Squid Game is the sensation of the hour, as the popular Netflix show is breaking viewership records in the platform’s history, becoming the most-watched show in just a month after premiering. The show itself is quite interesting, revolving around 456 participants who, through financial debt, are forced to attempt to win an enormous sum of money by participating in a game show, with the catch being that, if they fail any of the challenges or don’t win, they die.

How to Play and Win in the ‘Shark Game’ Roblox Experience

Premise aside, the show’s popularity made it so that it couldn’t just be contained in the TV medium, and Squid Game quickly proliferated into other platforms, including the videogame industry. Curiously enough, many different Squid Game variations inspired by the series started popping up in Roblox, of all places, with a wide variety of titles, including full-blown games as well as smaller minigames, available to play in its robust catalog.

Today, we’ve come to talk about one of these Squid Game-inspired creations, the game called “Shark Game”. And in this guide, you’ll find a brief rundown on what this game is about, as well as learn a few tips and tricks to, hopefully, help you to survive and win most of your matches.

Shark Game Basics

Though it’s definitely not the most popular Squid Game variation out there, boasting only a thousand active players and 6.3 million visits, we feel that Shark Game does a lot of things right. First and foremost, it’s definitely one of the best-optimized games out there, featuring fast loading times and great performance, especially if you’re playing Roblox on PC with BlueStacks.

Secondly, Shark Game also has a larger variety of minigames, with seven at the time of writing this article. Furthermore, this game features a more “gamey” approach to its gameplay, with not really any relation or continuity between games, and instead, players can simply enjoy a variety of minigames that cycle randomly. For each victory, you get a trophy, and if you get enough trophies, you can earn a spot on the leaderboard.

With that being said, if you’re looking for a Squid Game Roblox experience where you can simply jump in and start playing minigames without any pressure, Shark Game is definitely the one for you.

Optimizing Your Controls

Of course, before getting started with the game itself, you first need to be able to play them correctly. And for this purpose, we strongly recommend playing Roblox on PC with BlueStacks since, as we mentioned above, you get to play on a much larger screen and with the best performance, but then you also get to use the Keymapping Tool, which essentially lets you play the game with your mouse and keyboard for added precision during your minigames.

How to Play and Win in the ‘Shark Game’ Roblox Experience

Once you’ve installed and launched the game on BlueStacks, you can always check your controls by pressing Ctrl + Shift + A. On this new screen, you can view your current controls as well as modify them, either by changing your current bindings, or by adding new ones.

Minigame Tips and Tricks

Now that you’ve got your game configured and your controls all set, let’s go ahead and talk about the minigames that make up the bulk of the experience in Shark Game.

As we said before, there are a total of seven games at the moment of writing, each with vastly different mechanics. The goal of each of these is either to complete an objective or survive until the end. However, let’s take a closer look and explain what each game is about:

  • Squid Game 

The game that shares the namesake of its source material is perhaps one of the simplest. In this minigame, players are placed within a squid-shaped area, and the objective is to push people out of the limits to eliminate them. To do this, you first need to click on the “Push” button at the bottom of the screen to ready the action. Afterward, you can click on the right side of the screen to unleash a shove. And if you’re close to another player, you might push them away—position yourself correctly, and you will push them out of the arena.

How to Play and Win in the ‘Shark Game’ Roblox Experience

The last two surviving players are declared the winners of this game.

  • Stepping Stones: A very straightforward game where the players must cross a bridge and reach the other side. However, the bridge is made up of two rows of glass panels, where each row has one false panel. The players who step on the fake panel will fall to their doom. 

There’s really no way to know which one is fake so one player essentially has to be the guinea pig and sacrifice themselves at every step of the way. Because of this, this might be the only game that revolves completely on having good luck. 

  • Shapes: A game where you must trace the shape shown on your honeycomb. To do this, you must continuously click along the line without clicking out of it or clicking on a spot that’s already filled. If you mess up too many times, your honeycomb will break and you will lose.

How to Play and Win in the ‘Shark Game’ Roblox Experience

  • Musical Chairs: A lethal variation of the classic kids game. The idea here is to walk around a series of chairs arranged in a circle. While the music is playing, the contestants must never stop walking, or else they will lose. However, once the music stops, everyone has to grab a chair, and the ones who don’t manage to get one in time will be eliminated.
  • Red Light Green Light: Another simple game consisting of a race to the finish. However, there’s a catch: At the finish line is a large creepy doll that frequently turns its head around to look at the players. Whenever the doll is looking their way, everyone must stand still until she turns back around to face the wall. Players who fail to do this and continue running will be instantly eliminated.

How to Play and Win in the ‘Shark Game’ Roblox Experience

  • Tug of War: In this game, players are divided into two teams, and each of them must repeatedly mash the button that appears on the screen in order to pull the rope. The team that mashes the button the fastest will be the winners, while the others will be eliminated.
  • Marbles: Last but not least, this game is an “egg-hunt” where players must scavenge 10 marbles in order to win. These marbles look like small white dots spread throughout the stage. To pick them up, you must simply walk to them and hold down the button that appears on the screen for a few moments.

And that’s it! Shark Game is more about participating in quick minigames rather than long tournaments like in the others. In this sense, it’s great for whenever you want to play for a few minutes, or even if you want to spend some time farming for trophies.