Your army is the most important element of your power as a lord in Sengoku Fubu. Without an army, you will never be able to capture a heavily-defended castle in the first place, let alone expand your dominance all across the land. With that said, it is critical that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the troops system in the game so that you can build a formidable army that can easily take over enemy castles.

Train Plenty of Troops

“The more, the merrier” is a general rule of thumb with regard to your army in Sengoku Fubu. A substantially large number of troops in the battlefield can significantly increase your chances of successfully conquering a castle.

We must first learn where and how troops are recruited. These are the ways to acquire troops for your army:

How to Raise a Powerful Ancient Japanese Army in Sengoku Fubu

1. Tenshukaku – this building is found in every castle, and it is the very large structure that serves as the headquarters of the castle (like the town hall in Clash of Clans). Every hour, the Tenshukaku produces a certain number of troops.

The newly recruited troops are initially called reserved troops, but they eventually become active troops once they are assigned to a hero. Regardless of what you call them, the terms all pertain to the soldiers that can be assigned under the supervision of a hero, can die in combat, and be replaced once an hour has passed and the new batch of troops comes in

At Level 1, the Tenshukaku produces 25 troops every hour: however, after upgrading to Level 2, troop production increases to 35 troops every hour. Generally, upgrading the Tenshukaku will progressively increase the hourly troop production so always spare plenty of coins (upgrading the Tenshukaku is expensive) to upgrade it.

How to Raise a Powerful Ancient Japanese Army in Sengoku Fubu

2. Hut – this building also produces troops every hour, but it only differs from the Tenshukaku in terms of the amount of troops produced. 

The hut produces significantly less troops (around 4.5 per hour at first) but this can easily be compensated by the fact that you can build more than one huts. More specifically, you can build up to 10 huts. 

If you want to drastically ramp up troop production, you can have two or more castles that have only huts as its buildings. 

How to Raise a Powerful Ancient Japanese Army in Sengoku Fubu

3. Forced March – if you are more interested in instant gratification, then you can use a stratagem called an Impressment to instantly receive 1,000 troops that can be immediately assigned to a hero.

Impressment is one of the most expensive stratagems alongside Fortification. It takes four hours to research which means you can only research up to two Impressment stratagems in a single sitting because the research system only allows a maximum of 10 hours of aggregate research time.

All troops that are recruited within a castle will be stationed within that castle only. This means that not all of your occupied castles will have the same number of troops. Upon acquiring a new castle, it will have zero reserved troops and you will need to wait at least an hour to have some troops recruited. But even then, it would likely not be enough to maximize the troop capacities of the heroes.

How to Raise a Powerful Ancient Japanese Army in Sengoku Fubu

To address that, you can transfer reserved troops from one castle to another. When you select a castle and click on ‘Troop’, you will have two options:

  1. Assemble – choosing this allows you to transfer the entirety of one castle’s army to another castle.
  2. Transfer – choosing this allows you to transfer only a specific number of troops.

Regardless of what you pick, the troops that you will transfer will have to march to the destination castle in real time. You can shorten their marching time by using a Forced March stratagem.

Recruit Heroes

Heroes act as the leaders of your troops and their presence is required to march to other castles. The advantage of having plenty of heroes, let alone plenty of high-level ones, is that you can continuously capture more than one castles concurrently. You can have one battalion led by six heroes invade the north part of the map; while at the same time, you can have another one invade the south. 

To recruit new heroes, click on the ‘Recruit’ button at the bottom of your screen. You will have two options: common and advanced recruits.

How to Raise a Powerful Ancient Japanese Army in Sengoku Fubu

Common recruits can be obtained with Recruit Tokens, which can be acquired from daily merit quests, weekend events, lord quests, story quests, and time-limited events. Under common recruitment, you can only obtain heroes with rarities of either N, R, or SR (the rarity order goes from left to right). If you recruit a duplicate hero, that hero will be converted into Warsoul, a resource that can be used to rank up existing heroes in your roster. 

Advanced Recruits can be acquired with an Advanced Recruit Token, which can be bought with a special currency called Koban. However, the game also gives you one free Advanced Recruit Token every 24 hours. 200 Kobans are required to purchase one token and 950 Kobans are required to buy five tokens. 

How to Raise a Powerful Ancient Japanese Army in Sengoku Fubu

More Koban can be acquired either from microtransactions or by completing growth quests. Alternatively, you can gain Advanced Recruit Tokens from in-game events or from storyline quests.

Under advanced recruitment, you can obtain heroes with rarities of N, R, SR, or SSR. For every 5th time that you recruit an advanced hero, you are guaranteed a bonus hero with a rarity of SR or SSR. Like common recruits, duplicate advanced heroes are converted into Warsoul.

Upgrade Heroes

Upgrades for your heroes are great investments for strengthening your army. There are primarily two ways to upgrade heroes: 

Reserved Hero XP

Each hero has for core stats, and each one is associated to one or two substats: 

Core Stat Substat
Valor Physical Attack
Aura Physical Defense
Intellect Stratagem Attack, Stratagem Defense
Might Max Troop Capacity

How to Raise a Powerful Ancient Japanese Army in Sengoku Fubu

The core stats can be upgraded by spending Reserved Hero XP. The amount of XP you have in total is indicated by ‘Reserved Hero XP’ while the amount you need for the hero to level up is indicated by ‘Next Level’. Reserved Hero XP can be earned by successfully defeating enemies during castle take-overs or from items called military books. All the Reserved Hero XP that you earn can be shared among all your heroes but do note that you can only store up to 10 million XP. 

How to Raise a Powerful Ancient Japanese Army in Sengoku Fubu

Your hero’s level is limited by your lord level. You can know your lord level by clicking on the lord icon at the top-leftmost of the screen. If you are lord level 9, your heroes will never exceed level 9.

Generally, hero upgrades will become more expensive as they progress through higher levels. The rarity of the hero being upgraded does not affect the cost of leveling them up.

Equipping Gear

Additionally, you can purchase gear for your heroes from the Shop. You can access the shop by clicking on the ‘Shop’ button.

How to Raise a Powerful Ancient Japanese Army in Sengoku Fubu

Gear are special items that can increase specific stats of your heroes and can come in the form of armor, weapons, and the like. It can be purchased with a currency called Silver Chogin. 

How to Raise a Powerful Ancient Japanese Army in Sengoku Fubu

The shop will only sell three items at a time, but you can refresh the store’s inventory. Refreshing increases the intimacy level. A higher intimacy level results in a higher quality of buyable gear. Refreshing has a cool-down period which will only become longer as the intimacy level increases. Once cool-down exceeds 10 hours, you can no longer refresh it unless you spend Koban to reset it.