How to Acquire Shards and Expand Your Team in RAID: Shadow Legends

How to Acquire Shards and Expand Your...

Raid: Shadow Legends is a gacha game with RPG elements that does away with the traditional anime art style that is so prevalent in the genre, and replaces it with characters and environments inspired by Tolkien’s medieval fantasy world. In this game, you are assigned as the leader of groups of elves, orcs, humans, and other fantasy races as you travel around the world eradicating the forces of evil. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the game itself, feel free to read the review that we wrote.

The most important aspect that you need to be acquainted with to enjoy this game is the fact that you’ll be spending most of your time on the battlefield. Furthermore, whenever you’re not traveling around the world fighting against the forces of evil, you’ll likely be resting in your base, training your units, equipping them with powerful gear, and unlocking new characters through summoning. The latter, in particular, is a vital part of this game—as well as in virtually every other gacha title—, and you’ll be constantly working to acquire summoning materials. There are even some players that decide to reroll several times until they receive good characters in the initial summonings, before immersing themselves in the game’s world.

Truly, summonings are a quintessential part of this game since it’s the main method through which you can add more units to your team. However, acquiring the materials for performing these rituals could be a bit tedious. For this reason, we’ve decided to create this guide, so that you may learn how to acquire mystery shards, as well as reagents of higher quality, in a constant fashion.

Expanding Your Arsenal of Characters

As is usual in this type of games, there are several methods for receiving new characters in Raid: Shadow Legends. Of them all, the most common methods are through performing summonings, as well as by receiving them as a part of story events. Due to the design of the game, the former is, by far, the most common method for acquiring new characters, and almost all your efforts will, in some way, be related to procuring the necessary materials to perform these rituals.

In Raid: Shadow Legends, there are two main ingredients required for every summoning attempt: a shard of any quality, and a sum of silver that varies according to the type of summoning. Furthermore, the type of fragment used in the summoning will have an important effect on the results of each attempt. With that being said, there are 4 types of summonings in this game:

  • Mystery Summoning: Requires a mystery shard and 500 silver. Through this summoning, you may receive units of up to rare quality, with a high chance of receiving a common or infrequent character. This is, by far, the most common type of summoning in the game.
  • Ancient Summoning: Requires an ancient shard and 500 silver. With this summoning method, you have a low chance of receiving a legendary character, with a higher chance of obtaining either a rare or an epic unit. This method is much better than mystery summoning since you won’t receive either a common or infrequent character. However, ancient shards are more difficult to come by.
  • Void Summoning: A special summoning that, just like the previous one, has a chance of resulting in a rare, epic, or legendary character. However, this shard can only be purchased from the shop. Furthermore, each attempt costs 20,000 silver.
  • Sacred Summoning: The most powerful summoning method of the game, which has a good chance of resulting in a legendary or epic hero. It is the most expensive method of summoning new characters, costing a whopping 100,000 silver per attempt.

Obtaining More Fragments

There are many ways to find fragments in this game. The main method for obtaining mystery shards, for example, is by simply playing the game. There are many tasks and missions that grant these shards as rewards. Furthermore, by playing at least 20 minutes every day, you will receive a free mystery shard.

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The higher-quality shards, however, are earned by participating in special tasks. For example, there are many different game modes that yield ancient shards as rewards, including traversing the different keeps (void, spirit, magic, force, and arcane), as well as through exploring the dragon’s lair, among others. Similarly, if you manage to save up enough gems, you may also purchase a shard pack from the store. Keep in mind that, even if you can’t save enough gems, you may receive a free ancient shard every 3 days from the store.

On the other hand, as we mentioned above, void shards can only be purchased in the store using real money. They are quite expensive and don’t guarantee to grant legendary characters from their summonings. We recommend purchasing these only if you’re keen on investing money in exchange for a very slight advantage over other players.

Finally, the sacred shards are the most important of them all since they have a decent chance—at least for gacha game standards—of resulting in legendary characters, which are among the strongest in the game. Furthermore, even if you don’t receive a legendary character, you are guaranteed an epic character, which is still awesome.

Luckily, there are many methods through which you can receive sacred shards in this game, though most of them require a considerable time investment.

The first method, which is the easiest, is by simply logging into the game for 28 consecutive days. For every consecutive day that you log in, you will receive an awesome prize and, in the end, you may also claim a sacred shard. Furthermore, you can pick up another free sacred shard as a reward for completing your monthly missions. These missions consist of simple tasks that take more time to complete than the usual daily assignments, so it’s recommended to work on them every day to avoid falling behind.

The progress missions are another way of obtaining a sacred shard and are progressively unlocked as you level up and complete story missions. Each progress mission that you fulfill grants you progress points and, once you gather 150 points, you will receive a free sacred shard. Lastly, you can also pick up a sacred shard once you hit level 60, which makes the process of leveling up worth the effort.

Like in any other gacha game, summoning plays a vital role in Raid: Shadow Legends. What are your favorite methods for farming shards? Share your awesome advice and tips so that we can all unlock our favorite characters.

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