In our Space Leaper: Cocoon tier list, we briefly mentioned some of the best characters that you can find in this new gacha roguelike. On this occasion, however, we only mentioned the units by name, without really explaining what makes them great or bad. In this sense, while it may be effective if you’re just looking for the abridged version of which characters to look for, those who are looking to create their own tier lists and team compositions will actually have to go a bit deeper.

Particularly if you’re thinking about rerolling in Space Leaper: Cocoon, you need to know exactly what a good character looks like, and also which heroines to avoid. For this reason, this article is all about us explaining the units that we’ve chosen as the best Space Leaper characters, so that you can get a better idea what to look for in this game. However, before getting started, remember that you can play Space Leaper: Cocoon on PC with BlueStacks to get access to a variety of features that will help to enhance your experience with many aspects of the game, including rerolling.

With that being said, let’s get started!

S Tier Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters

As most of you might know from reading our gacha game tier lists by now, the S Tier corresponds to those characters that are the absolute best at what they do, and are often strong enough to carry the team throughout most of the game. These are the best characters to aim for if you’re rerolling in Space Leaper: Cocoon.

  • Doris (3*, Tank, Liquid)

As is usual with most new gacha games like Space Leaper: Cocoon, the meta tends to gravitate towards offensive formations. In this sense, why are we listing a tank character as the very first unit in the S Tier? Well, because Doris is just THAT good.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

Doris is a liquid-elemental tank that has a boatload (no pun intended) of AoE in most of her skills, making her into not only a very resilient fighter for the frontlines, but also a strong damage-dealer that can make short work of larger groups of enemies. 

However, the best part of her kit is her talent, which allows her to pull the farthest enemy towards her position, and command all allies to focus their fire on the said target. And considering that the most dangerous enemies are often the ones that hang around in the back rows, this talent effectively makes Doris into an effective unit for stomping high-value targets.

For a tank, Doris’ offensive potential is excellent, which earns her this spot on our tier list.

  • Peru (3*, Mage, Flame)

In terms of offensive potential judging by her active skills, Peru isn’t actually very strong. In fact, she’d be just on par with Doris, even though she’s a mage and not a tank. However, Peru’s kit, while ideal for dealing damage to large crowds of enemies, as many mages are wont to do, shines mainly due to her passive talent, which turns every third basic attack into an energy projectile that deals tons of damage on detonation.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

This combination of skills and talents makes Peru a decent mage for dealing with large crowds, but also a good mage that can burst down stronger enemies with her basic attacks. 

  • LeonLev (3*, Fighter, Flame)

While mages are usually ideal for clearing crowds of weaker enemies with their AoE skills, fighters are better suited for dealing with groups of enemies directly in the frontline, either with strong single-target burst skills, or with arcing sweeps that hit everything in their path. LeonLev is the personification of the best aspects of fighters, offering a bit of both, which makes her into a very formidable combatant for the front row.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

LeonLev’s skill set includes abilities that can deal moderate damage to both individual enemies, as well as to groups of foes standing in adjacent tiles. Her talent, however, is what makes her shine, as she gains additional attack speed for every 10% HP she’s missing. In this sense, as she gets weaker, she starts attacking faster and faster, to the point where she’s at her most dangerous when at low HP.

If you add a character that can buff her attack, you can make LeonLev into a one-woman army, though she’s quite strong enough by herself as is.

  • X (3*, Assassin, Chaos)

As an assassin, X specializes in taking down high-value targets with unerring efficiency, and this is something that she does very well. While her skills aren’t anything special, offering a bit of single-target damage along with AoE capabilities, her talent is what makes her truly shine in this role. Specifically, as the enemy target’s HP decreases, X deals additional damage to them, up to a maximum of 80% extra damage, which means that X effectively deals almost double damage to weakened enemies.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

While her talent is quite powerful on its own, it can also be further upgraded through breakthroughs, which further enhances X’s damage. Specifically, once upgraded, X gains 10% extra damage for every enemy unit that is defeated in the current battle. And while this bonus excludes defeated enemy summons, it’s still a very considerable buff, considering that lots of stages have tons of enemies on the screen, which effectively translates to extra damage for X once they are defeated.

A Tier Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters

The units in this tier aren’t nearly as strong by themselves as the ones in the S Tier. However, with the right team composition, they can be just as strong, and can easily carry you just as well as any of the best, though they might require a bit more setup in order to do so.

  • Fai (3*, Hunter, Flame)

Moving down this tier, you can expect to find characters that are quite strong, but that might require varying degrees of outside help to realize their full potential. In this case, Fai has a compelling offer for anyone who’s looking for a hard-hitting ranged character that can dish out the hurt to groups of enemies, using her piercing skills. In fact, judging only from the damage values of her skills alone, Fai can actually inflict a world of hurt with her skills and basic attacks, though these often require some specific conditions in order to get the most out of them.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

For starters, Fai’s strongest skills inflict damage to groups of enemies by piercing through them. In other words, in order to affect the largest number of enemies, they would need to be positioned in very specific manners, which means that these skills will be somewhat wasted more often than not. 

Secondly, one of Fai’s strongest skills is actually her talent, which makes her inflict powerful AoE damage on her target whenever she inflicts five stacks of “boiling” on them. The only way to inflict these stacks, however, is through her energy skill. This means that it can take a while to actually build up the stacks, unless you can somehow make it so that Fai can use her energy skill more often than usual. 

All of these elements mean that Fai is really only at her strongest when she has good allies that can buff her energy buildup, as well as when you position her so that her skills can affect the largest number of enemies possible.

  • Diye (2*, Support, Order)

As far as support characters in gacha games are concerned, the ones that are actually in the higher tiers are usually few and far in between, which is a testament to Diye’s utility and effectiveness in combat. Specifically, Diye’s main focus is in healing her allies and nothing else. However, she fulfills this purpose so effectively, that she rightfully earns a spot on this list as hands-down the best healer in the game.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

Diye’s main basic attack is decent enough, dealing a respectable 100% damage to the target. However, she truly shines thanks to her ultra skill, energy skill, and talent, which is where her healing prowess comes from. For starters, her ultra skill is uninterruptible and heals the entire team for 1.35% of Diye’s maximum HP over 5 seconds. This skill is directly complemented by her energy skill, which drains 8% of Diye’s HP and uses it to restore the health of 2 random allies for an amount equal to 55% of the HP she lost.

Even though Diye can actively heal tons of damage, she can also do it passively using her talent skill, which allows her to heal the ally with the lowest HP for 30% of their missing HP, whenever Diye takes damage. In other words, even while she’s under attack and pinned down, Diye can continue healing and keeping her allies in the fight.

Though she won’t likely be your first choice if you’re rerolling in Space Leaper: Cocoon, Diye is definitely one of the best healers in the game, in case you need one of these units to round out your team.

  • Vitty (3*, Mage, Liquid)

There are some characters that offer a balance between decent AoE and single-target damage, and then there are units like Vitty, who excels at both aspects, while also adding powerful CC effects on top of her initial offering.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

Vitty is a mage that specializes in locking down the enemy team with the “Disoriented” status effects, which causes the enemy to attack each other. The main way she does this is through her ultra skill, which puts Vitty to sleep over 5 seconds, and summons a horrifying monster once she is fully asleep. This monster has a 20% chance to inflict Disoriented on all enemies, and will also inflict 26% damage per second for the entire duration. In the end, not only can this skill wipe out lesser enemies, but it can also leave survivors dazed and confused. 

Vitty’s talent also makes great use of the Disoriented status effect, as she passively increases the attack speed and attack damage of enemies afflicted with this condition, making them deal more damage to their allies for the duration. And if that wasn’t enough, Vitty’s energy skill is a powerful single-target nuke that is perfect for finishing off the stragglers that survive her initial onslaught of chaos and confusion.

  • Latika (3*, Hunter, Order)

Latika is a ranged hunter character that has the same strengths as an assassin, which means that she can deal tons of damage to high-value targets. However, the way she does so is her main limitation, as she can only really deal the most damage to the enemies that are afflicted with her unique “Arrow of Time” debuff.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

The way Latika works is that, at the beginning of every battle, she inflicts the Arrow of Time debuff on the 4 closest enemies. This debuff, by itself, has no effect other than increasing the energy damage that Latika does to them by 25%, though it’s used to amplify the potential of her other skills, which is her bread and butter and the way she deals a great chunk of her damage.

For example, Latika’s ultra skill can ignite the closest target to her that is afflicted with Arrow of Time, dealing a whopping 190% damage to them, plus an additional 5% of the target’s missing health. This skill is more than sufficient for completely erasing any weakened enemy, including the tankier units. Similarly, Latika’s energy skill affects all the targets that are afflicted with her unique debuff, and deals a decent 75% damage to them. 

All of this is further enhanced by the fact that, whenever all the targets inflicted with Arrow of Time are defeated, Latika will automatically cast her talent skill again, afflicting 4 more targets with the debuff. This will ensure that her skills are always triggering their additional effects, and that her potential doesn’t go to waste. However, it’s the very reliance on this status effect that might hinder Latika in relation to other characters, especially since she can only realistically affect 4 targets with it at any given moment.

B Tier Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters

This tier corresponds to the vast majority of average characters in the game, which aren’t neither good, nor bad. These will probably be your most common characters at the beginning, and you should aim to replace them progressively as you advance through the game. In any case, avoid investing too many resources in any of these, as you’ll end up swapping them out in the end.

  • Mica (2*, Fighter, Liquid)

This character has the potential of being one of the strongest in the game, if it weren’t for her sub-par talent, and her focus on single-target damage. And even then, if you’re looking for a unit that can absolutely pack a strong punch, then Mica is probably the one you’re looking for.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

While Mica’s skills all revolve around single-target damage, they are exceedingly strong, especially against shielded enemies and tanks. Specifically, her ultra skill is a contender for being one of the strongest single-target skills in the game, dealing a whopping 330% damage at base level, which is increased by an additional 150% if the target has an active shield effect.  Furthermore, she has a 25% chance on every attack to passively reduce the block chance of enemies she attacks by 20%, making her an ideal unit for dealing with the more defensive opponents.

While her single-target focus might make her a bit unsuited for regular PvE, Mica shines brightly against bosses, especially if you have any support units that can buff her damage to even higher levels.

  • Jade (2*, Hunter, Stone)

This is an interesting character in that she’s more of a support DPS rather than a full-blown hunter, considering that she specializes in debuffing the enemy and giving them penalties to their DEF, as well as pairing up with allies to supplement their firepower with her own.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

While Jade can’t do that much damage on her own, she can set up enemies and prime them to receive extra damage with her armor-piercing rounds, as this skill can reduce the target’s defense by 15%. This makes her a good asset to keep around if you have other powerful attackers that can make full use of this status in order to burst down the tougher enemies.

Jade’s talent is also interesting as it allows her to link up with a nearby ally, and automatically focus her attacks on the enemy her linked ally is targeting. This talent always links up with the ally directly to the right of Jade, so it’s possible to link her with an assassin character, and have them both burst down any high-value targets.

  • Lucinda (2*, Fighter, Flame)

This character isn’t very tough on her own, but she has an excellent offering for crowd control with one of her skills, which can affect a large group of enemies and leave them defenseless for a short duration. However, her best asset is her talent skill, which can recharge the energy of her allies, allowing them to unleash their skills several times in quick succession. However, this skill has an important caveat, which we’ll explain shortly.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

Lucinda’s energy skill lets her swing her guitar around, dealing damage to all adjacent enemies. And though this damage is quite middling, it pairs well with her ultra skill, which lets her unleash a one-woman rock concert, attracting up to 8 enemies to her position, and rendering them immobile for 2 seconds once they reach her, also inflicting damage for the duration. This skill goes well when paired with other allies that have powerful AoE capabilities, as the enemies will get bunched together in a small area and will be very vulnerable to these area attacks.

Lucinda’s talent is her best feature, as it gives her allies 100 energy every second for 5 seconds at the start of the battle. And after the first 5 seconds, this skill keeps recharging energy at half the rate for an extra 5 seconds, after which it fades away for the remainder of the battle. This skill is so close to being perfect, except for the fact that it only affects allied fighters, which severely limits its effectiveness unless you have a fighter-heavy formation.

  • Millie (2*, Assassin, Liquid)

As far as assassins go, Millie is quite a good contender for being a very decent candidate for this role, especially when paired alongside allies that can inflict the “bleed” status, since she passively does 30% extra damage to targets afflicted by this status. However, other than that, her kit is fairly basic, with one of her most relevant skills being her energy skill, which teleports her to the enemy with the lowest HP and inflicts average damage.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

While her energy skill lets her eliminate the weaker enemies, her ultra skill is an absolute powerhouse in comparison, allowing her to deal a whopping 320% damage hit to the enemy. In this sense, when used correctly, you can make Millie jump to a target with her energy skill, and then unleash her ultra on the same enemy. Only the strongest foes will be able to survive this powerful onslaught.

C Tier Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters

The C Tier characters are the worst of the worst, either because they don’t adhere to the current meta, or because their skill sets and stats are just plain bad. Either way, you would do well to avoid these units at any cost.

  • Miyamoto Ritsuko (2*, Support, Stone)

Ritsuko is the prime example of what you don’t want in a character this early into a game’s life cycle. Her kit includes skills that boost the defense of her allies, and that also reduce the enemy’s attack damage, neither of which contribute to actually defeating the enemy any faster. And though it could be somewhat useful in niche cases when fighting against tougher enemies, this skill set leaves a lot to be desired.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

Her only saving grace is that her basic attack can provide a variety of benefits to the entire team, which vary according to the unit’s roles. For hunters and mages, this buff increases their attack by 10%, while the other unit types only get a 10% increase to their defense. This effect, however, comes at the expense of her basic attacks, as Ritsuko doesn’t actually deal any damage, and merely exists to buff her allies.

  • Taraxa (1*, Hunter, Wind)

As a hunter, it’s expected that Taraxa can deal some damage, or at least provide some degree of support to the team that would allow them to defeat the enemy with ease. However, this is not the case as most of her offering revolves around weak attacks that don’t really deal much damage. The only exception to this is her ultimate, which deals a massive volley of projectiles over 5 seconds, with each pellet dealing 70% damage. The combined damage of this skill can actually be very significant, though this is really the only thing Taraxa has going for her, since her other skills are quite lackluster.

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

Her talent, in particular, is the worst offender, since it only activates on Taraxa’s death. And in our opinion, any skill that requires any of our units to be defeated in order to activate is a complete waste of a slot, since the point of making a good team is to actually avoid getting defeated in combat.

  • Scarlett (1*, Fighter, Stone)

This unit is a good example of a decent character that, on paper sounds good, but that doesn’t really has anything too impressive going for her. 

The Best Space Leaper: Cocoon Characters - Overview of the Best Characters in the Current Tier List

Scarlett can deal decent single-target damage, and also good AoE damage with her ultra skill. Moreover, while her ultra is active, she also becomes immune to control effects, allowing her to continue inflicting damage to the enemy uninterrupted. However, her lack of crowd control or any additional effects to either weaken the enemy or buff her allies makes her into an undesirable pick, at least if you’re looking to create a strong and synergized team composition.

Like with Taraxa, you could do much worse than Scarlett, though you will most definitely want to swap her out whenever you actually unlock another character with a better offering.

Basically, most 1* characters in Space Leaper: Cocoon are just fodder and a waste of space. This also applies to many 2* units, though there are some of this quality that can be pretty good, or even close to meta.

Though we haven’t even listed half the Space Leaper: Cocoon characters on this list, it should help to give you an idea of what makes a good unit great, and the qualities that you will probably want to avoid in a character. Regardless, feel free to share your own picks of best and worst characters in Space Leaper: Cocoon, in the comments below!