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Runelords Arena PvP Guide: Dominating Your Opponents

In Runelords Arena, PvP is the ultimate test for your team’s strength. It’s easy enough to complete the campaign and reach the game’s final stages in due time. However, reaching the server’s Top PvP players isn’t something that is easily achieved by just any regular player. Most players here have been playing the game at a high-level and have the resources to ensure that they can compete with other strong players. Do you have what it takes?

Runelords Arena PvP Guide: Dominating Your Opponents

The advantage you have when playing PvP in Runelords Arena is that you have the ability to preview your opponent’s team beforehand. The biggest factor in mobile PvP games is that most of them are made in semi-automatic mode. The challenged players can only pre-make their defence team and let the AI take care of how they act regarding the use of skills and positioning.

The PvP Ladder

The PvP ladder is available by clicking on the Champions building in the overworld. You can challenge up to five players each day with every attempt being deducted from the total tries you’ll have for the day, regardless of the result. Winning against your opponent will increase your PvP rating depending on the gap between you and your opponent. The higher points your opponent has on the ladder, the more points you will be rewarded after defeating them in the fight.

Runelords Arena PvP Guide: Dominating Your Opponents

You’ll also notice that you’ll be ranked globally according to the number of players in your server. The closer you are to the top spot, the harder it becomes to beat the opponents along the way. Keep in mind that there are free accounts in the ladder consisting of players who are no longer active in the game. This means that they haven’t updated their lineup in a long time, which makes it easier to defeat them. The amount of these players decrease as you climb through the ranks.

Arena Defense Team

As mentioned before, opponents can challenge you in the arena, but the fight won’t take place live. You’ll need to pre-make a defence team that will represent you and help defend your standing in the ladder. Make a strong defence team so that your standing won’t decrease while you’re offline. Creating the perfect defence team is difficult, no matter what, since the opponent will always have the advantage of previewing your team’s line-up.

Runelords Arena PvP Guide: Dominating Your Opponents

Check out the Runelords Arena Team-building Guide to determine what’s the best way to create your defence team. No matter how strong your defence team is, the opponents will always know how to exploit its weakness, especially in the higher ranks. The best way to retain your standing is to win more active games than lose more defence games. Since there are only five attempts per day, it might be difficult for you to achieve this, unless you have overpowered units.

Runelords Arena PvP Guide: Dominating Your Opponents

Choosing the Right Opponents

The good thing about climbing in the arena is that you can choose which opponents you want to fight. There are players you want to avoid, since they might be too strong or have more units than you. Higher-level players tend to have more resources and better units because of the time they spent playing the game. You can change your opponents by clicking on the refresh button, and a new list of players will be made available to you. In the top ranks, the choices won’t be as wide.

Runelords Arena PvP Guide: Dominating Your Opponents

When choosing opponents, pick the ones with the most points and highest rankings. Make sure that those players have a lower total Combat Power compared to your team’s, so you don’t end up wasting an attempt. You can achieve this by refreshing the choices as much as possible until you find the best opponent. Never attempt to fight an opponent you think has even the slightest chance of beating your team; you never know when you’ll get surprised by AI tactics.

PvP Rewards

At the end of every day, you are rewarded a certain amount of Champion Coins depending on your standing in the ladder. The reward pool is divided by rank; those in the higher ranks will enjoy more rewards for their efforts and persistence in their quest to be the server’s best player. Aside from the Daily Rewards, there are also the Seasonal Rewards which offer a significantly higher amount of Champion Coins, as well as Gold that you can spend in the mall.

Runelords Arena PvP Guide: Dominating Your Opponents

Champion Coins can be used in the Champion Store that you can find on the bottom side of your screen while you’re inside the Champion Building. You can buy excellent rewards like S-Champion Shards that can be exchanged for S-grade Heroes. You can use these S-grade Heroes on your team or as an ingredient to promote your heroes and increase their combat power. These choices will reset every day, so if you’re earning more coins, it means that it’ll be easier for you to get these shards.

Runelords Arena PvP Guide: Dominating Your Opponents

Climb up to the Top!

For most players, reaching the top rank of the ladder is the ultimate goal of this game. A lot of players only see how wide the gap is between them and the top player and give up on this dream. This shouldn’t be the case for you since you already have everything you need to keep up with even the best of the competition. The information you’ve gained from reading this Runelords Arena BlueStacks Guide will help you achieve the game’s goal of reaching the top.

Runelords Arena PvP Guide: Dominating Your Opponents

Runelords Arena is one of the best games for competitive players who want to prove their mettle, relish in their wins and bathe in the rewards. The best thing about this game is probably that it’s not extremely pay-to-win like most games that feature the gacha system out there. You also don’t have to spend hours trying to develop your team every day. The un-refreshable limitation of dungeons and stages each day gives an equal chance for every player to compete in the game. All you need now is to go out there and prove to everyone that you’re the best!

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