Rage of Destiny is a game that has so many features and game modes placed into a compact game specifically so that players will never find themselves getting bored from lack of content. This is, of course, appealing for veteran players, but beginners might find the number of tabs somewhat overwhelming. Fear not; the sheer number of tabs won’t be enough to scare beginners off since a little bit of introduction from us will definitely help set them on the right path towards success.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Rage of Destiny

The game has a relatively in-depth tutorial system that gives players a chance to learn the fundamentals. However, there are some parts that are left out that players might not be able to understand because the system doesn’t hold their hands for that long. We’ll be introducing some fundamentals that players are already familiar with, but will further explain their importance and what they do when the game begins so that players can properly utilize them as they progress through the story.

Meeting the Heroes

The heroes in Rage of Destiny are the primary feature that attracts players because of their diverse lore and interesting design. Rage of Destiny utilizes the gacha system, which is when players randomly summon units from a large pool of characters that vary depending on their rarity. Higher rarity heroes have better base stats than those of a lower rarity but most characters can be promoted to a higher rank that allows them to compete with their higher-rarity counterparts.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Rage of Destiny

Each hero in the game belongs to a specific faction and class. These will be explained in a future article because it’s important to discuss them in-depth. Players can choose from over a hundred heroes to build the best team of a combination of 5 unique heroes that they’ll use to fight against bosses or other players in the PvP modes. The heroes will need to be leveled up, ranked up, and geared up using items they collect along the way to increase their combat capabilities in Rage of Destiny.

AFK Rewards System

A unique feature in most idle games is the AFK Rewards System. To put it simply, this feature allows players to collect resources even when they’re offline depending on their progress in the main campaign. The resources include gold, experience, armor, and other types of currency. This can be useful to upgrade your characters and level them up easily even if you don’t have a lot of time to play the game. Just keep in mind that the AFK rewards system has a maximum capacity.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Rage of Destiny

The AFK rewards are really helpful to allow your account to catch up despite being offline. However, players need to progress in the main campaign to increase the amount of resources that they can collect and improve the quality of gear that drops. When players do not progress in the main campaign, the resources that are gathered in the AFK rewards system become really small compared to the character’s demands. This is why you should always finish at least 6-15 stages a day.

The Kingdom

The Kingdom is the place where players will find non-combat functions in the game such as the Summoning Portal, Guild House, and some others. To unlock all of the buildings in the kingdom, players will need to finish certain chapters in the game. These buildings are really important because they allow the player to improve their team or at least unlock bonuses that would benefit their character’s combat capabilities or simply offer them rewards depending on completed tasks.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Rage of Destiny

The most important buildings that players will need to unlock are the Guild House and the Summoning Portal. The portal is unlocked during the tutorial phase so you won’t really have to worry about it that much. Once you’ve unlocked the portal, it’s time to start summoning new heroes to join your team. Try to collect as many heroes as you can before you level up your units because you might end up wasting precious resources. It’s also a good idea to wait until you get 10 summons to make a pull.

The Expedition

The Expedition is the place where all of the combat game modes are placed, not including the Main Campaign. This tab allows players to attempt different kinds of combat game modes that offer really good rewards to help the character. Most of the game modes are mandatory if players want to proceed while others are simply great ways to farm resources quickly if you can’t wait for the AFK rewards chest to fill up before your next gaming session. Keep in mind that some game modes also reset daily.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Rage of Destiny

Game modes in the expedition are really challenging and are often don’t involve auto-progression (but still includes auto-combat) to make players more engaged with the game by giving them options when playing games. The stronger the player’s team is, the more difficult game modes they can attempt which also provide better rewards for the player. Remember to always visit the expedition and play around the game modes if you have time so that you can get awesome stuff.

Climbing Up

The ultimate goal in Rage of Destiny is climbing up the ladder and becoming the best player in the server by reaching Rank 1. Players can do this by developing a strong team that has very high power ratings or defeat people in the PvP Arena until they gain the highest amount of points in the ladder. Needless to say, climbing up is a really difficult task and most players give up halfway because they realize how far ahead the competition is compared to them.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Rage of Destiny

Regardless if you want to become a competitive player or not, having a strong team is always a good way to enjoy the game. Players will need to build up their heroes in order to become relevant enough to challenge any person or monster that comes in their way. As long as you have an immediate goal that you have in mind, you’ll never find yourself getting bored in the game or lose any motivation to continue.