Position and enemy tracking are two very important aspects of PUBG Mobile. The game can become extremely intense as players progress through the ranks and one mistake can cost the whole squad the match. It is even more crucial if you are playing a custom tournament or a competitive match. The perspective of the character of the player plays a major role in understanding the position of the enemies and knowing when to shoot and when to take cover. The right perspective also helps players know the position of enemies that might be at a distance and increase the chances of getting more kills. 

TPP vs FPP: BlueStacks Guide to Perspectives in PUBG Mobile

The game comes with 2 perspective options, the first person perspective, and the third person perspective. On playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we figured out that not a lot of players are comfortable with the idea of playing in the first person perspective. There are a few instances and situations in the game where it can be extremely useful like when the character is sitting in the corner of a room, the crosshair in the third person perspective might just show the head of your own character. This can lead to a delay in the response time and might also get you killed if your enemy is absolutely sure of your position. The third person perspective or TPP is a more go-to option for players in PUBG Mobile. 

What are Third Person Perspective(TPP) and First Person Perspective(FPP)?

Third Person Perspective or TPP is when players can see their character on the screen as a complete figure rather than just seeing their hands and the gun they are using. This means that players can easily monitor their movement as you see your character from behind. This makes you a spectator of your own character in the game. It is different from FPP as in First Person Perspective players see only what the character sees in the game. 

TPP vs FPP: BlueStacks Guide to Perspectives in PUBG Mobile

Your field of vision is the same as that of your character’s whereas in TPP you can actually keep a watch on the surrounding while controlling your character in the game. Players can switch to the FPP mode if they start a match in the TPP mode but can not switch to TPP if the match is started in the FPP mode. 

Pros and Cons of Playing with the Third Person Perspective

The TPP mode sounds like a good idea to a number of players, but it does come with its own fair share of pros and cons. These pros and cons might or might not be game changers, but they are extremely important for players to keep in mind. 


  • Relatively Easier

Most players, especially beginners, consider the Third Person Perspective to be easier. It is believed that the control is better and players are also able to aim better in this mode. Some might also argue that the gun control and recoil handling is better in this mode, but that is not true. It is, however, relatively easier to adapt and master. 

  • Better Peripheral Vision

TPP increases the peripheral vision while playing. The camera does not solely focus on the gun that the character is holding. It allows players to play defensive as they would get to know and spot the enemies if they are around. Wider peripheral vision means wider camera angle and this can be extremely important if there is a rush happening on you. 

TPP vs FPP: BlueStacks Guide to Perspectives in PUBG Mobile

Players can always move the camera rather than moving the character to have a look around and spot the enemy. This means that you can be in cover and still be aware of the enemies’ position. 

  • Easier to Spot Approaching Enemies 

Third Person Perspective allows you to look around more freely and if you manage to secure a good position in the end circles of a match then it makes it extremely difficult for the enemy players to approach you and attack you as you will be able to monitor their approach. This is not possible while playing in the FPP mode. 

  • Rewarding for Defensive Players 

Defensive players are the ones who might not want to engage in action all throughout the match. The TPP can help these players wait for the enemy to come into the close firing range where they can do the most damage and secure kills for themselves and their teams. Not to mention, peeking is also more effective in Third Person Perspective. 

TPP vs FPP: BlueStacks Guide to Perspectives in PUBG Mobile


  • Not Rewarding to Skills

A lot of players believe that the TPP mode is not rewarding to skills and this is because it allows players to wait for the right opportunity rather than engaging and attacking the enemies whenever they are spotted. This type of play can definitely overpower a lot of skills like jiggle movements and quick scope shots. This can be frustrating for players who rely mostly on skills. 

  • Make Matches Slow Paced

The main aspect of playing with the Third Person Perspective is waiting for the opponents and playing in a defensive mode. This can make the matches slow and less interesting for the players and even the spectators. Games like PUBG Mobile are supposed to be fast-paced and the TPP can take that away from the game at times. 

  • A Disadvantage for Rush Players 

Rush players are players who like to go around the map in search of opponents to take up fights. The TPP mode poses a serious threat to them as enemy players can always watch their movements and not show themselves until the last minute. This can cause the rush players to change the nature of their game, in turn making the game even slower. 

TPP vs FPP: BlueStacks Guide to Perspectives in PUBG Mobile

Pros and Cons of Playing with the First Person Perspective

The FPP mode might not be a favorite for a lot of players, but it does come with its own fair share of pros and cons and knowing about them can actually help the players who enjoy playing in the first person perspective. 


  • Immersive Gaming Experience

Playing in FPP makes the game more immersive for players. It also forces them to rely more on their understanding of the game and skills rather than the field of vision. This is also because the field of vision is restricted. Players need to be skilled to be good at FPP. 

  • More Realistic 

FPP makes the game more realistic because it no more feels like you are controlling a player. It feels like you are the one in the middle of the combat and it’s your life and death on the line. This makes the gaming experience slightly more hardcore and players tend to enjoy that performance pressure. 

  • Heightens Sound Sense

Since you are not able to look around as much and as freely in FPP as in TPP, it forces players to work on other skills like tracking the sound to know the location of the enemy. This skill can help players know the position of campers and allow them to use throwables in the right places to secure kills. 

TPP vs FPP: BlueStacks Guide to Perspectives in PUBG Mobile


  • Longer Waiting Time for Matchmaking

Since the FPP is harder to master in PUBG Mobile, most players in the community choose to play in the TPP mode. This results in much longer queues for FPP matchmaking and there can be times when there are more bots than players on the map. This can be frustrating for players who want fast-paced action-filled matches. 

TPP vs FPP: BlueStacks Guide to Perspectives in PUBG Mobile

  • The Skins

PUBG Mobile offers multiple character and gun skins in the game as the players progress. Character skins can include limited edition outfits and backpacks. Playing in FPP does not allow players to see their character in action in those skins. The skins bring in a sense of achievement and players like to look at their characters in these skins while they are in action. 

TPP vs FPP: BlueStacks Guide to Perspectives in PUBG Mobile

This is all there is to perspectives in PUBG Mobile. Both TPP and FPP have their own set of pros and cons, but it is important to remember that neither of them is easier than the other. It is just a matter of practice, and you can master either or even both the perspectives in the game. Having good control over both of them can help you have the best of both worlds as you can switch perspectives in the middle of the match and elevate your game even further adding worth to yourself in the game. Put these perspectives in your game and see the results for yourself.