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RAID: Shadow Legends – How to Gear Your Champions for Victory

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

One can easily get lost in the myriad of details concerning stats, types of armour, and set bonuses the developers of RAID craftily wove together in this highly successful gacha RPG. In fact, many of the accomplishments of RAID have their foundation in the game’s complex and rewarding gear progression system. Although the tutorial does explain the basics of matching and equipping different types of items, as well as how these can be upgraded, it is a far cry from telling you everything that can be achieved with a bit of forethought.

This BlueStacks gear guide is meant to complement the initial tips we put together for the best possible early game setup. After you’re done reading this, you should head on to the article that explains how to put this well-chosen gear to good use. Indeed, no battle was ever won because somebody just had a better weapon – it always matters how you make use of the tools at your disposal.

RAID: Shadow Legends – How to Gear Your Champions for Victory

Scaling is Everything

The first rule about gearing your champions in RAID is not actually related to the items themselves, but rather to the units, namely how they scale. Each character scales with a certain attribute (or more, in some cases), which means that, as their level grows, so does that attribute. Let’s work on an example to make things easier. Athel, one of your beginner heroes – not the best one, mind you – scales with attack. You can see this on her ability, where it says that her damage is based on [ATK].

RAID: Shadow Legends – How to Gear Your Champions for Victory

Seducer, on the other hand, scales with [DEF], as can be seen on her Lulling Touch ability.

RAID: Shadow Legends – How to Gear Your Champions for Victory

What does this mean? Gear that increases defence is completely useless on Athel, while attack items are worth nothing on Seducer. This is a general rule you can extrapolate and apply to all characters. However, certain champions scale with two stats. Doomscreech from the Undead Hordes and Crimson Helm from the Dark Elves are such examples. The only way to know for sure what hero goes with which stat is to check all of their abilities and see what they are based on, just like we did with the two units above.

Main Stats and Substats

Every piece of gear you get in RAID can have main stats, substats, and set bonuses. In order of quality, each item can be common (gray-coloured), uncommon (green), rare (blue), and epic (purple). Main stats are pretty self-explanatory. Just like with the hero, when you upgrade an item, the main stat also scales. This stat will never change. The higher the quality of your loot, the more substats you get to see on it, with epic having all of them visible, and common showing none. However, the substats are not initially available – you have to attain them through upgrades and you’ll gain one at +4, another at +8, +12, and the last one at +16.

RAID: Shadow Legends – How to Gear Your Champions for Victory

In the above picture, the juicy Divine Offense weapon is of Epic quality, has attack as its mainstat, with critical rate, accuracy and critical damage as substats. We felt like upgrading it to +8 just for you. The problem is that, beyond +8, upgrades get really expensive and highly likely to fail, which means you’ll be wasting even more money. In light of this, it’s important to consider the idea of diminishing return. You’d be better off upgrading another item to +8 for two substats than a +8 one to +12 for just one (not to mention a ton of more silver).

RAID: Shadow Legends – How to Gear Your Champions for Victory

Unlike the weapon, helmet, and shield, which will all have flat mainstats, your gloves, chest and boots can have flat stat bonuses, as well as percentage ones. Needless to say that a % stat bonus will always scale better than a flat one and, with them being quite rare, make sure to keep them safe once you get one.

RAID: Shadow Legends – How to Gear Your Champions for Victory

This chest piece, for instance, has no less than two of them. It’s a keeper for sure. One last thing to remember is that the stars you get on the gear often determines how good it is more accurately than its quality. Ultimately, you want to aim for 5-star pieces in all slots.

Set Bonuses

These can be truly powerful if they are combined with a bit of strategy. You can have as many set bonuses equipped as possible, given the fact that they are cumulative – either three 2-set ones or a 4-set one and a 2-set one. The most important part is to never equip a piece of gear without it being a part of a set. You’re just losing too much value for it to be worth the trade, regardless of quality.

RAID: Shadow Legends – How to Gear Your Champions for Victory

We advise you to focus on those bonuses that benefit your scaling the most. In our case, Galek scales with attack, so we made sure to bump him with a cumulative 45% boost to his main stat. You won’t believe how hard he hits now. Certain 4-set bonuses, such as lifesteal and retaliation, are good enough to consider in some setups, but they largely tend to be less impactful than their main-stat counterparts unless you are working on a specific PvP or PvE build.

RAID: Shadow Legends – How to Gear Your Champions for Victory

Now, armed with knowledge about hero and item stats, you can take on the hardest bosses in RAID. If you work on your setup long enough, there’s no challenge you won’t be able to take on. This is our 4-man team after playing for no more than a couple of hours and we’re already taking on the Ice Golem. Just imagine what you’d be able to do with several days’ worth of gear farming. Now that we mention it, we can’t help but feel sorry for the boss. I mean, it will die over and over again until we get the loot that we want.

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