Raising combat power is a difficult task to do in Rainbow Story Global. Even if you think your CP value is enough, you’ll discover that a lot of veterans players have almost double the combat power despite having the same level as you. While many of them have premium items to help boost their combat power, you should at least have 2/3rd’s the value that those players have. This guide will help shed some light on how players can increase their CP in the game as quickly as possible.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Rainbow Story Global

In our Hero Guide, we already explained that Combat Power is the average value of your attributes and other combat stats. The player with the higher combat power will almost always win a fight because the game doesn’t have a lot of mechanics that allow the player’s skills to overcome the enemy’s hits. This is why having more powerful stats is always the key to winning a fight in Rainbow Story Global. Here’s a list of things that give the highest amount of CP:

Upgrading Gear

Upgrading gear is undoubtedly the best way to raise your CP. The game only features an individual set of gear for each class, classified under different rarities. The goal is to have a full set of Red quality gear eventually but to do that, players need to upgrade the equipment they have on and farm them from monsters. Here are the different ways you can upgrade your gear:

  • Enhancement

Enhancement is the most basic way of upgrading your hero’s gear. Enhancement refers to leveling and starring up a piece of gear. Leveling up an item requires players to spend enhancement stones, which increases your equipment’s level by 1 for each stone, up to Level 10. Enhancement Stones can be acquired by mining or recycling excess gear in your storage. Once you have a complete set of purple gear, make sure to recycle all items up to purple quality.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Rainbow Story Global

Starring up your gear is a bit more costly. Starups can only be done on orange quality gear and above. Players will need to feed a certain number of extra orange quality gear to one of your items to increase their star level by one. Players will need to farm orange quality gear from bosses or purchase them at the auction house. Both forms of enhancement are account permanent, so even if you change the current gear, the upgrades will be inherited by the new items.

  • Reforming

Reforming is a method of upgrading gear to the next tier. Players can only acquire gear up to the orange quality, so to get red quality gear, they will have to reform existing orange quality gear using recipes. These recipes can be acquired from the Mayan Temple. To reform a gear, simply combine an existing orange quality gear and a recipe from the same slot to transform it into a red item.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Rainbow Story Global

Once a player has successfully reformed their item, they will receive a massive boost in CP. Getting a complete set of red quality gear is extremely hard because recipes have low drop chances in Boss fights, and they cost a large number of pearls on the auction house. In addition, once an orange gear has been reformed, it will be part of a gear set that gives additional stats for every two pieces.

  • Equipment Sets

Equipment sets are different types of character gear. They are not the same as the items you currently have equipped to your character since they do not appear as items in your inventory. Instead, they provide stats and bonuses by completing gear sets, similar to red quality items. You can check these equipment sets when you go to the Equipment tab, then Set.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Rainbow Story Global

Players can unlock equipment sets by crafting them using unique stones acquired from Bosses. You’ll notice multiple equipment sets, each with different resources required to craft them. The primary goal is to unlock all of them to get the maximum bonuses from these equipment sets before upgrading them.

Leveling Companions

Companions refer to your pets and your mount. First off, the mount offers a significant boost in CP and can be boosted by feeding your companion Growth Exp. In addition, players can get higher rarity mounts, which give more base stats and have better growth when leveled up. Unless you’re willing to spend money, being content with the current mount you have is probably the only choice available.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Rainbow Story Global

Pets are a different story. Pets also have rarities, with SSS rank pets being the strongest and most difficult pets to acquire. However, players can farm them from Bosses or obtain them through the gacha system. Players can also enhance and starup their pets to further increase the CP value they give your hero. 


Consumables are a quick way to get bonus CP. One example of consumables include potions, which give the player some stats, up to the limit set upon by their player rank. The bonus these give is tiny, so some players don’t mind it, but if you consume enough, it will stack to a significant amount.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Rainbow Story Global

Players also gain other consumables such as artifact materials. These materials are necessary for unlocking artifacts, which can take a pretty long time. Once an artifact is unlocked, the player can start upgrading it to gain bonus CP. Like potions, they offer small amounts of CP but are significant when stacked up.

Improving Rank

Another significant way to gain CP is to improve your hero rank. The higher the rank, the more CP you’ll gain cumulatively. However, raising your hero rank is extremely hard and expensive. If you’re not willing to spend money, it might take you a while of farming and sniping items from the auction house at a low price to get the necessary resources for rank promotions.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Rainbow Story Global

To increase your rank, players will need to spend Honor Points to move from Rank 1-5. Getting promoted from one rank to the next requires players to spend Slayer Medals, which is a resource acquired from bosses or can be acquired for a relatively high price at the auction house. Even though it’s expensive, it’s worth noting that the cost is reimbursed because you unlock new stuff whenever you reach a new rank.