The military base in PUBG mobile is one of the most populated areas on the map. Many players land at the military base because it has the highest chance to get level 3 armor, medkits, and good weapons.

Because the military base is so popular, it can be difficult to fight other players and get out alive if you choose to land at the military base.

Thankfully, with a few strategies in place, you can often fight your way through the military base, get some good loot, and then get out alive.

In this guide, we offer some of the best tips on how to survive in the military base when landing there.

Tips For Landing In The Military Base In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile : Best Military Base Guide

To begin with, you need to perfect your landing. There are two major parts that come to landing safely when dropping at the military base, or any other highly populated area for that matter.

Firstly, you must reach optimum landing speed and distance. To do this, first make sure you’re no more than 2 tiles away from the military base. Once you’re within the 2-tile distance, you need to look straight down.

If you look down for long enough, you’ll reach 234 km/hr. At this speed, you’ll deploy your parachute and hit the ground quicker than other players. It’s very important that you get this 234 km/hr sweet spot.

Once your parachute has deployed, the next part to landing safe comes into play. You must now pay close attention to where other players are landing. Choose a place that has the smallest collection of players.

PUBG Mobile : Best Military Base Guide

If your favorite building in the military base is being swarmed with players, go and land at another building instead. This will allow you to loot weapons and gear safely and after that you can run back to your building and take down the enemies inside.

The best buildings to loot in the military base are the ones on the outskirts – these ones still have great loot, but often get less attention from other players.

PUBG Mobile : Best Military Base Guide

Here’s an overview:

  • When landing, make sure you’re 2 tiles or closer to the military base.
  • Look straight down when you’re within 2 tiles to reach 234 km/hr.
  • Avoid going towards contested buildings. Instead, try to find a building on the outskirts that gets less attention.

Fighting Other Players In The Military Base

PUBG Mobile : Best Military Base Guide

Once you’ve landed in the military base, the next thing you must do is find a useful weapon. If you’ve followed the steps above, you shouldn’t come into too much opposition whilst doing this.

Because the military base consists of a mixture of open areas and tight indoor areas, you should find a weapon that does well in both conditions. An assault rifle is certainly the best option here.

Once you’ve found your initial weapon, you can continue to loot. Don’t worry about the other players for now. If you let them fight each other, you’ll be giving yourself an easier chance to clean up the remaining players once you’re fully looted.

PUBG Mobile : Best Military Base Guide

It’s likely you’ll come across a few players whilst looting. To avoid getting killed, make sure your sound is loud enough so that you can hear footsteps. Stay alert at all times and you’ll have a higher chance to stay alive.

In most cases, if you’re inside, you’ll be able to prepare yourself as soon as you hear footsteps. If you’re outside, you put yourself at risk of being shot from players that you cannot hear or see. For this reason, you should minimize your time outside.

PUBG Mobile : Best Military Base Guide

Here’s an overview:

  • Look for an assault rifle before engaging in any fights.
  • Try to stay indoors to avoid being shot from people you can’t retaliate to.
  • Turn up your sound so that you can hear footsteps clearly.
  • Stay alert at all times.

Surviving The Military Base

PUBG Mobile : Best Military Base Guide

So far, you should have spent most of your time looting. If you focus on looting to begin with, you’re taking advantage of two things:

  • You’re gearing up and getting better gear than the players that jumped straight into a gunfight
  • The players that are fighting will slowly die, which will mean it’ll be easier to leave the military base

Once you’re happy with the amount of gear you have, the next step is to plan your exit. There are a few questions you’ll have to ask yourself.

Is the safe area on the other side of the bridge?

If the next safe area is on the other side of the bridge, you should leave the military base as soon as possible.

PUBG Mobile : Best Military Base Guide

Players like to set up on the bridges and ambush people. To avoid this, you should visit the military base island beach and look for a boat. If a boat isn’t available, you’ll have to hope that you reached the bridge before other players.

Is the safe area in the military base?

If it looks like the safe area will end on the military base island, you can consider setting up and waiting for enemies to come to you. Try to find a building near the military base, as opposed to a building inside it.

PUBG Mobile : Best Military Base Guide

Typically, being in the military base in the later stages of the game is a little like being in a bowl. There are hills on either side that players will travel down and if you’re in the middle of the military base, you’ll be spotted easily.

Do you want to engage in a fight or leave quietly?

If you do have to leave the military base, you can choose to leave quietly by leaving around the back. This is a safe way to leave without confrontation and you’ll usually be able to find a vehicle on the road shown below.

PUBG Mobile : Best Military Base Guide

Alternatively, you can engage with the remaining players in the military base. If you’ve spent time looting instead of fighting other players, chances are you’ll have better gear than the other players, and you will have a better chance to take down enemies.

We hope this guide has been useful. Please let us know if you’d like more guides like this for PUBG Mobile.