Idle RPGs like Rage of Destiny place a really heavy emphasis on the importance of power rating to measure the capabilities of your team. Power rating is a value that most players need to keep in mind because it’s what decides whether your team can attempt to fight against an enemy or try to clear a stage. Beginners may often notice that their team has really low power ratings which can be caused by a number of things that are totally in their control as long as they understand how it works.

How to Increase Power Rating in Rage of Destiny

There are two kinds of power rating which is Total Power, measured by taking into account ALL of the heroes and there’s Team Power. Team power is more important to take into account because it shows your ability to do content. Keep in mind that Power Rating is measured by averaging the stats that all of your heroes have in a team. If you want to be strong in the game, you’ll want to have a high team power which we’ll be explaining how you can get here.

Building Your Team

The first step in raising your power is learning how to build a team. You can check out our Teambuilding Guide for an in-depth tutorial on the topic but we’ll explain some of the things you need to keep in mind. There’s a lot of stat bonuses that you can abuse simply by taking in mind factors such as faction synergies and type advantages. By understanding everything about teambuilding, you’ll be able to create teams with higher power ratings or even win despite having lower power ratings.

How to Increase Power Rating in Rage of Destiny

Choosing the right characters for the job takes a lot of time and learning the in-depth mechanics of each of your units. The best way to choose characters is by reading everything there is to know about them by holding over every icon you can see and comparing it with every other hero that you have in your collection. Before investing your resources into maxing out one character, you might want to take a while to learn the game first so that you don’t end up wasting valuable gold and exp.

Levels and Ranks

The most reliable way to increase a character’s power rating is to level them up. This may seem obvious but there’s actually more leveling up your characters in Rage of Destiny than just gaining stats. By leveling up a hero, you unlock new abilities or level up existing ones to make them stronger, which boosts your power rating significantly. You can hold over the skill icons to determine at which level the next upgrade or unlock will be available so keep that in mind when leveling up heroes.

How to Increase Power Rating in Rage of Destiny

Rank is also an important way to increase your power rating. A hero can be ranked up to Mythic (gold) which is the highest a player can have to get the best base stats in the game. In-between ranks, the heroes will also have tiers that also increase a heroes base stats. Always try to rank your main heroes up to the next tier when it is made available so that your power rating will be relevant for high-end content. Never settle for anything that’s Rare (blue) quality or below.

Gearing Properly

Equipment is the next most important thing to keep in mind when playing Rage of Destiny if you plan to increase your power rating. As mentioned already, stats are what affects your power rating so increasing it definitely boosts your power by a lot. Equipment is a big way to boost your stats since they offer a huge increase in stats which can be further enhanced to give way for more boosts. Depending on the type of character you’re placing the item on, it will make your combat capabilities more efficient.

How to Increase Power Rating in Rage of Destiny

Just like heroes, there are different rankings and levels to gear. Higher ranked items will yield more stats and give more power rating in return. These items can be acquired through mission rewards or by progressing high enough in the main campaign. Furthermore, players can choose to enhance items that are Rare (blue) and above si that the base stats for those items increase. Enhancing items can be quite expensive so it’s recommended that you wait until you have purple gear to do so.

Tree of Prophecy

The Tree of Prophecy can be found in the Kingdom tab and basically gives your team bonus stats depending on the heroes that you own. Each hero belongs to a specific theme and they have backstories or aesthetics that make them match. By collecting different heroes, players will be able to benefit from passive stats. The biggest problem with this system is that players are required to collect heroes of varying rarity, with some units being harder to get than some.

How to Increase Power Rating in Rage of Destiny

The passive bonus also increases depending on the rank of the heroes that are in the team. Since most of the themes in the Tree of Prophecy require players to get Rare heroes, that’s usually the benchmark that players will be getting. By ranking all of the heroes in the Tree of Prophecy up, the number of passive bonuses that you get will also increase dramatically, making your team gain more power rating shoot up.

Reading the Metagame

Understanding how the meta works is the key to building a great team. The meta refers to the trend at which higher-level players use specific heroes, lineups, and items to provide the best possible chances of winning against other players. These meta trends are usually reported by players in videos, articles, or discussions in forums or threads.

How to Increase Power Rating in Rage of Destiny

Serious players will often follow the meta, if not simply take it as a reference on what works best in the current season. By understanding how the meta works, players will be able to choose which units they want to have on their team or think of ideas on how to counter other players that follow the meta. There’s no shame in following the meta. At the same time, not following the meta doesn’t make you any more special than a person that does.