Rise of the Kings uses an already familiar recipe to give its players a new mobile war game experience. If you’re acquainted with the base-building strategy genre, then you’ll find that this game doesn’t have many surprises in store for you. If, on the other hand, you’ve never played a game like Rise of the Kings before, you’ll need to know exactly what you can build in your base before you begin your expansion.

Rise of the Kings: The Complete Guide to Your Base

This is where our guide comes in. The tutorial to Rise of the Kings will show you how to place buildings and how to upgrade them, but it won’t tell you which buildings compete for the same slots or how to prioritize between the ones that do. We’ve put together everything you need to know (and the game doesn’t tell you) in the guide below.

Inner vs Outer Building Plots

The territory of your kingdom (or base) is essentially divided into two parts – the inside and the outside of the Wall. On the inside, you’ll find a few large building slots that you can occupy with various buildings. The number of slots matches the number of available inner buildings and each construction can only be placed once. In other words, although you can choose where exactly you would like to place each building, you won’t be able to place a copy, nor will you have to worry about prioritizing between different functions.

Rise of the Kings: The Complete Guide to Your Base

This is not the case outside of the Wall, where you will find dozens of plots with the possibility to unlock dozens more as you grow your kingdom. Constructions that can be built here include the four resource buildings – the Farm, Lumber Mill, Iron Mine, and Silver Mine – as well as the War Tents and the Field Hospitals. Furthermore, outer buildings compete with each other for the same plots.

To create an efficient kingdom, you have to prioritize between them and choose the buildings that are most likely to advance the goal of a particular account. For example, you might want more War Tents and Field Hospitals on your main account, but more resource buildings on your (farming) alts.

The Complete List of Buildings and Their Functions

Before you can make optimal decisions about your outer plots, you need more information about the functions of each building. What’s more, you need to know which constructions are worth upgrading first since all buildings are competing for the same resources.

The Castle – determines how far you can upgrade all other buildings. Some Castle levels are particularly important because they also unlock new constructions and functions. For example, you gain access to the Embassy, your gateway to alliances and other players, at Castle level 5.

Rise of the Kings: The Complete Guide to Your Base

The Barracks – this is where you train your Infantry. For the first 22 levels, every three upgrades unlock a new and improved type of melee troops. Elite Axe Warriors and Kingsguards are unlocked at levels 26 and 30, respectively.

The Target Range – this is where you train your Archers. The building functions identically to the Barracks, with Heavy Bowmen and King’s Rangers being unlocked at levels 26 and 30.

The Stables – this is where you train your Cavalry. The units unlocked at Stables levels 26 and 30 are the Elite Elven Riders and the King’s Lancers, respectively.

Rise of the Kings: The Complete Guide to Your Base

The Siege Works – this is where you train your Siege Engines. Unlike the previous three buildings, however, the Siege Works is only unlocked at Castle level 4. The best siege-type troops – the Siege Towers and the Trebuchets – are unlocked at levels 26 and 30.

The War Tent – determines how many troops you can train at a time, as well as how quickly all types of troops are trained. At level 30, each War Tent adds 160 training capacity and 16% speed.

The Drill Grounds – a unique (single-copy) building that determines the number of troops you can send out per army. The further you upgrade it, the larger the armies you can dispatch, up to a maximum of 101,600 soldiers.

Rise of the Kings: The Complete Guide to Your Base

The Field Hospital – determines how many troops can be healed after a battle. Once the maximum capacity is reached, all remaining troops are forfeited. You can build more field hospitals and upgrade them to increase your overall hospital capacity, up to 15,000 per copy.

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The Wall – protects your kingdom in case of an attack. The higher the level of your Wall, the more defense is added to your army (while under siege) and the more traps you can use at a time.

Rise of the Kings: The Complete Guide to Your Base

The Workshop – allows you to build traps that can be used to injure enemy soldiers while defending against another player’s attack. Higher damage traps are unlocked once every 2-3 upgrades.

The Arrow Tower – kills enemy troops while you defend against an attack. Unlike the Wall, it cannot be damaged by another player’s army. The higher the level of the Arrow Tower, the higher its attack and its speed.

The Watchtower – provides invaluable information about any armies headed towards your kingdom. Also allows your scouts to uncover additional information – such as number of resources or defending troops – about your potential targets.

Rise of the Kings: The Complete Guide to Your Base

The Institute – allows you to research new technologies in four major fields – Resources, Development (or construction), Military, and Defense. This building and the technologies it unlocks are some of the most significant engines behind the progression of your kingdom.

Rise of the Kings: The Complete Guide to Your Base

The Blacksmith – this is where you forge equipment for your heroes. Leveling up the Blacksmith increases your crafting speed and decreases the cost.

The Embassy, the Trade Council, and the Hall of War – these buildings work together to mediate between you and your alliance. The Embassy allows you to find and join an alliance, while the Trade Council lets you trade resources with other members, and the Hall of War helps you organize rallies together.

The Fountain of Fate – lets you trade gems for resources. Based on the level of the fountain, you can access up to 13 free wishes per day, while the quantity of the materials received is increased with each upgrade.

The Resource Buildings – generate Food (Farm), Wood (Lumber Mill), Iron (Iron Mine), and Silver (Silver Mine). Can only be built on the outer perimeter.

Remember that while most of these buildings are unique, some of them can be placed dozens of times. Before you start filling up construction plots outside of your wall, consider the ultimate goal of the base you are currently building.

Will you be doing a lot of fighting from here? If so, you might need more Field Hospitals and War Tents. Otherwise, if this is one of your farm accounts, you could build only Lumber Mills or whatever resource building you need the most for your main kingdom. The important thing is to think before building because this will help you avoid costly demolitions and speed up your development.

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