RAID: Shadow Legends is one of the most popular gacha games currently in the market, and with good reason: With over 450 unlockable characters, lots of artifacts and gear, and a boatload of upgrade materials to farm for, as well as an expansive story that spans 12 chapters, there’s quite a lot of content to be had in Plarium’s gacha RPG.

RAID: Shadow Legends - How to Farm XP, Silver, and Every Other Resource

However, in order to access all game modes, you’ll need to first complete many challenges in the main campaign, which requires you to unlock and power up many different characters. In order to achieve this, you’ll need all sorts of resources and upgrade materials, which are farmed throughout the various game modes. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to farm the most important resources in RAID.

What Should I Farm in the Beginning?

The very first question you should be asking yourself.

If you’ve read our new beginner and progression guide, you’d know that the best way to start your journey in RSL is by speeding through the main story. Well, the same goes for farming resources. Since you’ll want to progress through the campaign as fast as you can, your first priority will be to farm XP, Silver, and Artifacts. Luckily, you can get all of these by grinding the right stages of the story. In other words, you’ll find all you need to complete the main campaign, by playing the main campaign.

RAID: Shadow Legends - How to Farm XP, Silver, and Every Other Resource

Your top priority here is to grind your characters to max level by farming certain story stages, and then also grind your food characters (the champions that you will be using as sacrifices to upgrade your main team) in the same manner. Afterward, use these food characters to promote your main team up to 5*, at which point you should be easily able to complete the main story in normal difficulty.

After you complete the main story in normal, it’s time to start farming some gear (if you haven’t already) to beat the hard, and eventually brutal difficulties. After that, it all comes down to grinding dungeons for more gear and other upgrade materials. Nevertheless, everything starts with the campaign.

RAID: Shadow Legends - How to Farm XP, Silver, and Every Other Resource

In the following paragraphs, we’re going to explore in further detail the different game modes in which you’ll be grinding all the resources that you’ll need in RSL.

Main Story Campaign (XP and Silver)

As we mentioned above, the campaign is your go-to choice for the early game. Not only is this mode a great source of XP, but you can also farm tons of Silver from here.

The story is divided into 12 chapters with 7 stages in each. While every stage gives decent rewards upon completion, stages 3 and 6 are the best for farming Silver and XP, respectively, at least in relation to the energy spent per run. Stage 3 doesn’t give much of either resource, but it drops shield artifacts that you can sell for lots of money. Stage 6, on the other hand, gives lots of XP— it’s even better than the boss stage of every chapter for grinding levels.

RAID: Shadow Legends - How to Farm XP, Silver, and Every Other Resource

Moreover, the main campaign is also a great source of artifacts for gearing up your team in the early to mid game. The first six stages of each chapter drops a specific piece of gear, while the seventh stage can drop any other piece of gear that you can find in the preceding levels of the chapter. The type of gear that you can find varies per chapter, while the specific piece varies per stage.

Here is a breakdown of the gear you can obtain from the campaign:

Type of gear obtainable per chapter:

  1. Chapter 1: Life
  2. Chapter 2: Offense
  3. Chapter 3: Defense
  4. Chapter 4: Critical
  5. Chapter 5: Accuracy
  6. Chapter 6: Speed
  7. Chapter 7: Resistance
  8. Chapter 8: Lifesteal
  9. Chapter 9: Destroy
  10. Chapter 10: Retaliation
  11. Chapter 11: Fury
  12. Chapter 12: Curing

Piece of gear obtainable per stage:

  1. Stage 1: Weapon
  2. Stage 2: Helmet
  3. Stage 3: Shield
  4. Stage 4: Gloves
  5. Stage 5: Chest
  6. Stage 6: Boots
  7. Stage 7: Any of the previous

RAID: Shadow Legends - How to Farm XP, Silver, and Every Other Resource

Now, it may seem like stage 7 is difficult to get gear from, and you’d be right. You can get basically any piece of gear as a reward from completing this stage, which makes farming specific pieces quite challenging. However, while stages 1-6 drop only common and uncommon gear, stage 7 has a chance of dropping rare variants, which may make the grind worth it if you have stamina to spare.

Dungeons (Ascension Potions, Artifacts, and Mastery Scrolls)

Now, once you’ve successfully finished most of the story, it’ll be time to farm dungeons for all the other materials you’ll need to continue upgrading your team.

It’s not uncommon for dungeons to remain untouched until you’re far into the game. This is mostly because the best rewards are locked behind the toughest dungeons that take a powerful team to successfully farm. For instance, the best gear is best farmed in levels 12 or higher of the respective dungeons, which requires a team that is fully upgraded by farming the main campaign to even stand the slightest chance of completing. Otherwise, you’ll just waste energy trying to farm dungeons that wouldn’t yield better gear than what you can get from the main campaign.

RAID: Shadow Legends - How to Farm XP, Silver, and Every Other Resource

With that being said, let’s take a look at everything you can get from each dungeon:

Potion Dungeons

Consisting of five different Keeps that drop a specific type of potion in each, including Spirit, Arcane, Magic, Void, and Force potions. These dungeons each have a specific boss and, with the exception of the Arcane Keep, open at different days of the week:

  1. Magic, Spirit, and Force: Rotate every day.
  2. Arcane: Open every day.
  3. Void: Open only on Sundays.

It’s worth noting that, if you just started, you might find all the dungeons open to you. However, after the first week of playing, the dungeons will revert to their regular schedules.

RAID: Shadow Legends - How to Farm XP, Silver, and Every Other Resource

Potions are used for ascending your champions and squeeze out a bit of extra power from each of them. These upgrades are not the highest priority since the gains are quite meager compared to regular leveling and gearing. However, it’s worth putting some time into once you’ve done everything else, especially since, as you increase ascension level, your characters will be able to equip banners, amulets, and will even gain increases in stats that don’t usually increase via regular level ups.

Depending on the type of hero, you will need both arcane potions, as well as another type of potion specific to their affinity. You can get different types of potions depending on the specific level of the respective dungeon:

  1. Levels 1-3: Lesser Potions.
  2. Levels 4-7: Lesser and Greater Potions.
  3. Levels 8-15: Lesser, Greater, and Superior Potions.

Keep in mind that, the higher the level, the more energy it’ll require per run. Take this into consideration if you’re looking to grind for potions since you’ll quickly eat through your energy reserves if not careful.

Minotaur’s Labyrinth

The best place for farming mastery scrolls, which is one of the longest grinds in the game. Alongside potions, this should be one of the least of your concerns when it comes to upgrading your champions.

The Minotaur’s Labyrinth simply consists of a regular boss encounter with a Minotaur enemy and his minions. The fight is quite simple as the enemy doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve. Nevertheless, he can do quite a lot of damage to the unprepared, especially due to his Hex debuff, which increases the damage from his AoE Tremor Stomp skill by 200%. Moreover, his passive ability makes him start with a Rage buff that increases his damage by 400% for 3 turns. Luckily, after the buff wears off, he’ll enter a Dazed status, which increases the damage he takes by 200% for 1 turn—this is your chance to strike.

RAID: Shadow Legends - How to Farm XP, Silver, and Every Other Resource

The Minotaur fight is a back and forth between healing up after his powerful attacks, and bursting him down when he’s dazed. Since he has no other attacks, as long as you can heal through the damage, there’s no way you can lose. Just remember to focus on his minions first!

Artifact Dungeons

These are some of the most important dungeons since it’s where you’ll be getting direct upgrades from the pieces of gear that you got from the main story. However, the important caveat here is that the upgrades are mostly farmed from stages 13 and further of the respective dungeon, which means that you’ll have to be quite geared and leveled to begin with. In other words, the gear dungeons are where you’ll go to grind after completing the story in Brutal difficulty and promoted a few characters to 6*.

There are 4 types of Gear Dungeons, each of which drop sets with different properties:

  1. Ice Golem’s Peak: Life, Defense, Critical Rate, Offense, Resistance, Retaliation, Cursed, Taunting, Reflex.
  2. Spider’s Den: Rings, Amulets, and Banners.
  3. Dragon’s Lair: Speed, Accuracy, Destroy, Toxic, Frost, Lifesteal, Daze, Avenging, Stalwart.
  4. Fire Knight’s Castle: Immunity, Shield, Fury, Critical Damage, Frenzy, Regeneration, Stun, Savage.

RAID: Shadow Legends - How to Farm XP, Silver, and Every Other Resource

Moreover, like everything else, these dungeons are divided into several stages, with the later stages dropping gear of higher star levels, and thus of higher quality:

  1. Stage 1: 1-2 Stars.
  2. Stage 2: 1-3 Stars.
  3. Stage 3: 2-3 Stars.
  4. Stage 4: 2-4 Stars
  5. Stages 5 and 6: 3-4 Stars.
  6. Stages 7-9: 3-5 Stars.
  7. Stages 10-15: 4-6 Stars.

If you’re coming from the main campaign fully decked out with the best gear, your best bet would be to grind until you can easily farm stage 12 or 13 of every dungeon to get the best chance of scoring 6-star gear. From stage 13 onwards are the most efficient options in terms of energy spent.

And that’s all you need to know about farming resources in RAID: Shadow Legends. If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment in the section below!