Christmas is coming near, and Plarium is in a festive mood! They have released their new Christmas Fusion Champion Pyxniel and all the ways you can fuse it. This Fusion will be a “New Champion” fusion that Plarium is recently throwing at its players. This term means that all the champions required to fuse this Champion will be new; hence; players will have to wait until the new champions are added to the summoning pool. However, like other fusions in the past, be it new champions or old, Plarium will give ways to obtain the required champions in the form of Events and Tournaments.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Christmas Fusion Champion Pyxniel Guide

Pyxniel is a Void Legendary champion from the High Elves Faction. She is highly dependent on the Freeze mechanic in the game. We will tell you more about her skills and how you could efficiently complete this Fusion. Keep in mind that these events and tournaments will take a lot of your time if you’re going to manually play the game since Plarium only provides 30 instances of Auto-Battles per day. But don’t worry, you can easily bypass the hard grinding by simply using BlueStacks Macro Recorder to record your runs and keep re-running it. 

Pyxniel Champion Skills

Pyxniel’s skillset is a unique one like many fusion champions. As mentioned before, she is highly valuable wherever Freeze is involved. She can apply Freeze to enemy champions, but it’s random and will require some good accuracy to depend on just her skill. She’s meant to be a Support Type Champion. She is supposed to be a hard counter to Tormin The Cold, shutting him down completely with her passive. So if you have some time to spare, she sure is a worthy investment.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Christmas Fusion Champion Pyxniel Guide

Here is a list of her skills:-

Mistress of Glamour’s [ATK]

Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 30% chance of placing a Veil buff on a random ally for 1 turn. Cannot place the Veil buff on this Champion.

Grip of Winter [ATK] (Cooldown: 5 turns)

Buffs allies by 60% Increase DEF and  15% Continuous Heal for 2 turns, then attacks all enemies under Freeze debuff. Debuffs all enemies by 25% Weaken for 2 turns which are under Freeze debuff.

Icicle Barrage (Cooldown: 5 turns)

Attacks 5 enemies at random. Each hit has a 30% chance of placing a Freeze debuff for 1 turn—100% chance to Freeze enemies who are hit 2 times.

Frostweaver [Passive]

Whenever an enemy places a Freeze debuff on an ally, Pyxniel has a 20% chance of stealing the Freeze debuff and placing it on herself instead. Pyxniel has a 25% chance to fill her Turn Meter by 25% every time she receives a Freeze debuff and 35% chance to remove Freeze debuff at the start of every turn. This skill will activate only once per turn.

Aura [Leader Skill]

Increases Ally Resistance in all Battles by 80

Pyxniel Fusion Guide

Pyxniel’s Fusion requires 4 Epic Champions which are new in the game. These champions can be summoned through shards by completing certain events/tournaments or can be fused using 4 Rare Champions. It might not sound very clear, but here is an image to make it simpler.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Christmas Fusion Champion Pyxniel Guide

As you can see, 3 of the Rare Champions required for fusing the Epic Champions are the same. All the Rare champions can be obtained by various fusion events and tournaments. We will now list the various events and tournaments through which you will be able to obtain these champions.

Here is the list:-

  • Spiders Tournament (14th  – 17th  December)
  • Dungeon Divers Event (14th  – 20th  December)
  • Artifact Enhancement Event (16th – 20th  December)
  • Fire Knight Tournament (18th  – 21st  December)
  • Classic Arena Takedown Tournament (18th  – 21st  December)
  • Champion Chase Tournament (18th  – 21st  December)
  • Champion Training Event  (18th  – 25th  December)
  • Dragon Tournament  (21st  – 24th  December)
  • Dungeon Divers Event  (22nd  – 27th December)
  • Artifact Enhancement Event (24th  – 28th  December)
  • Classic Arena Takedown Tournament (25th  – 28th  December)
  • Ice Golem Tournament (25th  – 28th  December)
  • Summon Rush Event (25th –  29th  December)

Preparation for these Events and Tournaments

As we can see from the timings of these Events and Tournaments presented by Plarium that many of these collide with each other. If you are confused by what some of the terms mean or where some of the locations of the dungeons and events are, refer to our RAID: Shadow Legends farming guide(  Now doing every event and tournament 1 by 1 will drain your resources very quickly, and you will be left with half the champions. You might need to spend gems to refill energy for completing the remaining events and tournaments. This is where efficient planning and using your resources judiciously comes in. Energy and Silver will be your 2 biggest resources, and if you have enough of these saved up, things will go more smoothly for you. But if you don’t have them stored don’t fret, we are here for you! Take a look at our preparation process for Pyxniel Fusion here:-

14th – 17th December

Spider Tournament: Pigsticker (Obtained at 1800 Points)

14th – 20th December – 

Dungeon Divers Event: Ruffstone (Obtained at 1500 Points)

                                           Geargrinder (Obtained at 3850 Points)

Now we know that the Spider tournament requires you to complete Spider Dungeon to get points. The higher the stage, the more the points obtained. Dungeon Divers event rewards you for completing any dungeon. Hence, we can be efficient here and run Spider for both the tournament and the event to get points for both. We will save ample energy which can be used to complete other events and tournaments.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Christmas Fusion Champion Pyxniel Guide

The Classic Arena Takedown is very simple, and you need to do battles in the arena daily including the free refill. For the Champion Chase Tournament, if you do not have enough shards to spare, you can try farming the campaign to obtain some rare champions but only do so if you have extra energy left and are positive to complete it. Luckily, there will be a 2x Sacred Shard Event as well so if you have some Sacred Shards saved up, it will be the best time to use them as you will get better rates to summon a good champion as well as get points for the Champion Training Event.

21st – 24th December

Dragon Tournament: Panthera (Obtained at 2250 Points)

22nd – 27th December

Dungeon Divers Event: Tigersoul (Obtained at 2250 Points)

Both of these events can be completed efficiently, as well. Just farm the Dragon Dungeon at the highest stage that you can and get points for both the ongoing Event and Tournament.

24th – 28th December –

Artifact Enhancement Event: Pigsticker

25th – 28th December –

Classic Arena Takedown Tournament: Tigersoul

25th – 28th December –

Ice Golem Tournament: Ruffstone

25th – 29th December –

Summon Rush Event: Dagger

                                         Alaric the Hooded

Now coming to these events and tournaments, we cannot confirm for certain the points at which the champions will be available as they are in the future. However, we can tell you how to approach these events and tournaments so you can efficiently complete them.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Christmas Fusion Champion Pyxniel Guide

Artifact Enhancement event is just more silver for upgrading your artifacts. If you have farmed and completed the previous events, you should have enough of it by now. If not, farm some more! Classic Arena Takedown is again a very easy and passive tournament. Just do all your Arena daily including the free refill provided. For the Ice Golem Tournament, we would guess that the rare Champion would be placed around the 1800-2000 Points mark, so make sure to save up energy accordingly and do not use any refills or gems. Summon Rush could be a tough event to complete as it will require shards. If you do not have the Ancient or Sacred Shards, make sure to keep yourself flooded with the Mystery Shards as they give 1 Point per Shard which might seem small but the sheer number of them you get daily by farming, doing quests, market and online rewards, amount to be huge.

That is it from our side for everything you need to know about the Christmas Fusion Champion Pyxniel! To read more such guides, check out our RAID: Shadow Legends blog section where we cover the latest happenings at RSL for our lovely community.

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