With the success of Netflix’s Squid Game, there have been many, many different versions of the series’ iconic minigames recreated in Roblox. Some of these titles even consist of full-fledged games with numerous tasks and even tournaments in which players can compete and earn currency in the process. However, as is the case when there are many copycats and other material inspired by something popular, there are many Squid Game Roblox experiences that are not up to par, or that are very lackluster. This is why we created our list with the top 5 Squid Game Roblox experiences to enjoy on BlueStacks.

However, now that we know which are the five best Squid Game experiences on the platform, we wanted to dive a bit deeper and explore more about the ones we liked the most. And this time around, we’ll be talking about Squid Game X, the Roblox experience developed by redifi.

In this article, you’ll find all the basic info about this game, as well as a few tips and tricks to get through all its challenges alive, and hopefully win all your matches.

Squid Game X Basics

First and foremost, this game is actually called Squid Game X [GLASS MAKER!]. This is due to the fact that the game has a unique mechanic for the glass bridge minigame, in which one player is randomly marked at the beginning of every match as the Glass Maker. This means that, during the Glass minigame, this person will be able to see which glass panes are false and which are real. This creates a unique dynamic in which players could team up to protect the Glass Maker because otherwise, most of them will lose during the aforementioned glass game.

The Best Tips and Tricks to Win in the Squid Game X Roblox Experience

Aside from the unique Glass Maker mechanic, Squid Game X also lets players pay to play as guards in the matches—either for single matches or permanently, depending on how much they’re willing to invest. Those who act as guards are in charge of dishing out the punishment for players that break the rules or fail the challenges. In other words, whenever a participant fails a challenge, it’s the guard’s job to take them out. 

Other than these two unique mechanics, Squid Game X plays just about the same as all other Squid Game Roblox experiences, which often revolve around competing and surviving a series of minigames, as well as trying to make it through the nights when the lights are turned off and players can attack each other.

It’s important to note that Squid Game X is more akin to an “authentic” Squid Game experience, in the sense that players are not magically teleported to the games, and instead they must make their way to the rooms in order to participate. The way to these games consists mostly of a spiral staircase, with each game being progressively higher. In this sense, the participants must quickly run since, if the timer expires before they can reach their destination, they will be automatically disqualified.

The Best Tips and Tricks to Win in the Squid Game X Roblox Experience

Keep in mind that, to significantly simplify all these challenges, players can play Roblox on PC with BlueStacks, which will let them enjoy the games on a much larger screen, with mouse and keyboard support, and with the best graphics and performance. Check out our installation guide to learn how to get started.

Squid Game X Minigames

Now that we know the basics, let’s get into the minigames themselves. 

There are only five minigames as of writing this article, though the developers have announced that they will be implementing at least one more, as well as a few map changes, in future updates. Here’s an overview of all the games, as well as some tips to survive and win:

Tug of War

A simple test of strength. In this game, teams must pick a side and then mash repeatedly on the button that appears on screen. The team that presses it the fastest will pull the opposite team towards the edge of their platform. If this goes on for a while, the losing team will be eliminated.

The Best Tips and Tricks to Win in the Squid Game X Roblox Experience

To win this game, you can play Squid Game X on PC with BlueStacks, and use the Keymapping Tool to set a “repeated tap” function on the spot where the button appears. This tool lets you repeatedly click on a spot without having to mash on your mouse, and will make it much easier to win in this game.


A simple and straightforward game where players must navigate through a maze using the movement keys. The idea here is to control the purple cube across the maze without touching the walls or going outside their boundaries. If you mess up, you will lose, so be careful.

The Best Tips and Tricks to Win in the Squid Game X Roblox Experience

Once again, BlueStacks can help you tremendously in this minigame, since its keyboard and mouse controls will let you navigate the maze much easier than when using the virtual joystick.

Red Light, Green Light

This game is a simple race to cross a large expanse of terrain and reach the finish line. The twist here is that, whenever the doll standing on the other side of the track turns around, players need to stop moving immediately or else they’ll lose. And when the doll turns back around, the participants must continue moving until they reach the goal.

The Best Tips and Tricks to Win in the Squid Game X Roblox Experience

There are really no tips or tricks here, nor should you have any problems completing the game, unless you have really bad reaction time. There’s plenty of time to get to the goal, so take it slow and you’ll make it.


This minigame consists of gambling with marbles and guessing the outcome of a dice roll. 

Each player begins with 6 marbles and they must bet whether a dice roll will be odds or even. Players can bet a maximum of 6 marbles, and if they win, they get double the amount. If you get 12 marbles, you automatically win and don’t have to keep betting. However, if you lose all your marbles, you’ll be disqualified and will lose the game. 

The Best Tips and Tricks to Win in the Squid Game X Roblox Experience

In order to qualify, players must have at least 6 marbles left by the end of the fourth round.


One of the most unfair stages in the game, not because it’s difficult, but because it’s completely up to luck whether you win or lose. That is, unless you help keep the Glass Maker alive.

In Glass, the goal is to cross a bridge and reach the other side of a deep chasm. However, the bridge consists of sections with two glass panels each, one of which is a fake. In this sense, players must jump from panel to panel, guessing which is the right one. The players who step on a fake one will fall to their demise. This is why the Glass Maker announced at the beginning of the match is so important; they’re the only ones who can tell which panels are fake and which are real.

The Best Tips and Tricks to Win in the Squid Game X Roblox Experience

Regardless, if the Glass Maker didn’t make it out alive, then finishing this game is completely up to luck.

We wish you the best of luck in winning in the Squid Game X minigame!