If you’re a veteran of the strategy conquest genre or have at least experience with games like Rise of Kingdoms, Lords Mobile, State of Survival, King of Avalon, or others, then you might find that Rise of Cultures is quite familiar. After all, this title features much of the same building and combat mechanics as the ones in Rise of Kingdoms, while also offering a similar aesthetic. Nevertheless, despite their similarities, Rise of Cultures is actually quite distinct from the others, featuring a stronger focus on PvE content as opposed to competitive PvP, which lets the more casual players enjoy the gameplay at their own pace, without the constant threat of being attacked.

Beginner’s Guide for Rise of Cultures - All You Need to Know Before Getting Started

In short, Rise of Cultures is more of a collaborative experience, where people can gather to develop their towns and trade resources, and also spend some time battling against NPC enemies. It’s this difference in approach that makes this game so appealing and unique, and also what could lead to some issues when starting out. For this reason, we’ve decided to create a Rise of Cultures beginner’s guide that will help you get your bearings from the very start.

Get the Best Experience by Playing on PC With BlueStacks

Before jumping into the guide itself, though, it’s important to note that you can play Rise of Cultures on PC with BlueStacks, which will not only give you the best experience by letting you play on your large monitor and with your mouse, but also gives you access to a plethora of tools and features to help enhance your gameplay.

By playing on BlueStacks, you can enjoy intuitive mouse and keyboard controls thanks to the Keymapping Tool; you can play on multiple instances at the same time and become a one-person army thanks to the Instance Manager, and you can even automate the most tedious and grind-y aspects with the press of a button using the Macro Recorder.

Beginner’s Guide for Rise of Cultures - All You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Simply put, BlueStacks gives you everything you might need in order to excel in Rise of Cultures on PC. Feel free to check our PC setup guide for this game to learn how to install it on your computer—BlueStacks is free, runs on most computers, and the process takes only a few minutes.

City Building Basics

Now that you’re hopefully getting the best experience with Rise of Cultures on your computer, let’s go ahead and dive into the basic aspects of developing your city.

The building mechanics in this game are similar to the ones in Rise of Kingdoms, in that all your structures can be built freely on a grid, and the main restrictions to your development come from lack of resources, as well as insufficient space. Nevertheless, you don’t really have to worry about this at the beginning since you’ll have enough resources and space to keep you going for a while.

Beginner’s Guide for Rise of Cultures - All You Need to Know Before Getting Started

To build a structure, simply choose it from the build menu, drag it to the desired location, and then confirm the construction. Immediately after, you’ll see a worker go to the construction site and work until the structure is completed. Keep in mind that, unlike other strategy games, you’re not limited to one construction at a time. Instead, you always have a limited number of workers in your town, which you can assign to different tasks such as producing resources, training troops, constructing buildings. and more. In this sense, you can issue as many construction projects as you want—as long as you have a free worker, they will labor to fulfill your orders.

Beginner’s Guide for Rise of Cultures - All You Need to Know Before Getting Started

You can increase the number of workers at your disposal by building new homes, which are also the buildings that produce gold on an hourly basis. In fact, this should be your priority when constructing new buildings. Keep in mind, however, that there are always restrictions to the number of buildings of the same type that you can construct. Despite this limitation, make sure to always max out your home allowances—the more workers on your team, the more things you’ll be able to do simultaneously.

Science and Research

While building and developing your town is crucial to your progress, the only way to actually advance and unlock new stuff in Rise of Cultures is through research. In fact, it’s through research that your civilization will advance to new ages and open the way for significant breakthroughs.

Beginner’s Guide for Rise of Cultures - All You Need to Know Before Getting Started

To research a new project, however, you need research points, which are generated automatically over time, initially at a rate of one per hour. Each research project has a varying point cost to unlock them, and then you need to pay a sum of food and gold to finish the actual research. In this sense, the majority of your gold and food production, at least at the beginning, will go towards researching new tech for your city.

Beginner’s Guide for Rise of Cultures - All You Need to Know Before Getting Started

You can also score research points from completing quests, as well as from investigating incidents in your town. Feel free to check out our tips and tricks for Rise of Cultures to learn more about how to increase your generation of research points.

Combat and Warfare

Despite the distinct focus on city-building, Rise of Culture also has lots of combat, though it consists of purely PvE matches against the CPU that you can challenge at your own leisure. It’s important to clear these fights since, by clearing areas, you’ll receive important prizes such as food and gold. However, the best reward you can get from this aspect is, by far, the territory expansion tokens that let you clear more space in your settlement.

Beginner’s Guide for Rise of Cultures - All You Need to Know Before Getting Started

The fights themselves are pretty straightforward and don’t require much explanation. The most important part actually takes place before the battles themselves, which is when you position your armies in formation. It’s crucial that you place your army correctly as this will maximize your odds of winning. And while we went into more detail on this in our tips and tricks guide, the general rule of thumb is to position your infantry at the front, your archers at the back, and your cavalry to the sides.

Aside from your armies, you can also recruit a variety of commanders in Rise of Cultures. These characters are vital to your success since they can use powerful abilities in combat, which can deal tons of damage to numerous enemies. These abilities all have different effects, and can be used as many times as you want, as long as their cooldown allows. In this sense, your commanders will give your armies the extra push they need to clear the tougher stages.

Beginner’s Guide for Rise of Cultures - All You Need to Know Before Getting Started

These are the most fundamental aspects of Rise of Cultures that you should know about before getting started. As long as you focus on building, producing food and gold, and researching, your city will quickly develop and reach new ages. Moreover, as you continue to fight and clear areas of enemies, you will also unlock more slots to build more structures, which in turn will help to generate more resources and speed up your growth.