Want to know everything there is to know about weapons in PUBG mobile? This guide is the place you need to be.

In this guide, we’ll go over the different weapon classes, explain the pros and cons for each class, and will then provide insights into which weapons are best within each class.

Hopefully, by the time you’ve read through all of this, you’ll have a solid understanding of the different PUBG mobile weapons and how they differ.

Its been a while since we created this guide, and the weapon drops in PUBG Mobile have undergone multiple changes over several game updates in the meantime. Please have a look at the Updated Version of the PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide for 2019 here.

PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles

PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles

Let’s start with what’s always going to be considered the most versatile class in PUBG mobile.

Assault rifles are great in PUBG because they work well at all distance scenarios. At close range, you can use full auto and take down enemies quickly. At long range, you can put on semi-fire mode and accurately take down moving enemies.

There are very few examples of when other weapons can be more useful than assault rifles. The only examples are when you’re given the chance to take down a player in one single shot. The only chances of this happening are with snipers at long range and shotguns at extremely close range.

You should always try to include an assault rifle in your loadout, no matter what other weapon you have – the reliability of an assault rifle in PUBG cannot be beaten.

Currently, we’d rank the AKM to be the best assault rifle. It has the highest damage and is still fairly easy to aim. After the AKM, we’d suggest the M16 – it’s long range and has super high accuracy. At close range, the burst fire mode can shred opponents quickly.

For the third pick, the M4 and Scar tie up – both weapons are decent and have very similar damage, fire rate, and accuracy stats.

PUBG Mobile Pistols

PUBG Mobile Pistols

The only time we would suggest using a pistol is when you cannot find any other weapons. Pistols are too weak in PUBG and in the late game they do not have any real valuable benefit.

If you land and can only find a pistol, you should pick it up so that you have something to defend yourself with. As soon as you find another gun, you can ditch the pistol.

PUBG Mobile SMGs


SMGs in PUBG Mobile are good because they have a fast fire rate and they have almost no recoil.

Unfortunately, SMGs in PUBG mobile lose their effectiveness at longer distances. You should consider using an SMG in close quarter fights or as a backup weapon for when you’re low on assault rifle ammo.

All SMGs are ranked pretty evenly, but the Tommy Gun and UMP are slightly better than other SMGs – they have better accuracy, range, and damage than the other SMGs.

PUBG Mobile Snipers

PUBG Mobile Snipers

In most shooter games, the sniper is the weapon all players desire to get their hands on. Snipers are very powerful in PUBG mobile as well, but they come with some distinct advantages.

Firstly, whilst snipers can be a great way to take down opponents quickly, not all snipers will do a 1-hit kill. If you have a kar98k, and your enemy has body armor, you’ll need two body hits.

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If you hit a player with a sniper and they don’t die, it’s better to switch out for your assault rifle and finish the player off before they heal. This is usually quicker than reloading the sniper.

If you are able to use snipers to headshot players, you’ll find them to be extremely effective, however. You need to have a good aim to make snipers worth the time and effort.

The Kar98k is the worst sniper but it’s the only one that spawns in the world. The M24 and the AWM are only available in loot boxes. The AWM is the best sniper in PUBG due to its insanely high damage.

PUBG Mobile DMRs


There’s a class of weapon in PUBG that sits in between the sniper and the assault rifle. In PUBG mobile, they are part of the sniper class, but they are better known as designated marksman rifles to the PUBG community.

The DMRs in PUBG include the SKS, the MK14, the Mini 14, and the VSS. These weapons have slightly higher recoil than assault rifles but they do far higher damage.

Thankfully, the recoil isn’t as hard to manage as the PC version of PUBG. For this reason, we’d highly recommend learning how to use the DMRs.

The MK14 is the best DMR but its only available in airdrops. The second best DMR is the SKS, followed by the Mini 14.

The VSS is in a class of its own in some rights – it has very high recoil and the bullets travel very slowly. The plus side is that the VSS fires very fast and is integrally silenced. Consider using the VSS in close ranged scenarios. All other DMRs are very effective at long range.

PUBG Mobile Shotguns

PUBG Mobile Shotguns

Besides pistols, shotguns are the worst class of weapons in PUBG mobile. Shotguns are slow-firing, they are extremely short ranged, and very unforgiving.

If you’re very, very close to somebody, a shotgun can kill a player in one hit. However, if you miss, or you’re too far away, it’s likely that your enemy will be able to kill you before you can get out another shotgun shot.

For this reason, we’d suggest avoiding the shotguns and going for an SMG or assault rifle for close quarter encounters instead.

The only exception to this rule would be the S12K – this shotgun is slightly weaker than others, so it can take 2-4 hits to take down a player, but the plus side to the S12K is its incredibly fast fire speed, relatively speaking.

If you can find the S12K and expect to spend a lot of time inside a building, you will find some use for it. However, as soon as you step out into the open, the S12K immediately loses its value.


Hopefully, the information in this guide has proven to be useful. Let us know if this guide has helped you to learn more about PUBG mobile.

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