Rainbow Story Global can be a very tricky MMORPG to master for players who have no idea the best way to start the game. However, players who have been following our previous guides should have very little trouble keeping up with the game’s mechanics and are already set to succeed. Of course, there are always new things for players to learn, and so, we’ve gathered some valuable tips and tricks that should give new players a more leisurely time playing the game in the future.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Rainbow Story Global

Players that are trying to climb the rankings may notice that a lot of veteran players are progressing faster than them, even if those players started at the same time. The reason why those players have accelerated growth is that they have the time and knowledge to do essential tasks every day. By keeping up this practice regularly, casual players who are not willing to make the sacrifice are left behind. These are the things that players need to do if they want to keep up with the rest:

Complete Your Dailies

Daily tasks are at the heart of progress. The biggest problem is that Rainbow Story Global has a lot of daily tasks that will take an hour or two just to complete them and even then, players have to wait for the time-limited events that only appear on a specific schedule. Players who are patient enough to complete all of these tasks will gain massive amounts of experience and earn rewards that regular players will most likely miss because they only complete a portion of the tasks when they play.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Rainbow Story Global

Dailies don’t just refer to daily dungeons. It can also mean the daily missions and everything that resets during the official server schedule. It can feel like a drag to do so many tasks, and most players end up getting bored of doing these as a daily chore, but those who suck it up gain a lot of rewards upon completion. If you’re not the type of person who cares about rankings or getting the maximum amount of rewards, doing at least half of the tasks daily should be enough. 

Use Offline AFK Tickets

Offline AFK tickets are items that allow your hero to gain experience and rewards even if you’re not playing the game. This resource is crucial in ensuring that your character always gains resources even if you’re busy. Usually, players use these tickets before they go to sleep because that’s the longest time they end up leaving the game, and it is recommended that you do so as well. Although, you can use it whenever you plan to be away from the game for more than 5 hours.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Rainbow Story Global

Players can get offline AFK tickets by purchasing them on the Daily Packs tab. Players will need to farm a certain number of daily points by doing daily tasks first before purchasing this item. Each offline AFK ticket lasts 5 hours and can be stacked to increase the duration of its effects. Even if the player goes online while the tickets are activated, it won’t affect the countdown period of the bonus, so it’s better to use it when going offline for an extended period.

Participate in the Arena

The Arena is where PvP takes place, and players will fight against other players in combat outside real-time. The battle is automatic for both players, so the most significant factor in winning is combat power. We’ve prepared a Combat Power Guide to help players understand the best way to raise theirs, so check that out before diving into the PvP mode of the game. Luckily, players can choose their opponents, so they don’t have to worry too much about accidentally losing a match.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Rainbow Story Global

Participating in the Arena is an essential task because this is where players will get Honor Points. Honor Points are a resource that’s used in many essential functions. One example is upgrading skills. Players will need to purchase Skill Books using Honor Points to upgrade their abilities. Another use is by upgrading their hero rank, which is an extremely important part of raising your hero’s CP. There are other ways to earn Honor Points, but this method is the most reliable.

Use the Auction House

The Auction House system is a popular feature in a lot of MMORPGs. By adding a player-driven market, players can have alternative ways of getting the items they need without needing to grind through an endless number of dungeons and bosses while getting loot that is useless for them. It also means that players can sell the loot they acquire and convert it into a currency that they can use to buy the items they want. This gives more purpose to clearing dungeons and bosses daily.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Rainbow Story Global

Players should use the auction house often but shouldn’t be addicted to the feeling of buying and selling stuff. Pearls are the currency used in the auction house, and players can get it by selling items or earning them as rewards. Buy only the things you need, such as armor pieces and Slayer Medals. Additionally, don’t sell everything you receive as loot, only those you can’t use in your class.

Join a Clan

Joining a Clan is the final step in making sure that you’re all set for your grand adventure. Clans are places where players can do group content and unlock additional game modes that they can enjoy. An active clan will always have a lot of benefits for all its members, and some are even helpful enough to assist their newer members in doing difficult content. The clan auction also gives players shared Pearls whenever they sell an item.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Rainbow Story Global

Players should make sure that they join an active clan. Being in an inactive clan is more of a burden than a benefit because you give your members rewards without getting anything in return. It’s always a good idea for players to join clans in the Top 10 rankings because those have members who are willing to do content. They may have higher CP requirements, but they’re worth it.