Rage of Destiny is a game that looks simple from an outside perspective but the people who actually play the game know that there’s so much complicated stuff inside the game. Learning to play the game takes a few days and understanding the deeper mechanics can take players a long time to truly master. Most beginners don’t even realize that they’re not maximizing the game’s features until other people introduce it to them, making them realize that they’ve wasted a lot of resources while playing the game.

Tips & Tricks to Help You in Rage of Destiny

The game features so many ways for players to get rewards that will help them create better teams and raise their heroes to peak condition. The problem with having a lot of ways to get rewards is that players often miss out or ignore some of them because they’re too busy focusing their attention somewhere else or the feature is overshadowed by more attractive prizes. Here are some things players need to do so that they maximize their rewards and get the best possible start in the game.

Rushing the Campaign

The campaign is the main feature in the game but is also the most linear game mode. Most players get tired of playing the campaign once they finish one or two chapters because they realize that it’s just the same thing over and over again. However, the campaign is necessary for increasing the rewards in the AFK rewards system and from the items that you get from your inventory. It’s essential that players move forward continuously in the campaign so that their accounts will grow stronger.

Tips & Tricks to Help You in Rage of Destiny

Rage of Destiny features an auto-combat and auto-progression campaign mode that allows players to freely leave their game running indefinitely. The auto-progression will only stop whenever the play finishes a chapter. If your team dies during the campaign, the game will simply retry the stage. By reaching the highest stage that your team can climb, you ensure that you gain a large amount of resources the following day, which is why you should finish at least 15 stages or 1 chapter per day.

The Purifying Spring

The Purifying Spring is a feature that allows players to reclaim all the resources that they spent on a single unit. Each player has 2 free resets per day and can further reset more characters by spending diamonds. This essentially means that if you made a mistake or want to use a unit temporarily, you won’t have to be afraid to allot your gold and hero exp on one unit since you can always take it back later when you’ve got the unit that you really want on your team.

Tips & Tricks to Help You in Rage of Destiny

Players don’t have to continuously grind the game just to get gold, hero exp, and mystic dust. There’s only really a need to level up 5 of your heroes but we’ll get to that a little bit later. The purifying spring can be found by clicking on the hero you want to choose and going to the spring tab on the bottom-left corner of the screen. Keep in mind that you can only use the purifying spring on units that are level 2 and higher.

Resonance Crystal

The Resonance Crystal is another way to save up on precious resources without having to endlessly grind for materials. This function can be found on the Kingdom tab and basically takes your 5 highest-leveled heroes automatically as Crystal Priests. Players can then set a certain number of heroes as followers, who will copy the level of the lowest-leveled character among your Crystal Priests. This means that you can essentially have multiple teams of high-level units even if you have one manually-leveled team.

Tips & Tricks to Help You in Rage of Destiny

Players will need to pay diamonds to unlock more slots on the Resonance Crystal, which is honestly a good investment if you plan to play the game for the long term. Having a lot of high-level units means that you can create custom teams that will fit the situation you’re facing. Remember that you can also remove units that you don’t want anymore but that will set your Resonance Crystal at an 8-hour timeout period before you can add heroes again.

Completing Your Dailies

Do your daily tasks in the game such as claiming daily rewards, doing expeditions, and finishing campaign stages. The player gets certain rewards at the following day by participating in these game modes. For example, placing high in the Arena will reward the player with diamonds, which are the most precious resource in the entire game because it allows them to summon new heroes for the Kingdom so that they can improve their team or add to their collection.

Tips & Tricks to Help You in Rage of Destiny

Some game modes also have daily resets. These include the Dragon’s Nest, Dwarf Treasure (Guild), and Trade Route. Players can climb up Floor 6 of the Dragon’s Nest each day, giving them a ton of awesome resources and equipment for their team. The other game modes also offer a ton of helpful rewards but takes less time to complete compared to the Dragon’s Nest. If you have the time, you should always aim to finish the game’s content to 100% each day before it resets.

Don’t Ignore Socials!

Joining a guild and adding friends are also important ways to improve in Rage of Destiny. Both offer exclusive currency that can be exchanged in the shop. The guild shop is packed with Rare Equipment that can give you a decent start when raising your character’s power rating. If you want to learn more on how to increase your team’s power, we suggest you read up on our Power Rating Guide to get a better idea on how this mechanic works.

Tips & Tricks to Help You in Rage of Destiny

Adding friends also gives the player currency called Friendship Points. These points can be used to summon new heroes at the Summoning Portal. Friendship summons has a lower chance of dropping Elite Heroes but that shouldn’t matter because even Rare heroes are useful since you can use them for fusion materials to increase the rank of a hero that you already own. Even if you’re not a social person, these benefits alone should entice you to add friends or join a guild even if you don’t interact with them.