While most other strategy and base-building games revolve around PvP and attacking other players, Rise of Cultures gives us a more relaxed and mellow experience, allowing us to build our bases at our own leisure with no pressure or constant risk of being attacked. And while you can also participate in an intense combat against the computer, which is something you’ll inevitably want to do if you want to progress in this game, there’s never any threat to your town, and you can challenge the combat stages at any moment.

Rise of Cultures City Building Tips and Tricks

It’s this different focus that makes Rise of Cultures such an interesting game, oriented more towards actually building and running your town rather than amassing huge armies and setting them loose on your enemies. Consequently, this shift in focus makes this game quite a different experience, and you’ll definitely need to adapt if you want to run your settlement successfully.

With that being said, today we’re going to be giving you a few useful tips and tricks to keep in mind when building your town in Rise of Cultures.

Your Layout Can be Changed at Any Moment

One of the particularities of this strategy game is that, just like in Rise of Kingdoms, your city is built upon a grid. In other words, you can freely place your buildings as you see fit, as long as they fall within the bounds of your territory. This is great since it not only lets us create cool layouts, especially in the latter stages of the game where we have a large territory and also a wide variety of buildings and structures to work with, but it also lets us fine-tune our settlement for maximum efficiency.

The thing about Rise of Cultures is that, while you may start small and with limited space, you will eventually grow into a vast metropolis. In this sense, what worked for you at the beginning might not be very effective in the mid-game, and much less in the later phases. Because of this, you’ll probably want to reorganize your structures as you progress, which luckily is something that you can easily do in this game.

Rise of Cultures City Building Tips and Tricks

To reorganize your buildings in this game, all you need to do is click and hold on them for a few seconds. This will effectively lift the structure off the ground and let you move, rotate, and even sell them to make space. You can do this at any moment, without limits. In this sense, there’s really no wrong way to develop your town, since you can always restructure your layout with a single click. 

This brings us to our next point.

Distribute Your Cultural Sites Efficiently

For the most part, the only thing you need to worry about when building your settlement is that you actually have enough space to accommodate all your buildings, which is something you’ll be struggling with constantly. However, this can get worse when you discover your first cultural sites early on.

Rise of Cultures City Building Tips and Tricks

While not producing anything directly, cultural sites are extremely important in Rise of Cultures since they provide happiness boosts to all the buildings in their vicinity. Happiness, on the other hand, is a stat that can increase the productivity of any building, up to a maximum of an additional 100% on top of the base production rate. In this sense, a farm with a maxed-out happiness bonus will effectively generate double the food within the same period, and the same goes for homes, barracks, and every other building that can produce any type of resource or troop over time. The only difference with barracks is that, while they can never produce more troops than what their maximum capacity allows, they can replenish vacant slots at a much faster rate if they have happiness bonuses.

The thing about cultural sites is that they only affect a very limited area, and only the buildings that are in the immediate vicinity will benefit. This means that, once you unlock this feature, your settlement layout will become much more important, as you need to efficiently distribute both your production buildings, as well as your cultural sites, so that the largest number of production structures can benefit.

Rise of Cultures City Building Tips and Tricks

As a general rule of thumb, if you had to choose between production and barracks, we’ll always recommend prioritizing the former when granting happiness bonuses, at least at the beginning. While your troops can replenish fairly quickly even without bonuses, you’ll always need as much food and gold as you can possibly generate.

Develop Multiple Cities With BlueStacks to Speed Up Growth

Developing your settlement in Rise of Cultures can be a very time-consuming task, particularly since you always need to wait either until you have enough resources to pay for a project, or to wait until a timer finishes so you can continue with the next step of your development. The former, in particular, will quickly become an issue as you advance, considering that the cost of projects in food and gold can get extraordinarily high.

However, by playing Rise of Cultures on PC with BlueStacks, you can get access to the Instance Manager feature, which lets you play on multiple accounts simultaneously, effectively allowing you to develop several towns easily. Once you unlock the trading feature in the Minoan Era, you can then start exchanging resources between your different accounts, which effectively lets you funnel materials from your secondary towns to your main account, therefore massively speeding up the latter’s growth.

Rise of Cultures City Building Tips and Tricks

Check out our PC setup guide for Rise of Cultures to learn how to easily and quickly install this game on your computer.

When Choosing Research, Prioritize Projects That Grant Additional Houses

This one is pretty simple and self-explanatory: More homes = more workers = more productivity. In this sense, whenever you’re choosing to work on research projects, always go for the ones that grant extra homes, as these will give the most benefits in the short and long term.

Rise of Cultures City Building Tips and Tricks

Oh and this probably goes without saying, but every time you research something that grants additional homes, don’t forget to actually construct the buildings. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve actually unlocked new slots, only to forget about them immediately afterward.

Join an Active Alliance

For the same reason as to why you’d want to play Rise of Cultures on PC with BlueStacks, joining an active alliance will give you access to valuable teammates that can assist with the development of your town. This is great for when you don’t want to play on multiple accounts, with the caveat that, if your alliance ever dies down and its users become inactive, you’d be left without support and would have to look around for a new group.

Rise of Cultures City Building Tips and Tricks

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be developing your town in Rise of Cultures in no time. Feel free to leave your own awesome pointers and advice in the comments below!