The new Space Leaper: Cocoon is available for downloading and playing, and you can get the best experience with it by playing it on PC with BlueStacks. However, for those who are just getting started in this gacha roguelike RPG, here you’ll find lots of tips, tricks, and handy pointers to help you get started on the right track. Keep in mind that you can also score some extra goodies in this game by using promo codes, so remember to check out our Space Leaper promo codes compilation after you’re done reading this guide.

Space Leaper: Cocoon Tips and Tricks to Defeat All Your Enemies and Beat Every Stage

Let’s get started!

Play on BlueStacks to Find the Best Features to Streamline Your Experience

Those who want to get the best gameplay experience with this new gacha roguelike RPG will always choose to play Space Leaper: Cocoon on PC with BlueStacks, because not only will you get the best visuals and performance by playing on your large computer monitor and with your superior hardware, but you’ll also get access to exclusive features specially designed to enhance your gameplay far more than what you would get with even the most expensive flagship phones.

Our Android app player can improve the way you control the action through the Keymapping Tool, which lets you get access to intuitive keyboard and mouse controls, which can also be freely customized through the Advanced Editor feature. Furthermore, with the Instance Manager, you can play on multiple instances at the same time, which will be of great use when rerolling, so that you can unlock the best Space Leaper: Cocoon characters from the very beginning.

Space Leaper: Cocoon Tips and Tricks to Defeat All Your Enemies and Beat Every Stage

For many reasons, BlueStacks can not only enhance your enjoyment of Android games by letting you play them on your computer, but it can also give you a competitive edge in games like Space Leaper. Check out our BlueStacks usage guide for this game if you want to learn many different ways in which to set up and use our emulator to your advantage in Space Leaper.

Team Composition is Key

One of the most important parts of creating powerful teams in this gacha RPG is to strike a good distribution of hero types in your team. To do so, however, we first need to actually know about the different types of heroes in the game, which are the following:

Space Leaper: Cocoon Tips and Tricks to Defeat All Your Enemies and Beat Every Stage

  • Tank: Sturdy heroes that specialize in absorbing damage and keeping the enemy at bay with CC and other types of debilitating effects. Their main purpose is to fight on the frontlines and prevent any enemies from getting past, protecting the more fragile heroes in the process.
  • Assassin: The assassin’s role is to slip by the enemy tanks and dive straight for the back rows in order to eliminate the enemy’s most dangerous targets as fast as possible. To this end, they can deal tons of burst damage, but they are quite fragile themselves and vulnerable to CC.
  • Fighter: Frontline units that fight alongside tanks to prevent enemies from passing through. However, unlike tanks, fighters are a bit more fragile, though they can also deal more damage with their attacks.
  • Mage: DPS units that specialize in inflicting harmful and debilitating effects to the enemy group, and dealing damage in wide areas. Though they often lack the burst damage of hunters and assassins, mages excel at dealing with larger crowds of weaker enemies.
  • Hunter: Ranged DPS units that function like assassins—dealing large chunks of damage to high-value targets—but also offering valuable CC skills, though never to the extent of mages and support units.
  • Support: Heroes whose sole purpose is either to help their allies by restoring their HP and granting them buffs and other beneficial effects or to cripple the enemy with debuffs and debilitating skills. They often don’t have much in the way of damage, but they can indirectly contribute to the fight by making their allies fight better and more efficiently.

Usually, it’s best to keep a balanced frontline with at least one fighter and one tank. Teams also benefit from having at least one healer, while the rest of your choices can be dedicated to assassins, hunters, or mages, depending on the type of team you’re building. Check out our tier list for Space Leaper: Cocoon to get a better idea of the best units in the game.

Learn About the Type and Class Resonance Buffs

While your team composition is important because having a balanced distribution of roles is the key to victory, Space Leaper: Cocoon also has several important systems to consider when building teams. Specifically, each unit has its own class, which are the ones we mentioned above, as well as its elements, which can be wind, liquid, flame, stone, chaos, and order. These aspects are almost as important as your actual composition since, depending on how you stack them in your team, you will activate certain bonuses.

When it comes to class bonuses, you can activate the following buffs by stacking classes:

Space Leaper: Cocoon Tips and Tricks to Defeat All Your Enemies and Beat Every Stage

  • 3 Tank Leapers: All tank units get a 20% HP shield at the start of the battle. When a tank character is defeated, all non-tanks get a shield equal to 3% of their own max HP.
  • 5 Tank Leapers: The non-tank shield bonus is bumped to 5% of the unit’s max HP, and the energy that the tank had when they were defeated is distributed evenly to the rest of the team.
  • 3 Fighter Leapers: Whenever a fighter unit defeats an enemy, all fighter allies get a 15% ATK and 20% health to absorb buff for 6 seconds.
  • 5 Fighter Leapers: The attack component of the buff is bumped up to 20%.
  • 3 Assassin Leapers: Assassins get a 10% crit chance buff whenever they attack enemies from the sides or rear. They also get a 10% dodge buff when their HP drops below 20%.
  • 5 Assassin Leapers: The crit chance component is bumped up to 15%.
  • 3 Hunter Leapers: For each individual hunter attacking the same ally, each hunter gains a 2% increase to their ATK.
  • 5 Hunter Leapers: Hunter’s attacks also reduce the target’s DEF by 20% for 5 seconds.
  • 3 Mage Leapers: Every time a mage attacks an enemy, they get 15 energy.
  • 5 Mage Leapers: In addition to the energy recharge, each mage attack also deals extra energy damage equal to 5% of the mage’s ATK.
  • 3 Support Leapers: For every supporting character in the group, every non-support unit recharges 5 energy per second.
  • 5 Support Leapers: The energy charge is bumped up to 7 points per second.

On top of these class bonuses, stacking characters of identical elements also grant you passive buffs:

Space Leaper: Cocoon Tips and Tricks to Defeat All Your Enemies and Beat Every Stage

  • 3 Leapers of the Same Elements: All leapers of the identical element gain 5% ATK and 5% HP.
  • 5 Leapers of the Same Elements: Aside from the ATK and HP buff, the character of the same element with the highest ATK will become enlarged during the battle, gaining an extra 20% ATK, and their physical and energy resistances will be increased by 20% each.

It goes without saying that, especially in the case of class buffs, these bonuses can be very powerful when used correctly. And while you can benefit from having a balanced team formation as we mentioned above, these buffs can also make it worthwhile to stack certain classes, as opposed to keeping a balance.

Blaze Through the Story Missions to Unlock Additional Features

Most of the fun in Space Leaper: Cocoon comes from actually being able to farm resources to upgrade your teams and discover ever bigger battlefields in which to test their might. However, most of these features and game modes are often stuck behind story progression, which is why one of the first things that you should do is blaze through these first missions. Luckily, the first few chapters are quite easy and go by fairly quickly, even with an unoptimized team; you can even use the auto-combat and minimize BlueStacks to the background in every fight to have the game complete itself.

Space Leaper: Cocoon Tips and Tricks to Defeat All Your Enemies and Beat Every Stage

If you’re just starting out and don’t know quite how to progress in this game, then the story is your best bet.

Consider Rerolling to get a Head Start

Speaking of optimizing teams, while you can get far simply by upgrading your best leapers and keeping an efficient formation, you can get a significant advantage if you unlock one or two top-tier Space Leaper characters from the very beginning. However, since the odds of getting one of these from the gacha are quite minuscule, rerolling will probably be your best bet if you want to get a good start.

Rerolling is the process through which players can unlock the best characters from the beginning of most gacha games. The process varies from game to game, but almost always involves starting new accounts, progressing until the point where the player gets free summonings, and then restarting if they don’t get the characters they were aiming for. The idea here is to repeat the process as many times as necessary until you get a few good characters to give you a good head start.

Space Leaper: Cocoon Tips and Tricks to Defeat All Your Enemies and Beat Every Stage

We’ve written an exclusive reroll guide for Space Leaper: Cocoon, where you can find the exact step-by-step process for rerolling in this game. Take a look if you want to learn more about the process!

That’s it for our Space Leaper: Cocoon tips and tricks. Feel free to leave your own advice and pointers in the comments below!