Bosses in Rush Royale can ruin your day when a winning match suddenly shifts the odds in your opponent’s favor after the boss phase. Believe it or not, situations like that are completely avoidable, as long as you understand what the bosses do and how you can prepare your board in a way that prevents you from suffering the effects of the boss’s abilities. Bosses may be strong, but they’re never invincible, so keep this in mind when playing your matches.

Rush Royale - A Guide to Beating the Bosses

Beating bosses requires preparation and information on the specific bosses that you’ll be facing. Each boss appears 2 minutes after the initial roulette. Before you worry about the threat of bosses, you may want to take a look at our Rush Royale Battle Guide to prepare your board for the entirety of the fight. If bosses are your main problem in the game, here is a guide that will definitely help you overcome them no matter what the situation is.

  • Tamer

Tamer is widely regarded as the easiest boss among the five initial bosses that appear in the first few roulettes. Tamer’s ability lets him summon hounds from the portal that dash towards the gate in addition to himself. The problem with this boss is that, unlike the other bosses, this one can end the game if the player doesn’t have enough damage output to deal with him and his minions.

Rush Royale - A Guide to Beating the Bosses

It’s pretty easy to prepare for Tamer, just prepare enough single-hitters to deal with the boss and the minions at the same time. This boss probably won’t be a problem unless you end up changing your board at the last second. Use this time with tamer to rearrange your field any way you like as long as you’re confident that you can destroy the boss before they reach your gate. No stress with this boss at all.

  • Warlock

Warlock is another easy boss to deal with, but can be gamebreaking if you don’t prepare quick enough. Warlock basically kills one random unit on your board and starts healing himself from there on. Aside from the one unit being killed, there shouldn’t be any further problems aside from being able to dish out enough damage to kill him before he reaches the gate despite all of the healing going on.

Rush Royale - A Guide to Beating the Bosses

To beat Warlock, you need to prepare your boss DPS to the max so that he doesn’t sustain enough to reach the game. It’s also a good idea to buy a summon a lot of units on your board so that Warlock has a smaller chance to destroy the most important unit on your board. If he does manage to kill your most important unit, don’t fret about it too much and start preparing for the next boss instead.

  • Gorgon

Gorgon is a somewhat difficult boss to deal with. This boss petrifies two of your units periodically so they won’t be able to deal damage to her for the remainder of the phase. The good thing about this boss is that she doesn’t kill your units with her ability unlike the other bosses on this list. Her ability is easy to counter as long as you know what to do to prepare for this boss.

Rush Royale - A Guide to Beating the Bosses

To prepare for Gorgon, it’s a good idea to fill your board with high-damage units that can kill bosses quickly. Never let Gorgon last more than 10 seconds on the field otherwise she becomes practically unkillable and easily deals damage to your gate. Having a lot of attackers means that you buy time for your heavy-hitters to deal damage if they don’t get randomly chosen at the very beginning of the match.

  • Bedlam

Bedlam is a very difficult boss to deal with and his ability is extremely game-breaking if you’re caught on the wrong side of things. Bedlam transforms all the units on your board into random cards on your deck. There’s a good chance that your heavy-hitters get transformed into something like a support unit or into a structure which causes your board to get screwed. Bedlam will continue transforming your board until he dies.

Rush Royale - A Guide to Beating the Bosses

There’s no real way to counter Bedlam in game but it’s a good idea to deckbuild properly in advance. If you don’t know the specifics of building your deck, you might want to check our Rush Royale Deckbuilding Guide. Never place more than two supporters in your deck unless you’re running like an Engineer core or if you have Bombardier to stun him. If your board can kill him instantly, that’s better for you.

  • Tribunal

Tribunal is another difficult boss to deal with that can realistically wipe a large portion of your board off the map. Tribunal lowers the merge rank of your 50% of your current units by 1 stage. If those units are already on stage 1, they will die instead. This means that Tribunal can kill off all the lower rank units on your field quickly if you run a board that doesn’t like to merge cards.

Rush Royale - A Guide to Beating the Bosses

A good way to counter Tribunal is to keep the board small with higher stage units being left on the field. Tribunal only kills off a unit if it’s stage one so make sure that you manage to merge as many important units as possible before the boss phase begins. Once the threat of Tribunal is cleared, start propagating your field once again.

  • Puppeteer

Puppeteer is a special boss that appears rarely in PvP and appears on the 60th Wave of Co-op. Puppeteer has two abilities that make him such a bad boss. The first ability lowers the mana rank of all your units by 1 level. The second ability causes your board to shift tiles to a direction, resetting to the other side of the board if they move out of the board.

Rush Royale - A Guide to Beating the Bosses

Puppeteer can be extremely frustrating because your hard-earned mana ranks can be wiped out easily, but at least your units don’t get killed off. At this point in the game though, you should be able to deal enough damage to kill them off before they do any significant damage to your board state. Whoever kills puppeteer the fastest basically wins the game.