RAID: Shadow Legends, the 3D turn-based RPG is back again with its classic fusions that have become the center of debates among the community members due to their repetitive nature. Every month, Plarium chooses a new champion to be made available to all players, provided that they complete a series of events and tournaments in which some fragments of the champion are offered in exchange for completing them. Players must reach a certain milestone in the event or tournament in order to get the champion fragments that they desire. After the players collect 100 fragments of the champion, they are able to fuse them through the summoning portal. For the month of August, it seems Plarium is pulling out an exception by offering an Epic grade champion in the form of Nogoryo. The fragment fusion has already been started on 26th August 2022 and aims to run till 3rd September 2022. 

RAID: Shadow Legends – Nogoryo Fragment Fusion Event Guide

In fragment fusion events, players will need to directly get the different champion fragments of the champion through the event and tournaments. These types of fusion events are considered quite easy compared to the likes of traditional fusions where players need to separately get the individual champions and then train them to fuse their desired fusion champion. This will be an in-depth guide on the various ways available for players to obtain the different rare champions and fuse the epic champion for August 2022 – Nogoryo.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Nogoryo Fragment Fusion Event Guide

During this Fusion event, Plarium provides fragments of Nogoryo in certain events and tournaments at different milestones or checkpoints. In some events and tournaments, players can earn more fragments while in others, they will be earning less depending on the event/tournament. Players can also earn an extra 5 fragments of Nogoryo if they place number 1 on their tournament leader boards. Keep in mind that these events and tournaments will take a lot of your time if you’re going to manually play the game since Plarium only provides 30 instances of Auto-Battles per day. But don’t worry, you can easily bypass the hard grinding by simply using the BlueStacks macro recorder to record your runs and keep re-running them. 

Nogoryo Champion Skills

Nogoryo is an Epic grade Magic affinity champion from the Shadowkin faction. He is listed as an Attack type champion and the damage from his skills scales according to his Attack stat. Nogoryo has a very high base Attack of 1376 among champions of similar range and grade but has a low base defense of 815. Nogoryo seems to be a strong single targeted damaging champion that makes use of the Block Active Skills debuff quite frequently. 

RAID: Shadow Legends – Nogoryo Fragment Fusion Event Guide

Here is a list of Nogoryo’s skills: –

Double Kamas (Active)

Attacks 1 enemy 2 times. Places an extra hit if this Champion is under an [Increase ATK] buff. Each hit has a 20% chance of placing a [Block Active Skills] debuff for 2 turns.

Level 2: Damage +5%

Level 3: Damage +5%

Level 4: Damage +5%

Level 5: Damage +5%

Abduct By Night (Active)

Attacks 1 enemy. Places a [Block Buffs] debuff for 2 turns. If this champion is under an [Increase ATK] buff, steals all buffs from the target enemy before attacking.

Level 2: Damage +10%

Level 3: Damage +10%

Level 4: Cooldown -1

RAID: Shadow Legends – Nogoryo Fragment Fusion Event Guide

Faster Than the Eye (Active)

Attacks all enemies. Decreases the cooldown of this skill by 1 turn when attacking under an [Increase ATK] buff.

Level 2: Damage +5%

Level 3: Damage +5%

Level 4: Damage +10%

Level 5: Cooldown -1

Murderer’s Lust (Passive)

Places a 50% [Increase ATK] buff on this Champion for 2 turns whenever an enemy’s HP drops below 30%. This buff cannot be removed.

Nogoryo Fusion Event Guide

Nogoryo is a fragment fusion where players can expect to easily fuse him by getting 100 champion fragments of Nogoryo. As per the tradition of fragment events, players will be offered a series of events and tournaments marked by the image of Nogoryo that offer these fragments. 

RAID: Shadow Legends – Nogoryo Fragment Fusion Event Guide

We will now list the various events and tournaments through which you will be able to obtain fragments of Nogoryo.

Here is the list: –

  • Champion Training Tournament (August 25th – 28th)
  • Ice Golem Tournament (August 26th – 29th)
  • Summon Rush Event (August 26th – 30th)
  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 1 (August 27th – 30th)
  • Artifact Enhancement Event (August 28th – 31st)
  • Fire Knight Tournament (August 29th – September 1st)
  • Champion Training Event (August 30th – September 3rd)
  • Classic Arena Takedown Tournament (August 31st – September 3rd)
  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 2 (August 31st – September 3rd)

Preparation for these Events and Tournaments

As we can see from the timings of these Events and Tournaments presented by Plarium that many of these collide with each other. If you are confused by what some of the terms mean or where some of the locations of the dungeons and events are, here is a helpful guide.  You might need to spend gems to refill energy for completing the remaining events and tournaments. 

RAID: Shadow Legends – Nogoryo Fragment Fusion Event Guide

This is where efficient planning and using your resources judiciously come in. As we always say in these events, use your Gems, Energy, and Silver very carefully! If you are short on any of these resources, things can go grim fast. We have a special guide for each of the individual events and tournaments prepared for your to fuse Nogoryo easily. Take a look at our preparation process for Nogoryo Fusion here: –

25th August – 3rd September –

  • Champion Training Tournament: Nogoryo Champion Fragments x 15 (Obtained at 1850/4225 Points)

Champion training tournament being the first tournament in the set of events for Nogoryo fusion is quite the new introduction. Usually, players are greeted by a combination of dungeon-related events and tournaments. However, worry not as this is not a bad start at all. Players need to empower their champions that they have collected over time in order to gain points for the tournament. Players can easily complete the entire tournament by going to the 4225 milestones by using any of the methods we have listed below:

  1. Promote your Champions – Promoting your champions currently stands to be the best way in order to earn a huge number of points for the tournament. Promoting means directly increasing the base rank of your champion. Players get more points for the quality of promotions they made. For example, promoting a 5-Star champion to 6-Star gives players 300 points while promoting a 4-Star champion to 5-Star only gives players 100 points for the tournament. Players can use similar grade champions or chickens to promote their champions in the tavern.
  2. Leveling your Champions – Levelling up your collected champions is the next best option to get a burst amount of points for the champion training tournament. Players can use either the different elemental brews in order to give their champions XP or simply grind it out by taking their champions in the campaign stages. The latter method is more effective if you have an XP Booster saved up or running at the time of the tournament. Players can also get some bonus loot in the form of Silver as they will accumulate a lot of useless Artifacts they can sell. This silver will help players later in the tournament.
  3. Ascending your Champions – Ascending your champions is another great way to get some fast and easy points for the tournament. Granted, the number of points received for the number of resources used is not worth it. However, if you have the potions why not do it for some extra points!

RAID: Shadow Legends – Nogoryo Fragment Fusion Event Guide

  • Ice Golem Tournament: Nogoryo Champion Fragments x 10 (Obtained at 2250 Points)
  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 1: Nogoryo Champion Fragments x 10 (Obtained at 1950/ 2850 Points)

The favorite combination of any event and tournament might just be this one. These sets of events and tournaments are what we like to call as “killing 2 birds with 1 stone” type of deal. Ice Golem tournament demands the players to continuously farm the Ice Golem dungeon repeatedly for the highest possible stage they can. Players are rewarded by points for the tournament according to the quality and quantity of the artifacts they acquire as they grind the dungeon. Hence, the higher the stage being farmed, the higher will be the chance of obtaining 6-Star legendary grade artifacts that will provide the highest number of points for the tournament. It is recommended for players to farm Stage 20 of the Ice Golem dungeon for the sake of energy efficiency. The milestone of 2250 points should be easily achievable after 200 runs consuming 2250 energy roughly. 

RAID: Shadow Legends – Nogoryo Fragment Fusion Event Guide

It is recommended that players complete them after 1 day when the Dungeon divers event starts due to the number of points players can earn for both the event as well as the tournament. Dungeon divers event requires the players to obtain artifacts from any source in the game. These artifacts can come from the Marketplace, Clan Boss rewards, Campaign stage clears, or the different dungeons themselves. Hence, farming Ice Golem dungeon makes sense during the Dungeon divers event to get points for both the event and tournament.

  • Summon Rush Event: Nogoryo Champion Fragments x 25 (Obtained at 1600/2950 Points)

Summon Rush events are quite straightforward as well, the more you summon the more points you get. The quality of shards also hampers the number of points you get. The quality of champions, however, does not affect the number of points obtained in this event. Here are the points received depending on the quality of the shard: –

  • Mystery Shard: 1 Point
  • Ancient Shard: 20 Points
  • Void Shard: 100 Points
  • Sacred Shard: 500 Points

RAID: Shadow Legends – Nogoryo Fragment Fusion Event Guide

  • Artifact Enhancement Event: Nogoryo Champion Fragments x 10 (Obtained at 2000/3300 Points)

Artifact Enhancement events are simple but drain a lot of silver resources. We haven’t had a new fusion in a while so if you were clever, you should have enough resources by regularly using your energy daily. If you were not prepared, then you might have to spend your precious energy to farm silver coins for upgrading your equipment. Here are a few tips to achieve those 2500 points: –

  1. You can pre-roll your artifacts till Lvl 7/11/15 and then simply spend silver to upgrade to the next level as you get points only after upgrading artifacts to LVL 4,8,12 and 16 with the highest points being given at 6-star LVL 16 artifact upgrades.
  2. You can level up 3 6-Star artifacts to level 16 to easily complete this event in a go
  3. Save up to roughly 6 million silver per artifact enhancement event, as this amount is roughly what it takes to complete these events.

However, if you have enough silver or artifacts upgraded to a certain level, then feel free to use them to complete this event. It also takes a lot of time because the general upgrading speed for artifacts is very slow, and it fails many times as well. However, if you use BlueStacks Eco mode, you can significantly speed up this process and save so much time!   

RAID: Shadow Legends – Nogoryo Fragment Fusion Event Guide

  • Champion Training Event: Nogoryo Champion Fragments x 20 (Obtained at X/X Points)
  • Classic Arena Takedown Tournament: Nogoryo Champion Fragments x 10(Obtained at X Points)

Champion training events are all about strengthening your champions. They are similar to Champion training tournaments except they are presented in an event format where players need not compete with other players. Players can refer to these crucial tips and tricks in order to get more points for the event at a faster pace:

  1. Always remember to level up your chickens before using them to promote your champions.
  2. Do not waste brews to level up champions who are already at a high level as the efficiency of brews decreases drastically if used on high-level champions.
  3. Use Mystery shards to generate more fodder if you are out of low-rank champions. 

RAID: Shadow Legends – Nogoryo Fragment Fusion Event Guide

Classic Arena Takedown tournaments require some victories in the Classic Arena game mode of the Arena. For PvP lovers who are already at a decent ranking, this tournament is a cakewalk and can be completed in 1 day easily. For others, it might force them to plan and decide on an Arena team to compete with other players in order to get points for the tournament. We highly recommend choosing opponents that have lower team power than your own team as they are supposedly weaker opponents. Players can constantly refresh their list of opponents every 5 minutes in order to get a chance at fighting a weaker opponent. No need to use your gems to buy the classic arena tokens as the daily refresh is enough to complete this tournament.

  • Fire Knight Tournament:  Nogoryo Champion Fragments x 10 (Obtained at X Points)
  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 2: Nogoryo Champion Fragments x 10 (Obtained at X/X Points)

Fire Knight tournament requires the players to farm the Fire Knight dungeon repeatedly in order to get points for the tournament. The quality and quantity of the artifacts obtained by clearing the dungeon decide the number of points obtained. It is recommended to farm Stage 20 of the Fire Knights dungeon. Wait for 2 days to get the most benefit as the Dungeon diver event part 2 also starts on 31st August. Players can get points for both the event and tournament if they farm Fire Knights dungeon.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Nogoryo Fragment Fusion Event Guide

That covers everything for the Nogoryo epic fragment fusion event. To read more such guides, check out our Blog Section where we cover the latest happenings at RSL for our lovely community.

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