We’re going to get this out of the way right now: As far as gacha games go, RAID: Shadow Legends is among the ones that benefit the least from rerolling, at least if you’re looking to unlock great characters from the start. This is mainly because the game has no built-in reroll system, nor does it particularly give you lots of summoning materials early on, which makes it an exceedingly time-consuming process to manually reroll. Nevertheless, in theory, it’s definitely possible to reroll in this game, if you have enough patience, and if you’re committed to getting your hands on a good Legendary champion early on.

RAID: Shadow Legends Reroll Guide - How to Reroll For Good Characters or Simply Reset Your Progress

With that being said, knowing how to reroll or restart your progress in RAID can be a good thing: For starters, you might feel like you’ve made a mistake by sinking resources on a champion that turned out to be utter garbage. Conversely, you could have chosen the wrong starter (AKA anyone except Kael or Athel) and want to redo this initial choice. Whatever the case may be, it’s quite easy to restart your game in RSL, at least if you don’t mind sacrificing all the progress you’ve made, so far.

In this guide, we’ll be talking about the reroll process in RAID: Shadow Legends. Specifically, we’re going to briefly explore why you would want to reroll in this game, as well as how to do it. Moreover, we’ll also be talking about how to use BlueStacks to speed up the reroll process considerably and make it much more tolerable. Finally, you’ll also learn how to simply restart your progress in this game further down.

Why Reroll In RAID: Shadow Legends?

The answer to this is simple: 

Just like in any other gacha game, there’s a very small, minuscule chance that your first summoning might actually yield one of the best champions. These chances are particularly low in RAID since there are hundreds of champions, of which only a few are viable, and fewer still are optimal. Meanwhile, there are tons of characters that are downright bad and must be avoided at all costs. 

RAID: Shadow Legends Reroll Guide - How to Reroll For Good Characters or Simply Reset Your Progress

Nevertheless, while it’s really difficult, it is technically possible to score a nice Legendary champion from your first summoning. And if you’re grasping on to this bit of hope, then rerolling is definitely for you.

On the other hand, rerolling, or simply restarting your game, can also be quite useful to reset the bad choices that you’ve made on your current account. Whether you’ve invested tomes on the wrong character or, god forbid, you chose Galek as your starter, restarting your game might be the only chance you’ll get to redo your bad decisions, especially if you’re still early into the game.

RAID: Shadow Legends Reroll Guide - How to Reroll For Good Characters or Simply Reset Your Progress

How to Reroll in RAID: Shadow Legends

There are two main methods of rerolling in this game, depending on your current circumstances: With a Plarium ID, and without a Plarium ID.

The Plarium ID is the system used in RSL to save your account progress and synchronize it across all your devices. In this sense, whether you’re playing RSL on your phone or on your PC with the Plarium Launcher, you can play and progress on a single account using your Plarium ID.

RAID: Shadow Legends Reroll Guide - How to Reroll For Good Characters or Simply Reset Your Progress

The downside of the ID system, at least for our purposes here, is that it makes rerolling a bit harder, since you need to do a couple of additional steps to reset your progress. Luckily, even if you’re playing with a Plarium ID, the process is still quite easy, overall.

  • Rerolling With a Plarium ID

To reset your progress when you’re playing while logged into the game with your Plarium ID, you simply need to go to your character menu by clicking on your avatar on the top left, and click on “Log out”. Further, once you’re in the main menu, you simply need to log into the game with a fresh ID. This effectively means that, every time you reroll, you’ll need to create a new ID, which can take some time. This is why, instead, we recommend…

  • Rerolling Without a Plarium ID

The prime way of rerolling if you’re looking to continuously restart until you get a good character from the gacha. To restart your progress without an ID, you simply need to close the game, clear its data from the Android app menu, and reinstall the game. Sure, it might take longer since you have to reacquire the game itself, but it’s actually quite quick if you have a good internet connection.

RAID: Shadow Legends Reroll Guide - How to Reroll For Good Characters or Simply Reset Your Progress

Rerolling For the Best Characters in RAID: Shadow Legends With BlueStacks

Now, restarting your game is one thing, but rerolling to pull good Legendary or Rare characters is a whole different matter, especially since you’ll probably be at it for days, or even weeks. However, there’s a very easy way to DRAMATICALLY increase the rate of rerolling in RSL, which is by playing RAID: Shadow Legends on PC with BlueStacks.

RAID: Shadow Legends Reroll Guide - How to Reroll For Good Characters or Simply Reset Your Progress

You see, while rerolling can get overly cumbersome due to all the things you need to do whenever you want to reset your progress, BlueStacks simplifies the process significantly thanks to its Instance Manager feature. This BlueStacks tool lets you create as many instances of the Android emulator as your PC can handle, and then use all of these to access RSL with multiple accounts simultaneously. In practice, what BlueStacks does is let you reroll on several accounts at the same time. And while our emulator can’t help to actually increase your odds of getting Legendary champions, we can make it so that you can reroll more often within the same period. 

However, BlueStacks can IMMENSELY IMPROVE the process by simplifying the restart sequence. In other words, instead of uninstalling and reinstalling the game and resetting its data in the Android settings menu, you can simply delete the instance and clone an existing one in order to restart your progress, which takes a few seconds at most. 

RAID: Shadow Legends Reroll Guide - How to Reroll For Good Characters or Simply Reset Your Progress

Assuming you’ve already downloaded and installed BlueStacks, here are the steps for easily rerolling in this game:

  1. While on BlueStacks search for RAID Shadow Legends and complete the installation, but don’t launch it just yet.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + 8 to open the Instance Manager.
  3. (Optional) Rename your current instance to “RSL Base”, or something along those lines, to indicate that this is your main instance.
  4. Clone your base instance as many times as you want. Depending on your computer specs, you’ll be able to run a limited number of instances simultaneously. We recommend starting with 4 or 5 if you have a decent machine.
  5. Close your base instance and launch all the others.
  6. Progress on your other accounts until you get your first free shards, and then continue playing until you get 270 gems to buy the small shard pack from the store. Use all your summonings and check your results.
  7. If you’re unsatisfied with what you got, you can reset your progress through the Instance Manager, by deleting the instances outright, and replacing them with more clones of your base instance.
  8. Repeat as many times as necessary until you get the Rares and Legendaries that you’re looking for.

Now, this method definitely isn’t fast, nor is it particularly engaging or interesting, and it’s not supposed to be. RAID: Shadow Legends is a game that doesn’t encourage rerolling, not because the devs frown upon it, but because there simply aren’t any opportunities to do so organically in-game. Nevertheless, this is the main method used by the people who are actually serious about rerolling and min-maxing their accounts from the very beginning.

Each run will take you a few hours, though you should be able to do it faster each time as you get used to playing on BlueStacks and using the emulator’s tools. One cool aspect here is that you can actually progress on ALL your instances automatically, simply by playing on one of them with the Multi-Instance Sync feature activated. What this tool does is that, when it’s activated, BlueStacks will mirror all the actions you do on one instance, across all other active instances. In this sense, if you click on one instance, BlueStacks will do the same on all the other instances.

RAID: Shadow Legends Reroll Guide - How to Reroll For Good Characters or Simply Reset Your Progress

You can find the Instance Sync feature by pressing Ctrl + Shift + 9. By doing so, you’ll find a list of all your active instances, after which you can select the ones you wish to synchronize. In this sense, the proper use of the Instance Sync feature will help to save tons of time and effort when rerolling in RAID: Shadow Legends. If you use it correctly along with the other automation features in the game, such as auto-combat, you can significantly streamline the rerolling process. 

Before you know it, you’ll be pulling for champions with the effectiveness of a well-oiled machine!