Want to learn how to master PUBG Mobile to become a better player? Why not take a look at our comprehensive tips list?

In this list, we’ve included some of the best tips you can use to immediately become a better player.

Many of these tips require nothing more than a bit of common sense, and if you remember to use all of these tips whilst playing, you’ll immediately be far better than many other players.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our comprehensive PUBG Mobile tips list below.

1 – Always Wear A Helmet

In PUBG, your helmet will fall off if it takes too much damage. You should immediately try to find another one if this happens.

PUBG Mobile : Quick Tips For Becoming A Better Player

Losing your helmet will make you extra vulnerable to damage, especially from snipers. If you find a level 2 helmet, you’ll be safe from Kar98K headshots, so keep an eye out.

2 – Use Third Person To Your Advantage

Third-person can be used to get a view of the surrounding area without exposing yourself. If you take a look at the image shown above, you can see how you can use the third-person camera to look over slopes and hills without being spotted by players on the other side.

PUBG Mobile : Quick Tips For Becoming A Better Player

Another great example of using the third-person camera to your advantage would be to use it to look over walls or around trees whilst still remaining in cover.

3 – Use Bandages, Not Medkits, When You Have Time

If you’re not in a firefight, you should use excess bandages instead of your medkits or first aid kits.

PUBG Mobile : Quick Tips For Becoming A Better Player

Bandages take longer to heal you up, and you must use multiple bandages, but by using them whilst out of combat, you’re making sure that your most useful meds are available to you when you most need them.

4 – Be Careful With Breaching Stairs

When attacking players hiding in a building, you need to be very careful if they’re hiding at the top of a flight of stairs.

PUBG Mobile : Quick Tips For Becoming A Better Player

It can be very difficult to breach another player when they’re sitting at the top of the stairs. In most cases, it’s worth avoiding this kind of situation completely.

5 – Use Stairs As A Good Camping Spot

On the flip side, if you can get into an empty building with a flight of stairs, you can also use it as a great camping spot. The image showcased above shows why stairs can be a great spot for campers and a very dangerous spot for those clearing out a building.

PUBG Mobile : Quick Tips For Becoming A Better Player

People on the stairs will have no vision of the campers, whilst those at the top of the stairs will have a very clear line of sight on the enemy.

6 – Don’t Kill Downed Players Straight Away

If you knock down a player, it can be tempting to immediately kill them. It’s actually worth holding out to begin with. If you wait for a downed player to start crawling away, you can get some valuable information from them.

PUBG Mobile : Quick Tips For Becoming A Better Player

Usually, downed players will panic and start crawling to their closest ally. You can take a look at the direction a player is crawling to find out where their friends are hiding. Just make sure to kill the player if he tries to crawl behind cover.

7 – Stay With Your Squad Mates

If you’re playing in duo or squad mode, make sure to stick with your teammates. Even if you can’t communicate with them effectively, they’ll still be there to provide additional firepower.

PUBG Mobile : Quick Tips For Becoming A Better Player

If you get knocked out, your teammates may also be able to get you back up and that’ll get you back into the game. If you run around on your own, you won’t have these advantages.

8 – Use Weapons Relevant To Your Situation

The weapon you use should be relevant to the situation you’re in. For example, if you’re inside a building, consider using an SMG or a shotgun. If you’re outside, make sure to use an assault rifle.

PUBG Mobile Indoors

Unlike the PC version, you’ll find that it’s usually easier to go for weapons that can be as forgiving as possible if you miss. For this reason, we’d recommend always using an assault rifle unless you’re in a super close quarter situation.

9 – Take Your Time With Long Distance Shots

If you’re trying to take down a player from a long distance, you’ll be rewarded by pacing your shots. Change your fire rate to semi and fire slower shots – it’ll be far easier to hit and you’ll only need 3-4 body shots or 2-3 headshots to knock down a player.

PUBG Long Shot

10 – Use Auto-Run To Give Your Hands A Break

If you need to run a long distance, hold and move the on-screen thumbstick directly upwards to activate autorun.

PUBG Mobile Auto Run

With autorun turned on, you no longer have to push down on the ‘W’ key and will only need to use your mouse to move your character around any rocks or obstacles in their path.

11 – Don’t Use Your Vehicle As Cover

If you get shot at whilst driving and decide to get out of your vehicle, you should try to move to different cover as quickly as possible.

PUBG Mobile : Quick Tips For Becoming A Better Player

If you use your vehicle as cover, you put yourself at risk. Other players can shoot at your vehicle and once they do enough damage, it will explode. If the vehicle explodes whilst you’re standing near it, chances are your character will be killed by the vehicle explosion.

12 – Be Careful When Using Vehicles

Vehicles can be quite the death trap in PUBG Mobile. If another player hears you, they’ll most likely try to shoot at your vehicle or follow you and wait for you to get out.

PUBG Mobile : Quick Tips For Becoming A Better Player

Using a vehicle will let everybody know where you are, so you should try to use them as little as possible. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that you should only use vehicles if you absolutely need to get into the next zone and you’re very short on time.

13 – Shoot Out The Tires Of Other Vehicles

If a player is driving by, or a group of players have just gotten out of a vehicle, shoot at the tires. If you shoot out two tires, the vehicle will slow down and you’ll find it far easier to shoot at players if they try to get away.

PUBG Mobile : Quick Tips For Becoming A Better Player

Thanks for taking the time to read our PUBG Mobile tips list. We hope the tips in this guide have proven to be useful.