In a battle royale game there are multiple maps to play on and master. Different maps are based on different terrains and areas. These areas and terrains define the gameplay and the mindset of the players. The same style or pattern along with tricks and boosts can not work on every terrain.

PUBG Mobile is no different. There are 4 main maps in the game. Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar and Karakin. Earlier there was another map called Vikendi, but that has been replaced by Karakin in the recent update.

All 5 of these maps have a combination of multiple terrains that can be used by players in different manners. While playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we came across some things that are specific to a terrain. There are multiple vehicles, weapons, and things to keep in mind based on different terrains. This guide will help you understand the terrains in the game and play accordingly on them to get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Dominate Everywhere: BlueStacks Guide to Terrains in PUBG Mobile

These terrains can be challenging for beginners, and it will take a lot of time to get hold of all the terrains in the game. You might end up having a good hold on one of the terrains and dominate that in every map.

However, trying to get better at fighting on your dominating terrain might not be in your favor. The zone can not be predicted and if you keep on sticking to one terrain, that can lock you out of the zone and make it hard for you to get back into the zone. Rotating is an important exercise in PUBG Mobile and that needs a good understanding of all the terrains.

There are 4 major terrains in the game, namely Mountains, Grasslands, Hills, and Water bodies. All of these terrains can be a part of the last zone or vice versa. Players need to keep in mind a few things while engaging in combat in all the terrains which might help them get an upper hand over their enemies.


Mountains are the most challenging terrains in the game across all maps. The maximum number of mountainous terrains can be seen on the Miramar map. Rest all the other maps have some part of it dedicated to the mountains. Mountains pose different kinds of challenges to the players.

Dominate Everywhere: BlueStacks Guide to Terrains in PUBG Mobile


There are multiple challenges that players might face while taking a fight on a mountain.

  • Vehicles Can Not Reach There

It is very hard for every vehicle in the game to reach certain peaks in the game. It is very good to have a high ground in battleroyale games. Not only that, but it is easier to spot enemies and kill them before they can know about your location. Getting there is always a task. Vehicles like Motorbike, Dacia, and even UAZ have a hard time getting to the peak of a mountain.

  • Rotating from There

Being on top of a mountain peak can make it difficult for you and your squad to rotate with the zone. Getting off a mountain is as difficult as getting on top of it. You are prone to be spotted by other squads who are rotating. Apart from that, if you get spotted, you can be buried by the enemy in the same spot. That is a very helpless situation for any squad especially if you are playing a competitive match.

  • Risk of Dying by Falling

Being on high ground, especially on a mountain is a good thing, but there is always a risk of falling. In PUBG Mobile characters can take damage from falling. If you fall from the mountain as a result of not being able to control your movements, you might get knocked or die if you are the last player on your team. Even if you get knocked out, it will become very difficult for your teammates to climb down the mountain to revive you. There is a very high chance of dying while your teammates try to make it to you.

  • Giving up on Air Drops

Airdrops provide a major boost in the game. The weapons, the gear, everything in the airdrop is exclusive and highly valuable. Being in a tough place like a mountain can actually make it very hard for you to loot these airdrops. There can be times when an airdrop lands next to you or on the same mountain, but most of the time you will have to use the guns that are easily available.

How to Rush on a Mountain

Rushing on a mountain is very risky but needs to be done in some situations. Some things need to be kept in mind while doing it.

  • Surround the Place

The best strategy that can be followed while rushing on a mountain is spreading out. Make sure that every player in the squad is rushing the mountain from a different side to avoid getting spotted together. This will also open the scope of backstabbing the enemy or flanking on them which are very effective while rushing.

  • Deploy a Sniper

Sniping is one of the most underrated yet toughest things to do in PUBG Mobile. It needs a lot of patience. While rushing on a mountain, try to keep a player ready with a sniper at a distance. That player can keep a watch on the top of the mountain and shoot at enemies as cover fire.

Dominate Everywhere: BlueStacks Guide to Terrains in PUBG Mobile

There is a huge possibility of taking down the enemy from a distance making it easier for the squad to rush, creating crucial openings is very important.

  • Smoke While Rushing

Creating a barrier is very important while rushing. Smoke grenades are very important. Throw a smoke grenade where the enemy is or might be. This blocks the enemy’s vision. You and your squad can be in a better position as you will already know their location. You can also throw a smoke grenade and sit back. The enemies might try to change positions which will force them to move out of the smoke. You can keep your ADS open on the edges of the smoke and start firing when you can see the enemy. Trigger discipline is extremely important here as you are prone to revealing your position if you do not connect a solid spray. 

  • Try to Get a Knock

It is always better to weaken the opponent before taking a fight. If you spot an enemy on the top of a mountain, try to take a player down from that team. Being on a lower ground might ensure more cover and hiding places. You can switch between the places without revealing your position. Once you have managed to take one player down from the enemy team then rush with the vehicle and attack. The team might be busy reviving, this will give you a window. Keep a sniper user or DMR user at the back for cover.

 How to Camp on Mountains

There are not a lot of options for camping on top of a mountain but some things need to be kept in mind if you decide to do it. 

  • Keep a Cover

While on a mountain, try to be behind a cover at all times. You might not be the only one on a mountain and someone can track or spot you. Being behind a cover is always a better idea. Keep your vehicle as a cover or be behind any rock.

Dominate Everywhere: BlueStacks Guide to Terrains in PUBG Mobile

You can also be prone on top of a mountain. PUBG Mobile has a ridge glitch where the enemy might feel that a headshot is being planned, but the bullet will hit the ridge. You will know if you are being attacked.

  • Save a Vehicle

Camping is all about escaping situations and keeping your calm. A vehicle is always a good mode of escape. Try to save all your vehicles for immediate rotation. You can keep a 4-seater vehicle safe behind a ridge or in one of the ditches. This will be a good step in case an escape needs to be executed.

Grasslands or Plains

Grasslands or plain lands cover most of the area in all PUBG Mobile maps. There are plain areas on every map. Erangel has a farm, Miramar is full of endless plain areas, Sanhok has a lot of green and plain areas, Vikendi also had snow-covered plain lands and Karakin also has plain lands. The major reason behind all the plain area is to give vehicles enough room to move around.


Most of the areas in the maps PUBG Mobile are plain areas. It is a very risky terrain and there are some challenges that you might have to face.

  • Prone to Being Spotted

The major challenge that you might face in a plain area is being spotted by enemies. Plain areas do not give you a lot of cover, and it gives the enemy a clear chance of spotting you and taking you down.

  • Height Advantage

Plain areas are usually low-lying areas on the map. There is always a place that is higher and can give a clear view. Plain areas can be disadvantageous as the enemy can spot you and attack you from higher ground. Even if you are prone and moving around during the last few zones, even then you can be spotted.

  • Third-Party

Plain areas are easier and faster to reach. Players who are kill-focused and want to pick up as many kills as possible usually rush to these areas on hearing gunfire sounds. This can put you in a situation where you are surrounded by more than one squad. This is a compromising situation, and you do not want to be in it. 

How To Rush in a Plain Area

Rushing on a plain looks very easy and convenient, but players do need to keep a few things in mind while doing it.

  • Use a Vehicle

Players should always use a vehicle while rushing in a plain area. Being on foot is very risky, and it slows you down as compared to being on a vehicle.

Dominate Everywhere: BlueStacks Guide to Terrains in PUBG Mobile

A vehicle also gives you the scope to run over enemies who might be hiding in the bushes. The vehicle can also be used as a cover when you feel or are surrounded by enemies.

  • Flanking is The Key

While rushing in a plain area players need to keep in mind that going head-on is never a good option. If you have a clear idea about the enemies’ location and position then it’s best to go around the enemy and surprise them. There is always an opening as the enemy can not watch out all the sides. Figure that out and attack from that side. While rushing in a plain always keep a teammate with you that can cover you or be that teammate.

  • Movement Can be a Game Changer

Faster movements can get you through a lot of things in PUBG Mobile. Faster movements make it difficult for the enemy to take an aim at you and take you down. It will also make you reach your enemies faster and take them on by surprise. Faster movements can also frustrate the enemy, and they tend to make a mistake. This can also give an opening to your team for multiple things to try.

  • Use Throwables

Throwables are a very crucial part of PUBG Mobile. You can always use them while rushing and they can be of great advantage to you. Players can use smoke as a temporary cover to apply heals and boosts. Grenades can help reveal the area of the enemy if thrown in the right way.

Dominate Everywhere: BlueStacks Guide to Terrains in PUBG Mobile

Molotov Cocktails are the best way to displace the enemy. They can get caught in the fire and try to move away from it revealing their position. Players can take advantage of that.

How To Camp in a Plain Area

A plain area is not really ideal for camping, but there are some ways in which you can pull it off. However, it is always advised not to camp in a plain or open area.

  • Be Behind a Vehicle or a Cover

One of the best ways to camp in an open area is to burn a vehicle and lie next to it. This makes you safe from the enemy burning the vehicle. The burning vehicle can be a good cover to hide behind. Another way to hide or take cover is wearing the ghillie suit and lying down on dense bushes. This will make it harder for the enemy to spot you, and you can actually get closer to your enemies by crawling. Hiding behind trees can also be a good option, but players need to practice good trigger discipline and only attack when the enemy is in your range.

There is not a lot of camping in a plain area, but it can always be executed when the situation is dire.


Hills are the best kind of terrain in PUBG Mobile. There is a scope of doing a lot of things from a hill, but it comes with its fair share of challenges. A lot of hills can be seen on the Miramar map and not to mention, Rozhok hill is one of the famous drop locations in the whole game.


  • Not A Good Cover

The main difference between hills and mountains is the height and the surroundings. In PUBG Mobile, mountains are usually surrounded by more mountains creating a place that is covered from all sides. Hills are open from one or more sides which is not ideal. In the case of Rozhok hill, enemies can spot you and take you down from as far as the school or the apartments. You might be taking a fight with a team in Rozhok from the hill but still can be attacked.

  • Not Very High

Hills are not very high and that makes them not very hard to approach or reach. Enemies can easily rush at you with vehicles. It is harder to take enemies down from a vehicle, and they can easily run you over with the vehicle they are on.

  • Risk of Falling from a Height

Even though hills are not as high as mountains there is still an underlying risk of falling from a height and getting knocked out. The risk is even higher when you are in the last zones and only two players are remaining in the team. It creates an undue pressure on your teammate to revive you and save you. Since hills are not very high, it becomes very easy for the enemies to rush and finish the game for you.

How To Rush on a Hill

Rushing on a hill can be challenging, but it is not as risky as rushing on a mountain. So it is doable.

  • Keep an Escape Plan Ready

Rushing on a hill can be exciting as it does not take up as much space as a mountain and knowing the position of your enemies is fairly easy. However, players should keep in mind that there can always be a third party.

Dominate Everywhere: BlueStacks Guide to Terrains in PUBG Mobile

In case that happens, being ready with an escape plan is very important. The core of any battle royale game is surviving. So a Plan B should always be there rather than just an impulsive rush. 

  • Use Grenades

Cooked and well-times grenades can actually turn the tables in your favor. Hills are not very high making it possible for you to throw them at the enemy. This can displace and even take enemies down on the hill. Another good grenade can just confirm a kill creating an opening for a rush.

  • Keep the Crosshair towards the Hill

When your enemy is trying to track your rush, that player tends to peak. When peaking from higher ground, the head of the character is exposed first. If your crosshair is towards the hill then landing headshots would not really be difficult. Headshots are the most effective hits and do the most damage.

How to Camp on a Hill

Camping on a hilly terrain can be very challenging, but there are a few ways in which it can be done.

  • Stay Behind the Ridge

Staying behind the ridge of the hill will cover you from one direction. A rush can always be predicted by listening to the footsteps. Unless the footsteps from one direction are absolutely clear, players can always focus on the other side of the hill in search of enemies.

Dominate Everywhere: BlueStacks Guide to Terrains in PUBG Mobile

  • Keep DMRs

DMRs are one of the most underrated weapon categories in PUBG Mobile. These weapons have a higher fire rate than snipers and are a good option for taking medium-long distance fights. Spraying at the enemy can result in wasting of a lot of bullets but with DMRs you can actually take continuous shots by tapping. This increases the precision. You can take precise and continuous headshots when you see a player or a team rushing.

Water Bodies

Water bodies are the most unsafe terrains in PUBG Mobile. They come with a lot of challenges and risks that players need to take, but there can be times when the last zone is a water zone and players need to be ready for it.


  • Not a Lot of Vehicular Options

There are a very limited number of water vehicles in PUBG Mobile. This makes it very difficult for the players to move around. So it’s best to stick to the land and be away from the water. The vehicles also have a very low HP so it’s easier to burst them by shooting at them.

Dominate Everywhere: BlueStacks Guide to Terrains in PUBG Mobile

  • No Escape

It is very hard to execute an escape while you are in the water as there is not much scope. Even if you dive inside the water to survive a little longer, you will have to come up and the enemy can kill you. The scope of surprising your enemies really gets narrow.

  • No Knocks

If you are in the water and your position is known to the enemy then you are very likely to die. Players do not get knocked while being in the water even if their whole squad is alive. Being in the water in a combat situation only results in death in PUBG Mobile.

How to Rush in Water

  • Stay on the Coast

There is no good way of rushing in the water rather than staying at the shore. Diving into the water is never a good idea because you can not fire guns inside the water. All attacks are disabled inside the water.

  • Drive a Vehicle into Water

One trick that not a lot of players know about is that if you drive a vehicle into the water you can actually shoot at your enemies in the water. You just need to switch seats from the driver’s to any other passenger seat, then peak out of the car and shoot at the enemies.

How To Camp in Water

There is no way of camping in water, so players should definitely not try doing that. You can not counter a rush in the water nor can you defend yourself. You can only hide inside the water until your character runs out of breath and has to come to the surface only to be shot by the enemy.

Dominate Everywhere: BlueStacks Guide to Terrains in PUBG Mobile

Terrains play a major role in PUBG Mobile and knowing about them thoroughly will only help you elevate your game even further.