Note- This is an old guide. Some info and strats talked about in this article might not be applicable with the current meta. Please read our Updated Civilization Guide for better results in-game.

To the ardent gamer, Rise of Kingdoms appears as an amalgamation of a few different game genres. Taking the best bits available and adding in their own unique flavor, the creators have really managed to create something spectacular in the form of this game. You can jump to whichever civilization you wanna read about right here:


Best Tips and Tricks for Rise of Kingdoms on PC

Rise of Kingdoms begins by offering users the choice to choose from a total of eight different civilizations. This initial choice will set the foundation of your whole game. Even though there is a way to change your civilization later on but it comes at a cost. A colossal cost of 10,000 gems that is!

Each civilization comes with its own unique hero. Although you may factor in the hero while making the decision but it should not be the ultimate deciding factor. Heroes can be obtained later on in the game irrespective of the choice of civilization.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

Let us take a look at the bonuses and unique troops that come with each civilization to help you make up your mind better.

1. Rome
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

With the starting commander Scipio Africanus, Rome is all about speed. The unique unit is an infantry special called Legion. With the all important role of troops in mind, increased infantry defence can be a useful trait to possess.

The commander and troops of Rome provide an imposing presence in the game. Increased troop march speed means faster initiation of attacks and overall more efficiency of troops.

 Vital Stats:

Troops March Speed increases 5%

Food Gathering Speed increases 10%

Infantry Defence increases 5%

2. Germany
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

Hermann is the starting commander for Germany. He is a great commander to defend your city with. Germany has the unique cavalry unit Teutonic Knight.

With faster troop training speed along with quick action point recovery, you can attack more often. This is a great advantage and is the reason that many players prefer to start with Germany.

Germany may very well be the strongest civilization in this game.

Vital Stats:

Cavalry Attack increases 5%

Troops training speed increases 5%

Action Point Recovery Speed increases 10%

3. Britain
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

Britain has Boudica as the starting commander. Unique unit is the Longbowman (archer). The stats of Britain are not as impressive and useful as those of some other civilizations. This civilization can be seen as having more of a ‘support’ role.

While the commander of Britain is likable but the lack of any significant perks and bonuses make it probably the weakest civilization in the game.

Vital Stats:

Archer Attack increases 5%

Wood gathering speed increases 5%

Ally Garrison Capacity increases 10%

4. France
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

The starting commander Joan of Arc specializes in gathering resources. The other stats of France also reflect attributes that make it a resourceful nation. Unique unit is the Throwing Axeman.

If we compare the perks of France with other civilizations, we might find them a bit underwhelming. While they emphasize greatly on resource gathering, all other vital aspects of the game are being neglected.

Vital Stats:

Troops Health increases 2%

Stone gathering Speed increases 10%

Hospital Healing Speed increases 10%

5. Spain
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

Spain has its main focus on cavalry units. The starting commander is called Pelagius and the unique unit Conquistador is a worthwhile cavalry unit. All three perks of Spain are pretty handy and therefore make this civilization worth considering.

Gold is one of the rare resources which appears in the later stages of the game. An added speed increase in gathering gold can give you an edge if your strategy relies heavily on gold.

Vital Stats:

Cavalry Defence increases 5%

Gold gathering Speed increases 10%

Troop Load increases 10%

6. China
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

China is among one of the community favourites with a lot of users opting to start with China. The infamous Sun Tzu leads the armies. Unique unit is the archer type Chu-Ko-Nu. China boasts of a pretty strong defence that in turn is useful to protect your valuable resources.

As a civilization, China can be pretty fun to play with.

Vital Stats:

Troops Defence increases 2%

Resource Production Speed increases 10%

Building Speed increases 2%

7. Japan
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

Having a good starting commander like Kusunoki Masashige gives Japan an edge over some of the other civilizations. The unique unit is the legendary infantry troop Samurai. In terms of perks, Japan has a mixture of good and pointless ones. Troop attack bonus and added training capacity are pretty neat perks to have.

Vital Stats:

Troops Attack increases 2%

Scout March Speed increases 30%

Troop Capacity increases 5%

 8. Korea
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

Once again we have something almost at par with Britain. While the commander Eulji Mundeok is competent, but the perks like increased hospital capacity is impractical in the game. The unique unit Hwarang also doesn’t quite help in making this civilization much appealing.

Vital Stats:

Archer Defence increases 5%

Research Speed increases 2%

Hospital Capacity increases 10%

Still confused about which one to choose?

The ultimate decision on selecting a starting civilization is just a matter of personal preference. While some perks may give a little added benefit here and there but in the end it all just comes down to strategy and how well you adapt yourself to the environment.

For us, the civilizations that appear to be better than others one way or another are Germany, China, Rome and Spain.

What’s next?

Now that you have hopefully made your initial decision, the rest is a glorious adventure. With the power of BlueStacks at your disposal, you can take the whole gaming experience one notch further.

Rise of Kingdoms is a pretty demanding game, with so much going on in the vast map it is often hard to keep up with everything. Now with the new BlueStacks, the whole strategy game experience has been made as smooth as possible. You do not have to worry about small screens and laggy phones! GLHF Playing on BlueStacks.