PUBG Mobile is majorly a battle royale game. It is fast paced and players need to put in a lot of effort to have good control of all aspects of the game. The game poses multiple challenges to players. There are several guns that need to be mastered. Vehicles in the game need to be understood by players, along with their importance in different stages of a match. There are multiple maps and areas, too, that players need to keep a track of in order to have a good understanding of the game. All of these things can be hard to manage for a lot of players, especially beginners.

The battle royale mode of the game also needs a good and constant squad. Being part of a squad helps you enhance your skills according to the role in the squad. Players can not keep changing the squads. Even though the game allows you to play solo, playing solo might sometimes lose out on the essence of the game. However, battle royale is not the only mode that the game brings forward to the players. There are several other game modes where players can play without worrying about their rank and the kills they get

Dominating the Deathmatch: Guide to Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile

On playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we figured out that among all the other modes in the game, there is one mode that is particularly popular among the players and in the community. This mode allows you to choose your own loadout, and not being part of a particular squad does not affect the mode much. Players can play with other random players without worrying about their rank and K/D ratio. This mode is the Team Deathmatch in the Arena option of the game. 

What is Team Deathmatch? 

As the name suggests, the Team Deathmatch mode is where players play against each other in a team of 4. The map is closed and there are no escapes. The spawn and respawn points are decided. The first team to reach 40 kills wins the match. However, it is a time based mode, so if the time runs out before any team reaches 40 kills, the team with the most kills will be declared as the winner. 

Dominating the Deathmatch: Guide to Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile

This mode does not affect your overall ranking in the game in any manner. You respawn almost immediately and are back in the action of the match. 

Advantages of Playing Team Death Match

There are several advantages of playing Team Death Match in PUBG Mobile. 

  • Practice Your Skills

PUBG Mobile is a game where you constantly need to learn. Skills that are learned can not be directly tested in the battle royale mode. Team Deathmatch is a good option for you to test your newly learned skills or even brush up on your existing skills. The training mode does not have real opponents, and players can feel that they have a good understanding or control of certain aspects of the game. TDM or Team Deathmatch is a good option for players to do that. 

  • Use All Guns 

Unlike the battle royale mode, players can choose their own loadouts in this mode. There is a condition that players need to unlock the guns first for this mode. This is not very difficult to do. Playing in this mode will unlock multiple guns for you to put in your loadout. You can have separate dedicated loadout for Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, SMGs and even shotguns. This will help players understand and learn to control all the guns in the guns. This will help them in the battle royale mode.

  • Fast-Paced Game

This mode is fast-paced. The battle royale mode can seem boring for a lot of players, especially the rush players. Since this mode takes place on a closed map, enemies and their location is always known. Players need to be aware and on their feet in this mode because multiple enemies might appear in front of them at once. 

Dominating the Deathmatch: Guide to Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile

There is no scope for camping either. It is best to keep moving and taking down enemies rather than sitting in one place and waiting for the enemy to approach in order to get a kill. 

  • Auto-fill Health 

As a result of an encounter with the enemy, players can lose a lot of their health. This can make them prone to dying if another enemy encounter takes place. Players can not carry any healing items in this mode. However, the health bar of the players fills back gradually after some time. If you are really low on health, you can wait in the spawn area for a few seconds. Your health will refill. This might cost you some kills but will keep you from dying in the hands of the enemy. 

  • Practicing Throwing Grenades

Grenades are an integral part of the game and are extremely important in the battle royale mode. There are multiple ways of throwing a grenade. Players can practice throwing the grenade in this mode. The advantage here will be that the position of the enemy will be known. This will help players focus on other things like the distance of the grenade and the time they need to cook it for. 

Dominating the Deathmatch: Guide to Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile

All of this can add up to becoming better at throwing grenades in the main matches where it matters. The number of grenades in the loadout is limited to one, but players can always practice. One grenade is present in the loadout after every respawn. Players can also change the throwable they need in their loadout. 

  •  Enhancing Close Combat 

The presence of a closed map in the Team Deathmatch mode helps players focus on their close combat skills. It is easier to take down enemies from a distance when they are unaware of your position. Close combat is very challenging as there are multiple movements that require in order to come out on top. 

Dominating the Deathmatch: Guide to Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile

This mode only requires close combat and is very beneficial for assaulters and entry fraggers. It allows you to practice aiming as well and connect back-to-back headshots. 

Disadvantages of Playing Team Death Match

There are not a lot of disadvantages, but there are some that players need to know about. 

  • Can’t Practice Long-Range Fights 

Since the mode has a closed map, players can not really practice mid-range or long-range fights. This mode is not ideal for players who want to practice their long-range sniping or use the 6x scope for practicing. 

Dominating the Deathmatch: Guide to Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile

It is an assault rifle dominant game mode, and sniping players need to make a switch. However, if players want, they can use snipers in this mode but getting a high number of kills is a low possibility. 

  • Not Ideal for Campers

Camping is not appreciated in the community and by players, but some players still adopt it as their play style. This mode does not give a lot of room for the campers. Everyone in this mode is running around, and it becomes very difficult for campers to sit in one place and camp. 

This means that campers need to come out of their regular playstyle and play in a different manner. This might do more harm to their gameplay than being beneficial. 

Tips for Team Death Match

  • Use Assault Rifles or Automatic Guns 

Using assault rifles and SMGs can be more beneficial in this mode as they have a bigger magazine size. More bullets will allow players to take down more enemies and secure more kills in the match. 

  • Use Close range scopes

Scopes like the 3x or the 4x can be hard to manage for players in a close-range fight. It is best to stick to scopes like the red dot sight and holographic sight. These will increase the accuracy and allow players to aim in a better manner on the enemies.

  • Aim at the head

It is no secret that headshots do the most damage. Players should try to keep the crosshair at the head level so that whenever an enemy is seen, headshots can be connected. Connecting headshots will bring in more kills and also prepare you for combat in the battle royale mode. 

  • Attack the Spawn Area

The spawn area in the Team Deathmatch mode is fixed. These spawn areas can be utilized by players and enemies can be attacked here. The first few seconds after respawning will make the enemy invincible, but after that, players can take them by surprise and pick up more and more kills for themselves.

This guide is the best way to understand the team deathmatch mode. Players will be able to dominate the mode and enhance their skills in the mode, as well as the battle royale mode in PUBG Mobile.