Building the perfect deck in Rush Royale is the primary challenge that players need to face early on and continues to become their priority throughout the game. Deckbuilding might seem like a simple idea but there’s so many things that need to be kept in mind when getting more cards so that you don’t end up spending your resources to buy or upgrade cards that you might not actually need in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the factors involved in deckbuilding.

BlueStacks’ Guide To Building The Perfect Deck in Rush Royale

In Rush Royale, deck building is completely different since you have to take the factor of the Tower Defense in mind. While players can simply go online to copy the most effective deck list during the current metagame, it’s still important for people to know why these decks work by understanding the fundamentals behind the idea of the deck so that the player will be able to play it better. Here are some of the things that players need to know about for building the perfect deck:

Balancing the Roles

As mentioned in our BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide, each unit plays a specific role in a fight, so diversifying your deck to create a working balance is the key to creating the perfect deck. Players are often drawn to add more damage units and completely ignore the benefits of debuff and support units thinking that the role they play is completely minor. Inversely, having too many debuff and support characters can result in your damage sources being too low to keep up.

BlueStacks’ Guide To Building The Perfect Deck in Rush Royale

Players usually place 3 damage units in the deck and 1 of each support and debuff cards. This allows players to benefit from the maximum amount of passive abilities while dishing out enough damage to push enemies back. Players can opt to replace one of the damage units with a special or summon unit as long as the replacement also deals high DPS. It’s difficult to run more than two support units unless you’re running something like an Engineer core that doesn’t need any other DPS.

Understanding Stats & Abilities

In addition to roles, players should also keep in mind the stats of the units being placed in the deck. Having a good balance of roles may not be enough especially if a unit doesn’t have enough stats to contribute to the match. A good example of this are DPS units who have a unique set of damage types. Raw damage may not be enough to kill off enemies fast enough especially if the mini bosses or large bosses start spawning in waves making it difficult to kill them off.

BlueStacks’ Guide To Building The Perfect Deck in Rush Royale

Stats such as attack interval in combination with the damage should be considered when looking at how much damage your units are dealing. As reference, the lower the time indicated in the time interval, the faster it attacks. Players should make their units’ attack target uniform so that damage isn’t spread out too much. There are also stats unique to the character which are called abilities. Study what these abilities do so that you’ll be able to maximize what they do when in a match.

Upgrading Cards

Once you’ve built your deck, it’s time to upgrade your cards so that they’ll perform better during a match. Even if a player has the perfect formula for a deck, they can still get stomped by another player if the opponent has a significantly higher-leveled deck that has a ridiculous advantage in terms of base stats. Players should always strive to max out the cards in their deck so that they can smoothly climb up the ladder. Don’t waste resources on cards that will never be used in the future.

BlueStacks’ Guide To Building The Perfect Deck in Rush Royale

Upgrading cards costs shards and coins. Shards can be collected randomly after opening chests or buying them in the shop. The player receives a limited amount of coins so they won’t have the freedom to buy everything they want unless they’re using real money to purchase gems. A good way to collect shards quickly is to periodically refresh the shop by watching advertisements so that you can shuffle through the choices. Just make sure to only buy the stuff you need for the deck.

Faction Blessing

The game assigns a random faction bonus weekly that gives the player certain bonuses to the units that are aligned to that certain faction. The blessings can range from utterly gamebreaking to downright useless. Depending on the week’s blessing, players might want to change their usual deck builds to one that benefits mostly from the bonuses of the event. This can mean that you and your opponent could play with identical decks, with the only difference being the upgrades.

BlueStacks’ Guide To Building The Perfect Deck in Rush Royale

Players don’t have to memorize what all of the faction blessings do but should probably read up about them at the beginning of the week so that they can plan out what they want to build for the next week. It’s not necessary to build your deck to contain only units from the faction that benefits from the blessing, especially if your entire deck revolves around the DPS of one card. Just calculate the amount you’d be losing compared to the benefits of the blessing before you change anything.

Choosing the Right Hero

Heroes play a big part in Rush Royale simply because they provide awesome abilities that can really save the player from losing during crucial parts of the game to turn the flow of the match in their favor. There are currently 4 heroes available in the game which are the Trainer, Jay, Snowflake, and Zeus. Each one has a different ability that helps the player control the wave in their favor depending on the situation of the fight.

BlueStacks’ Guide To Building The Perfect Deck in Rush Royale

Heroes are probably the most difficult part of the game to acquire and upgrade because they can only be acquired on random chests. It requires a certain amount of shards simply to unlock a new hero and even more to upgrade them to the next level. Needless to say, the unlocked heroes are better than Trainer in terms of raw contribution, but a skilled player can make use of their hero regardless of the disadvantage thrown at them.