In Rage of Dragons, the most abundant resources are EXP and gold. These resources are going to be garnered and consumed very frequently as your character levels up or has their gear upgraded. All of these are important to ensure that your character is always capable of fighting the evils in the mysterious world of the dragons.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to garner more EXP and gold for your character as well as other in-game items that are just as beneficial for your character such as items that upgrade the companion.

Complete Quests

The easiest way to earn plenty of gold and EXP for levelling up as well as miscellaneous rewards is by completing the game’s quests. Rage of Dragons has three types of quests: main quests, side quests, and bounty quests.

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

Main quests are the ones that advance the game’s story but aside from that, completing them also gives you a large amount of EXP and gold. The amount of EXP you earn is usually enough to advance you to several levels. Additionally, some main quests also reward you with new and better gear upon completion. One thing to note about main quests though is that some quests require your character to be at a certain level and in those cases, you will need to resort to other ways to garner EXP. Nevertheless, completing main quests are a very efficient way of earning gold and EXP for levelling up.

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

Side quests are optional quests that can be completed to earn various rewards. These rewards include, but not limited to, gold and items that can benefit your character’s power. For instance, you can earn Brimstone which you can use to upgrade your character’s companion which will ultimately make them more efficient in eliminating enemies. 

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

Bounty quests are special side quests that are done in ‘loops’. There are 20 loops in a bounty quest and completing one loop rewards you with EXP and gold. Completing 10 loops gives you a bonus reward called a Bounty Treasure and opening it grants you a Bounty Quest Soulcard Pack as well as a random amount of gold. The exact amount of gold that you garner depends heavily on your luck.

Gold Amount

Probability of Getting Amount (out of 96%)

100,000 40%
200,000 30%
300,000 20%
500,000 6%

Farm EXP Through AFKing

One way of passively acquire EXP is by taking advantage of Rage of Dragon’s AFK feature. 

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

To activate the AFK feature, simply click on the ‘AFK’ button and your character will immediately approach the nearest group of enemies and start constantly fighting them until you terminate the AFKing. The enemies that your character is fighting are going to respawn infinitely, so you do not have to worry about running out of enemies to constantly eliminate for EXP. Your character’s health will also automatically regenerate while AFKing, however they are still vulnerable to death if the enemies they are fighting are too strong.

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

After fighting enemies for a few minutes in AFK, the game will display the rate at which your character is farming EXP and it is measured with the amount of EXP earned per minute (EXP/min). You can use this feature to determine which group of enemies give out the most EXP output rate. Keep in mind that the output rate is not constant as it can fluctuate from time to time. 

Farming EXP through this method is in no way faster than completing quests; however it is still extremely useful if you want to level up your character while doing other things on your PC or Mac.

Participate in Events

Rage of Dragons has events wherein you can complete multiple in-game tasks in exchange for rewards like gold and EXP. The events are separated into daily and timed events.

Completing each task gives you activity points and once you earn a certain amount of those points, you earn an activity chest. The activity chest contains various rewards like a Lively Warrant and a Peerless Soulcard Pack. As you earn more activity points, you earn better rewards from the chests.

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

The daily events are a series of mini quests and each quest involves doing an in-game task for a certain number of times. For instance, one daily event requires you to do gear enhancement three times and one other event requires you to complete 20 loops of bounty quests. As the name suggests, daily events must be completed within the day if you want to garner as many activity points as possible.

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

The timed events are just like daily events in the sense that they also give activity points upon completion, but the only major difference is that you have a shorter deadline. Some timed tasks challenge you to complete the task within a certain time period only and usually you are only given 15-30 minutes to accomplish it. In the best case, you are given about two hours.

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

Completing any event rewards you with gold, EXP, and various other items that you can use for upgrades. All the rewards can be redeemed by clicking on ‘Retrieve’. What’s cool is that each reward can be retrieved more than once (indicated by the value of ‘Retrievable times’).

Visit the Rewards Lobby

The Rewards Lobby is a section of Rage of Dragons that is wholly dedicated to players who want to receive easy-to-claim rewards. There are multiple areas of the lobby that you can go to claim a variety of rewards.

Online Rewards

The game rewards you with various items such as gold, Lively Warrant (used to redeem gear and cosmetics for your character) and the like by simply being online for a certain amount of time. 

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

Amount of Online Time Needed (in minutes)


5 Mount Orb; 50,000 gold; Lively Warrant
10 Basic Haste Holystone, Mount Orb; 50,000 gold; Lively Warrant
30 Medium Companion EXP Pill, Fly Kicks; 100,000 gold; Lively Warrant
60 Medium Haste Holystone, Demonic Abyss Ticket, Fly Kicks; 100,000 gold; 2 Lively Warrants
90 Medium Haste Holystone, Blue Runic Essence, Fly Kicks; 150,000 gold; 2 Lively Warrants
120 Purple Runic Essence, Mount Orb, Fly Kicks, Basic Haste Holystone; 250,000 gold; 3 Lively Warrants

Level Rewards

The Level Rewards mechanize similarly to the Online Rewards except that the only difference is that these rewards you for having your character level up to a certain level. 

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

Required Level


30 5 Mount Orbs; 500,000 gold
58 Falcon Warboots; 500,000 gold
70 5 Companion Brimstones, 1.5x EXP Potion; 500,000 gold
100 3 Demonic Abyss Tickets, Demonic Abyss Scroll, 500 BDs
130 2 Lv.2 Assault Amritas, 2 Lv.2 HP Amritas, 10 Mount Orbs, 500 BDs
150 Pillagers Sight, 15 Mount Orbs, 2000k gold, 1000 BDs
170 15 Basic Haste Holystones, 3 Demonic Abyss Tickets, 1.5x EXP Potions, 1500 BDs
200 Tier-1 Wings, Lv.3 Assault Amrita, Lv.3 HP Amrita, 1.5x EXP Potion
210 Midnight Helm, 15 Mount Orbs, 15 Companion Brimstones, 1.5x EXP Potion
250 2 Forgebook Chests, 68 Forge Blueprints, Dragon Trove Voucher, 2000k gold
270 10 VIP Warrants, 5 Rune Warrants, 45 Basic Wing Essence, 3000k gold
300 2M gold, Lv.4 Assault Amrita, Lv.4 HP Amrita, 1.5x EXP Potion, 5000k gold

Note that a few rewards may change depending on the character that you picked. The table above shows the rewards for the dual-wielder however in general, the rewards are the same among all characters.

Daily Sign-in

Playing the game every day has its benefits and you can redeem those benefits through the Daily Sign-in.

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

Signing in consecutively for a certain number of days grants you bonus rewards. Keep in mind that the signing-in must be ‘consecutive’ – you cannot miss out on one day.

Number of Days

Bonus Reward

2 Greater Wing Essence
7 Greater Haste Holystone
14 Tier-1 Wings
21 10 Tier-2 Wings Shards

Daily Prayer

The Daily Prayer is the most immediate way of garnering a ton of gold or EXP. There are two entities that you can pray to: the Gold Fountain for gold, and the EXP Goddess for EXP.

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

Each prayer costs 100 diamonds (a premium in-game currency) and you can only pray for a limited number of times. The game does give you a free prayer to the Gold Fountain and once you use that up, you will need to wait eight hours to receive another one

Pack Exchange

In the Pack Exchange, you must enter a unique code called a CDKEY in order to receive various rewards. Refer to the list below to see all the known CDKEYs for Rage of Dragons and start redeeming them in the game.

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

110g33bb (NA and EU servers only)
auybd68 (SEA server only)

Invite Friend

The game rewards you for inviting your friends to download and play the game. The inviting can be done either via Facebook or through the ‘Nearby Share’ feature of Android systems.

How to Get More EXP, Gold, and Equipment in Rage of Dragons

The rewards you earn for inviting friends are: 500 BDs, 5000k gold, 10 Wings Growth Packs, and 10 Companion Growth Packs.