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Runelords Arena – Building Your Team

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Runelords Arena features a wide selection of heroes you can add to your team who will help you take on other runelords in the realm. The only problem with such a wide variety is that it becomes difficult for players to choose which heroes work well in their team. Building the right team isn’t an easy feat, but by understanding how all heroes’ attributes and classes work, you’ll be able to make a team that’s able to stand up to other teams that have higher levels than you.

Runelords Arena – Building Your Team

Team building isn’t merely trying to place all your strongest heroes in the team, expecting them to overpower your opponents. The turn-based system makes it difficult for you to force your way to victory anyway. Each hero has a specific role to play in the team; matching these roles to fit the situation will greatly increase your efficiency in any matchup. Get all the information you need on team-building with the help of the BlueStacks guides.

Hero Classes

There are five different classes in Runelords Arena. Each of these classes serves a different purpose in the team and behaves differently than other hero classes. Each of these classes plays an important role and shouldn’t be left out unless you’re trying to play against heroes with linear class setups. However, some classes play a more important role than others, so they should have a higher priority. Here is the breakdown of each class:

  1. Tanks

Tanks are heroes with relatively high defensive stats like health and defence. This means that they have a higher survival rate compared to other heroes and are expected to take the hard hits from enemy heroes. The only downside of tanks is that they almost always have very low damage outputs, so they can’t finish the match by themselves. One or two tanks per lineup are usually enough to help your entire team survive being burst out by heavy nukers.

Runelords Arena – Building Your Team

  1. Assassins

Assassins are heroes that are the polar opposite of tanks. They have high damage levels but very low defensive stats and usually die as soon as they get in the middle of the fight. Most assassin heroes have “engage” tools that place them in favourable positions; this makes it possible for them to get rid of the enemy team’s most dangerous members. They also have the ability to completely kill a  hero with low defence stats almost immediately and turn the game around.

Runelords Arena – Building Your Team

  1. Warriors

Warriors have a balance between offensive stats and defensive stats that make them efficient on the front lines, dealing with heroes that try to get in their faces. These are heroes to have when you want to protect your valuable allies from the threat of assassins. After all, placing a tank in the backline is a horrible tactic, since having too many tanks will significantly lower your total damage output, putting you at a disadvantage in dragged-out fights.

Runelords Arena – Building Your Team

  1. Archers

Archers also have high physical damage and an exceptionally high range. They are relatively safe from frontline threats. They are usually the team’s primary damage source and should be protected at all costs. Never place an archer too far into the frontline unless you want the enemy team to wipe them off the battlefield. They are extremely weak to assassins as well, so make sure you have someone to protect them from being quickly taken out by an enemy assassin.

Runelords Arena – Building Your Team

  1. Mages

Mages rely on their skills and abilities to affect the game. There are different types of spells, so there are different kinds of mages. Some mages excel at supporting the team by providing buffs or heals to sustain them. Other mages also offer high-damage spells that provide AoE damage to help clear out unnecessary units on the field. Ensure to add healers to your team so that you can last throughout games that drag on.

Runelords Arena – Building Your Team

Class Matchup

Class Matchup refers to your hero’s class having an advantage or disadvantage against another hero of a different class type. This is similar to the rock-paper-scissors game where one beats the other and so on. Before every fight, you will be given a preview of the enemy team’s lineup, so you’ll have an idea of what you want to place in your team. There are two types of class advantages: Major Advantage and Secondary Advantage. Here’s what they mean:

Runelords Arena – Building Your Team

  1. Major Advantage

Major Advantage refers to a class that is directly stronger than another class. Major advantage heroes deal more damage to the class they’re directly countering. Get as many major-advantage heroes in one team as possible when pitted against teams that don’t have as much variety.

  1. Secondary Advantage

Secondary Advantage heroes have more damage against the heroes they are countering, but are less effective than major advantages. These are good for adding  variety to  your team’s composition without relying too much on one class.

How to Build the Perfect Team

Building the perfect team requires the right balance of units that will fit their role perfectly. Ideally, you’ll want 1-2 tanks in the frontline, two archers, one assassin, two warriors, and a healer. This is just a general guide, of course, which means that it’s not the only way to build your team. You’ll need to watch your opponents lineup first to gauge what you need. As you level up in the game, you’ll be able to unlock more slots to add more heroes to your team; having more hero slots means that you can build your team more flexibly.

Runelords Arena – Building Your Team

Have Options Ready For You

Aside from the heroes you usually have on your team, you should also level up and promote other heroes so that you have multiple options for your team. But you should do this only when you get to the later stages of the game. If you’re still in the early game stages, you’ll have difficulty trying to find the elixirs and gems to upgrade the characters you already have. You will eventually be able to upgrade all your main heroes, which will give you room to develop other characters.

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