a player is believed to be. 

What is Kill to Death(K/D) Ratio? 

Kill to death ratio or K/D ratio tells how many kills a player able to secure before dying. This can be calculated by dividing the total number of kills by the number of deaths. For instance, if a player has managed to kill 20 players after dying 4 times then the K/D ratio would be 5. The system of calculating the kill to death ratio was very linear but with the Season 13 update, developers have changed the way K/D ratio is calculated. 

Maintaining K/D: BlueStacks Guide to K/D Ratio in PUBG Mobile

Earlier, the K/D ratio was calculated by following the above-mentioned method. This meant that if you are maintaining a K/D ratio of 5 and get 3 kills in your last game, then your K/D would increase by a few points. As a result of this, a lot of players would camp and secure kills and this would pose a major disadvantage for players who like to play in a fast manner. This also affected the thrill in the game and would make it boring.

Maintaining K/D: BlueStacks Guide to K/D Ratio in PUBG Mobile

The new update has tweaked this calculation a little and now players need to secure the same number of kills in every match to maintain a certain K/D. Meaning that if you want to maintain a K/D of 3 then you need to make sure that you secure at least 3 kills in every match. The calculation is now made on the basis of kills and the number of matches you have played rather than the deaths that you might have experienced. This is an advantage for players who like to play fast and in a rush manner. The system has changed, but it is still very challenging to maintain a good K/D. 

Maintaining K/D: BlueStacks Guide to K/D Ratio in PUBG Mobile

Another aspect that is effected by K/D ratio and adds to its importance is that on a competitive level. After reaching the conqueror level in the game, players can be featured on the server rankings based on their K/D. This can be an important stat for players who want to get into esports. A good K/D ratio gets you recognition and also allows you to be a part of a team that has a lot of experienced and good players. 

There are some tips that you can follow in order to have a good K/D ratio. 

Tips to Maintain a Good K/D Ratio

There are multiple ways in which one can maintain a good K/D ratio. These tips can help players with it. 

  • Play on the Livik Map

Livik map is one of the least famous maps in PUBG Mobile. It is a very small map and the match only lasts for about 15 minutes, which is half the time as an Erangel or Miramar match. Not a lot of players prefer playing on the Livik map and there is a very high chance of getting bots there. Players might have an added advantage if they land at the very start of the plane path. Not a lot of players land there and this will make sure that you get all the bots that are there. 

  • Secure bot kills

Bots are a very regular occurrence in PUBG Mobile. The number might vary from map to map, but they can be seen on every map. Bot kills can really help with maintaining and keeping the K/D ratio constant. You can ask your teammates to let you secure all the bot kills and move ahead in the match. Bot kills are even more important now as you need to maintain a certain number of kills in every match. Appearance of bots really help with that. 

  • Play with Low-Tier Players in Squad 

The difficulty level in PUBG Mobile keeps increasing with every tier. Players at the Ace or Conqueror tier are extremely skilled, and it becomes difficult to get high kills. The main motive at the higher level becomes surviving rather than killing. However, if you play in a lower tier, then picking up kills becomes much easier. If you want skilled teammates, you can ask your current squad members to make new IDs and then play with you. 

Maintaining K/D: BlueStacks Guide to K/D Ratio in PUBG Mobile

The number of bots is also very high in lower tier matches, and you can get bot kills as well as player kills. This might not sound like a very good idea to a lot of players but actually works in the favor of players wanting to boost their kill to death ratio. 

  • Head to TDM or Training Room Before a Match

Jumping straight into a match can be a poor choice. No matter how good you might be in the game and how good skills you might have, spending some time and doing your drills can prepare you better for the match. Killing bots is very easy, but real players on any tier can pose a threat. Practicing and getting used to your controls before a match is always a good idea. Investing 10-15 minutes in training or in TDM can boost your confidence and get you in the groove. This will help you control your movement as well as recoil in the game better, and you will be ready for action from the get go. 

  • Summon Bots 

When playing in a low-tier lobby, you can summon bots. In bronze or silver lobby, you can summon bots. All you have to do is sit in a place and fire a gun in the single fire mode. This will summon a bot around you in most situations. You can secure the kill and add another feather to your hat. 

  • Use Bot Fire

Bots are always an easy target in PUBG Mobile. No player wants to give up on their bot kills. Bot fire can actually lure the enemy to come to you, and you can take the player down after that. 

Maintaining K/D: BlueStacks Guide to K/D Ratio in PUBG Mobile

Executing bot fire is not very difficult, you and your teammates need to sit in a shack and fire one bullet at a time. The enemy will come to you looking for a bot, and then you can take the enemy down with the support of your friends. 

  • Raid the Spawn Island

Spawn Island is a place where not a lot of players go. However, players don’t know that there is good loot available there, and you can find 4-5 bots there as well. You need to jump out of the plane as soon as the option appears and then go to the spawn island. There might not be enough loot for all 4 players in a squad, but you can always pick some gun up and take the bots down. 

Maintaining K/D: BlueStacks Guide to K/D Ratio in PUBG Mobile

Maintaining a good kill to death ratio is not very easy and a lot of players struggle with managing and retaining their k/d ratio. However, if players follow these tips and tricks, they can get a good k/d ratio and elevate their game even further.