In the bewitched land of Revived Witch, players can experience a unique blend of input-based battles and Puzzle RPG mechanics. This latest offering by YoStar Limited launched just 2 weeks ago and has already topped the charts on Google Play store. The free-to-play title is a hero collector game where players have to summon for their favorite units through the summon system using gacha mechanics. Players can experience a unique team-building aspect to the game as well as Adventure RPG feels when playing the Exploration mode in Revived Witch. However, things might get confusing for new players, hence the reason for making this beginner’s guide. In this beginner’s guide, we will be giving a brief overview of how you can progress fast and efficiently in Revived Witch while also explaining the different areas of the game. 

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide for Revived Witch

Summoning System

Revived Witch is a hero collector game where players need to summon the units for using them in battles. All the characters are called “Dolls” amicably in Revived Witch. Dolls come in different rarities and have different summonable rates. Some dolls have their own limited exclusive banners where they are the featured doll to summon with higher rate-up chances. The summon rates according to the rarity are as follows:

  • R (Rare) – 50% chance of summoning R rarity Dolls
  • SR (Super Rare) – 40% chance of summoning SR rarity Dolls
  • SSR (Special Super Rare) – 8% chance of summoning SSR rarity Dolls
  • UR (Ultra Rare) – 2% chance of summoning UR rarity Dolls

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide for Revived Witch

Players are always recommended to summon for limited doll rather than summoning on the standard banner. The pity exists in Revived Witch in 2 forms – a UR doll is guaranteed at 80 summons and the rate up doll is guaranteed at 150 summons. If players are not able to reach the pity, it will be carried over on the next banner of the same kind. Summoning requires players to use their premium currency called Soul or the summoning currency called Soul Cryolites. 

Understanding the Currencies 

Firstly, let’s see what are the different currencies used in Revived Witch:

  • Mana
  • Soul
  • Stamina

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide for Revived Witch

Mana is the currency that players will be using almost everywhere and in huge quantities in later stages of the game. This is the currency that will be most abundant and available to players as they progress through the game. Players use Mana everywhere at almost any stage of the game to enhance their dolls, level up the dolls, upgrade their skills, enhance the equipment, etc. Mana is a farmable currency that can be acquired in dungeons, story stages, dispatch, etc. 

The soul is the premium currency that is used for hero summoning and purchasing Stamina refreshes. Soul is the currency that is not very abundant at the mid-end game so players need to judiciously use them and not spend them all in one go. They are primarily obtained by clearing stages for the first time and events regularly. They can also be obtained from doing PvP in Arena. Apart from Soul, a currency called Diamond is also considered premium but cannot be acquired without using real money in-game to buy packages from the shop. We recommend using Soul to refresh Stamina for f2p players unless they have saved enough to summon on the limited banners and go till pity.

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide for Revived Witch

Stamina is the main currency that is used to play the game itself. All content requires stamina to be able to be played and completed. Stamina is acquired passively but can also be refreshed. Players can collect more stamina either by using Stamina Pots/Elixirs or by purchasing through spending Soul.

Understanding the UI

Revived Witch features a densely populated UI with multiple icons and menus to go around. Players might get confused, especially if they are new to these types of gacha RPG games. In this section, we will be explaining some of the most basic menus which you will be visiting frequently to power up your dolls and progress in the game further. You can unlock certain content after reaching a certain stage in the main story, thus we will not discuss it right now as this will be a beginners guide.

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide for Revived Witch

Dolls Tab – The Dolls tab is the menu where players can view their owned dolls in-game. This tab will contain everything related to your dolls and the things you can do to empower them. Players can view and filter out depending on the rarities, elements, and level of their units. Players can further select their units and enhance them as well. Enhancing consists of:

  • Leveling Up
  • Ascending 
  • Evolving
  • Equipment
  • Skills

Leveling Up consists of raising your unit’s level using Mana. Mana is the same currency we talked about at the beginning which is available in abundance. Keep in mind while leveling up, it takes less Mana at the beginning but drastically goes up when the Dolls reach a higher level. Do not spend all your Mana on 1 doll but try to make a team formation and level them accordingly. Players can level each doll according to their Ascension level. For example, base dolls at Ascension 0 can only be leveled up to Level 30.

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide for Revived Witch

Ascension is the mechanic where players increase the Level Cap of their dolls. Ascending dolls require the dolls to be at the max level of their current Ascension level and the specific amount of Quartz. Quartz is the currency used specifically for Ascension and can be obtained from Exploration in trials. They come in different types according to the class of the dolls. For example, Guardian Dolls require guardian quartz to ascend them. Keep in mind that ascension resets the level of the doll but the doll can now be leveled more. Hence, it’s a grindy feature but it boosts the overall stats of your dolls.

Evolving the dolls increases their particular base stat by a lot. However, evolution takes that particular dolls’ duplicate soul stone or the respectable class soul stone which can be acquired through the Golden Petal shop.

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide for Revived Witch

Equipment is the standard gear that you can make your doll wear to increase its stats. Every equipment has its own base attributes and a level attached to it. These can be enhanced to increase their value in the Forge. The forge uses other equipment or equipment enhancer currencies called Hematite, Charcolite, etc. Players can get higher-level equipment which will have better stats and attributes by grinding the higher level of Doll Equipment stages.

Skills can be enhanced by going to the Skill tab using Skill enhancement materials. This will increase their damage or utility depending on the type of skill. 

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide for Revived Witch

Summon Tab – This is the tab where players can summon their dolls. It features the different banners currently available along with the time left and your pity for that banner.

Workshop – As we already mentioned, equipments are a big part of powering up your dolls. All players can view their currently available equipments in the Workshop menu. This menu is also linked to the forge tab. Players can view and upgrade their equipments from here. More stuff like Valuables and Materials can also be seen here. Equipments that are not needed can be decomposed to obtain Hematites and Charcolites (the equipment enhancement currencies).

Witch’s Courtyard – Witch Courtyard is one of the very important PvE content where players can accumulate additional resources passively and by utilizing their current dolls. Players can also interact with their dolls in the Cottage. Its main attraction is the Magic Tree which can help the players to get more out of their dolls. They empower dolls and provide more functionality like the following:

  • Cottage – Dispatch dolls to increase the Energy Recovery Rate of all dolls on the same floor.
  • Mirror of the Otherworld – Dispatch dolls to explore the Mirror of the Otherworld, increasing the drop rate of the byproducts.
  • Firefly Lampstand – Fireflies collect all kind of fluorescence and maintain the ecological balance of the Otherworld.
  • Alchemy Lab – Dispatch dolls to alchemize, increasing the drop rate of byproducts.
  • Fluorescence Villa – A training place where fluorescence is used to enhance the power of dolls.
  • Music Box – Players can listen to the in-game music sounds and tracks by going here.

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide for Revived Witch

Mailbox – The mailbox is present at the top right-hand side corner of the main menu. Players can access the mailbox menu to collect their rewards like pre-registration rewards, maintenance rewards, and quest rewards.

Commission Board Tab – Commission Board can be considered a diary to track the overall progress which the players make in their lifetime playing Revived Witch. It rewards players based on their progression as well as other categories.

Commission Board is divided into 4 categories:

  • Pray
  • Storyline
  • Achievement
  • Commission

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide for Revived Witch

Pray quests are those quests that refresh every day after server reset and can be completed every day for rewards. They can be considered as the daily quests in other games. Completing them will provide players, 30 Soul. They are an important and unlimited source of resources so make sure to complete them on a daily basis.

Storyline quests are those quests that reward players based on their progression in the main story. Players can directly go to them and click on them which will redirect them to the target area where they can complete it and claim the rewards. It includes all the generous rewards like Mana, Hematites, Soul, etc.

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide for Revived Witch

Achievements are tasks that are considered to be a long-time rewarding area as it contains quests that take up a lot of time to complete but reward generously. They are further divided into different categories related to empowering your collected dolls and progressing through the content of the game.

Commissions are the source of Dream Shards which are limited and can be used to power up your battle pass missions and levels. They can be collected through completing the missions listed like clearing the main story stages. 

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide for Revived Witch

Revived Witch is a grindy game that can cause battery drainage and lag issues on the smaller batteries of your mobile phone. Understandably, they need to be played for long periods and need constant input at lag-free instants to effectively win the battle. Playing Revived Witch on a bigger screen without worrying about battery drainage and lag-free gameplay is highly recommended. Hence, we recommend playing Revived Witch on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.