Teambuilding in Rage of Destiny involves some complicated knowledge of the heroes and combat system. Understanding all of the little things will really help players decide which units they want to have in their team, not only because they look strong, but because they work really well in multiple situations. Of course, we can’t expect players to instantly understand how teambuilding works which is why we prepared a guide to help players learn everything about proper teambuilding.

Rage of Destiny - A Guide to Teambuilding

Rage of Destiny has a really huge lineup of heroes, which can really make it confusing as to which units you want to have in your team. Rarity and aesthetics aren’t the only factors that you should consider since there’s a lot of other factors involved that make each hero unique even if they’re lower rarity or don’t look really strong based on their looks. It’s time to dive deeper into the different ways players can learn how to build better teams using the characters they have at their disposal.

Faction Matchups

Each hero belongs to a specific faction – Wild Tribe, Holy Empire, Nature Alliance, Shadow Squad, Celestial Kingdom, and Demon League. The first four mentioned factions have a rock-paper-scissors relationship where one faction is strong against one faction and weak against another. The last two factions are both strong and weak against each other. Players should consider which heroes to place in a fight depending on the team that the opponent has prepared.

Rage of Destiny - A Guide to Teambuilding

Factions also have another function. Building a team of units from the same faction will yield bonus passive stats. Having three or more members from one faction will award +15% bonus ATK and HP. Furthermore, having four units gives +20% ATK and HP while having a full lineup consisting of units from only 1 faction will award +25% ATK and HP. It’s a good idea to have a mono-faction team but it’s also smart to keep in mind the type advantages. If you have a lot of heroes, you can build multiple teams depending on the situation.

Hero Classes

Rage of Destiny has a lot of categories when it comes to classes but it ultimately comes to DPS, Healer, Tank, and Support. DPS units are the main damage dealers that either do continuous or burst damage. Healers restore an allied unit’s HP while support units give buffs to an ally or debuffs an enemy unit; they can also provide control by immobilizing an enemy. Tanks are straightforward as their primary job is to take as much damage as possible on the frontline.

Rage of Destiny - A Guide to Teambuilding

Having a balance of these units is a good idea when building a team. Having a tank, healer/support, and some DPS units (both Continuous and Burst) is a good standard formula that you should follow. Having too many supports, healers, and tanks in the team is a bad idea because you won’t be dealing a lot of damage. Inversely, having too many DPS might cause your team to die quickly because there aren’t any units trying to keep them alive by taking damage, healing, or controlling enemy units.

Hero Types

Hero types are also an important consideration when building your team. There are three types of heroes which are the Strength, Intelligence, and Agility Heroes. Strength heroes usually specialize in being bulky frontliners, oftentimes tanks, that can withstand taking damage from the enemy. Agility heroes are physical damage dealers while intelligence heroes are magic damage dealers or support/healers that utilize spells to disrupt the enemy.

Rage of Destiny - A Guide to Teambuilding

It’s always a good idea to have a balance of all three types present in your team at all times. There’s no such thing as a team only consisting of one type since they all play an important role in the team, mostly to deal damage. You should always have a mix of physical and magic damage so that your enemy doesn’t have any means to counter you by being resistant to one or the other.

Choosing Characters

Now that you know the factors that you need to keep in mind when building a team, all you need to do is choose which characters you want to place in your team. Each character is separated by the physical attributes that they are given once those units are acquired.

  1. Hero Rank and Rarity

Rarity or Rank is the quality of the hero. Players should have a team of only Elite (purple) heroes once they’ve collected enough heroes. Hero rank is important because this is a relevant basis for the amount of base stats that a unit has. Good heroes usually begin at Rare (blue) and can be upgraded up to Mythic (gold) quality by using other heroes from the same faction or duplicates of the same character, which are of similar rank, as ingredients for promotion.

Rage of Destiny - A Guide to Teambuilding

When a hero is promoted to the next rank, their stats increase drastically. The difference between Rare and Elite heroes is so huge that there’s no point in placing anything lower in your team if you have the means. Eventually, players are expected to build a full Mythic rank team to compete against higher-level players. Keep in mind that the highest a player can acquire in the Summon Portal is Elite but those heroes can be promoted to Mythic.

  1. Stats/Attributes

Every hero has their own set of stats and attributes. Having more stats means that you increase your power rating, but we’ll get to that in depth on a future article instead. Reading stats is important because it allows the players to figure out what their hero is capable of and allows them to play with different possibilities when building their own team. For example, a non-tank unit can be placed in the front line if it has a good amount of HP and defense.

Rage of Destiny - A Guide to Teambuilding

These stats can usually be increased when leveling or ranking up a character, but players can also equip gear to further increase the basic stats of a unit. Advanced materials will provide access to increasing the other stats such as dodge rating, haste, and leech. For now, new players don’t need to worry about how to build character stats because the items they get don’t give them any variety, but understanding what each of them does allows players to prepare for the future. To enjoy immersive experience on bigger screen play Rage of Destiny on PC with BlueStacks.